Why is craps illegal in California? Great question! Here is a story you’ll believe!

When gambling started in California, legislators felt that gaming being the evil it has been, should be controlled and limited to games with a modicum of skill. The regulation allowed gambling games that involve a SKILL over CHANCE.

The card game is player-controlled, hence a game of skill. Nevertheless, throwing dice, spinning a wheel, or rolling a ball is pure chance; hence, the illegal craps in California status.

All the legal casino games, therefore, the oblige decision by the player that’ll affect the outcome (such as blackjack, Pai Gow, among others).

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California craps Law

They legalized gambling on American Tribal Lands in 2000 through a constitutional amendment. Illegal craps in California created a very complex situation.

The tribal casinos negotiated individual compacts with the state of Nevada gaming law has no influence on the craps tables in California. Hence, California Indian casinos comply with the same regulations for casino crap betting purpose.

So, why is craps illegal in California, but tons of card games allowed?

Typically, craps put bets against the house, while casino games such as California blackjack and poker players compete against each other. Hence, craps tables in California decided by dice (craps) are illegal.

Most California Indian casinos must abide by California law missing in many live gambling games. While you can’t play California craps, casinos offer modified versions of craps such as diceless craps (Card Craps). In addition, an Indian reservation casino with a standard craps table will allow dice thrown, but the sum determined by playing craps cards instead.

Casinos have devised ways California craps players can use dice to determine the casino game outcomes.

How to play craps in California

Further Information

A common craps strategy in modified versions of craps with dice calls for six cards numbered 1-6 placed randomly in 6 unique positions on the craps tables in California To determine the craps flat bet outcome, roll 2 dice.

As a result, determine which card(s) to flip over. The numerical result of the dice (somehow academic) doesn’t affect the table wagers. But, the turned card value determines the result. Moreover, the house rearranges cards after each new shooter.

Try this craps tournament strategy

Under this craps strategy, craps players from California aren’t bilked, as the odds on each craps bet are like that of a conventional craps layout.

Craps players from California miss the Stickman or woman fun factor. All the yelling out “front line winner, back line skinner” and other mambo jumbos, after the numerical thrown with two dice settles—these craps with dice offering modified versions with the best crap bets. However, the speed and service are slightly slower than that of a standard craps table.

Ways to play live craps in California

There is a way you can craps games online for real money with all the excitement and thrill of craps in California. With no live craps alternatives, California craps players can’t wager among each other. Play craps online at offshore casinos that accept US punters, besides private craps games.

While live craps fall under illegal craps in California, offshore casino licensing falls under their country of original jurisdiction. Even better, you can find all the live venue casino games not allowed in California. Thus, you can play craps online with ease.

California craps vs. Vegas craps

Which would you prefer, Indian casinos with craps in California or live Vegas craps. While you can’t play craps tables in California, casinos have implemented ways to integrate craps dice combinations to represent a dice thrown.

Agua Caliente and Fantasy SpringsLike craps put bet, the crap version uses 12 cards (ace through 6 from two separate decks). But, available in different color backs- red and blue. In live craps, the dealer shuffles each color deck and lays the cards out randomly. You roll red and blue dice to determine the two cards to turn over for a craps hop bets.

For example, if you roll a red 4 and a blue 6, the dealer turns up the 4th red card and the 6th blue card. Just like in the street craps, the value of the cards represents the roll.

Pauma craps dice combinations – the odds are the same, but the craps strategy works without dice. Instead, the joker matches the value of the first card drawn.  It also mimics the odds of horn bets in craps exactly.

Pros and Cons of playing craps online in California

  • To play live craps in California is convenient (you need a device with a strong Internet connection
  • Save money on travel or lodging as you would on a trip to Las Vegas.
  • No time-wasting as no one else to compete with for a spot at the craps table. You can play faster at online casinos
  • Easy to focus on craps strategy and playing the game to win.
  • Play Free Craps with an easy craps payout cheat sheet.
  • Play for any amount; hence a how-to-play craps for beginners with minimum bet limits.
  • Online live craps is more affordable bets ranging from $1 to $3 hence better craps money management.
  • Unlike in online craps casinos, Tribal casino offers the best overall experience. You can’t beat the atmosphere and the many gamblers betting and cheering together.
  • You may experience withdrawal delays or fall for online casinos without a license.
  • You will miss out on the best craps tournament strategy that offers superb craps pass line bet, don’t pass bet craps, or even horn bets in craps and come line craps.
  • No comps like in California Indian casinos. You miss Cashback, free drinks, and lobster dinners, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions on Craps in California

Gaming, whether it’s horse racing or slot machines, is highly regulated at the state level. Some -- but not all -- types of gambling are illegal, such as dice.
California lawmakers shelve effort this year to legalize casino betting, this includes craps tables. Sometime in the future, craps will be legal in the state.
Essentially, the California gaming law forbids casino games where a ball or dice alone determines the casino game outcome. It would seem to eliminate casinos with craps in California as a rule applies to Indian casinos.
Essentially, the California gaming law forbids casino games where a ball or dice alone determines the casino game outcome. It would seem to eliminate casinos with craps in California as a rule applies to Indian casinos.

Play diceless craps in California

For craps pass line bet or even craps hard ways bet you can’t use dice. Any craps dice combinations is illegal craps in California. Dice alone don’t determine the outcome in craps. Therefore, you need a combination of dice and playing cards or cards alone. While alternative versions of craps offer tons of action over the standard craps table, but craps lovers enjoy the fun that comes with throwing a dice.

You can play craps online for free, no matter where you live in California.