Horn Bet Craps is a bet split between the numbers 2,3,11,12 which means that a $4 horn bet is basically a bet of $1 on each of the numbers. These are single-roll bets like craps hop bets.

To answer what is a hop bet in craps, one must understand that it is a bet where the dice would land on two numbers of the punter’s choice. 15-1 is paid if the numbers are different and 30-1 when one bet on the numbers to be the same.

Horn bets are placed in the center of the table’s layout by the stickman and are accepted at any point of the game. Craps horn bet allows a player to have a combined wager of four individual wagers.

Experienced punters prefer to incorporate their horn bets into their betting patterns in order to have diversified gameplay. However, newbies must avoid any experimentation due to this being a high-risk bet. The main advantage of this bet is the single roll on the dice which avoids having to wait for dice throws.

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How To Make A Horn Bet?

Horn bets cover all the 3 craps numbers, specifically 2,3,11,12. It is a combination bet which results in making 4 wagers on each of the winning numbers. Punters usually bet amounts that are divisible by 4. Horn bets usually highlight certain unique aspects of the overall craps strategy.

  • Like proposition bets, one must ask for a horn bet and toss the chips to the stickman or inform about the chosen number to the inside dealer
  • One can bet on any amount on the horn. When 3 or 11 appears on the dice, the bet is multiplied by 3 and paid out to the punter.
  • When 2 or 12 rolls on the dice, the bet is multiplied by 6.75 and paid out

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Odds, House Edge And Probability For Horn Bets

Payouts for craps horn bet differ according to the individual numbers which are paired. The numbers 2 and 12 have a payout of 30:1 whereas the numbers 3 and 11 have a payout of 15:1. These payouts are not in correspondence to what the punters collect since the losses for the remaining 3 numbers are to be deducted from the payout. Craps payout cheat sheet in horn bets determines that if a punter wins with the number 11 and has placed a bet of $20, the stake of $5 for 11 gets multiplied by 15 and becomes a win of $75 in addition to the original stake of $5. However, he has to bear the $15 loss on the craps numbers which makes the net profit to be $65.

Craps tournament strategy in best craps bets depends on the house edge for 2 and 12 for Horn bets which amount to 13.89%. For the numbers 3 and 11, it is 11.11%. This determines that punters would lose $13.89 and $11.11 for every $100 bet they make on craps horn bet. Craps flat bet also helps in remaining consistent and structured while trying out Horn bets.

Horn High And World Bets

High horn is a type of horn bet. The main difference between the two lies at the stake on one of the four numbers which are doubled for the players to place five individual bets and not four.

Thus, craps money management explains that instead of placing a $20 bet with $5 bets on four numbers, one gets to put $25 on five individual bets. Therefore, $10 is placed on 12, and $15 is distributed equally to numbers 2,3,11. If the dice rolls a 12, the punter wins twice his investment. But, if the dice rolls out any other number, then the punter loses his entire stake of $25.

Horn High and world bets are for increments of $5. When a punter bets on a horn-high number 12, the number holds $12 along with $1 on 2,3,11. One has to call out ‘ Horn High ’ and decide which number among 2,3,11,12  gets that extra $1.

For world bets, one has $1 on 2,3,7,11 and 12. The stickman tells the inside dealer what to pay to the punter. The original bet stays up for the next roll and one can take it down if desired.

Is The Horn Bet A Bargain For Craps Players?

Craps Horn bet is not too popular among punters because it consists of four worst bets that one can make in the game of craps like the individual wagers on values 2,3,11,12. If possible, a punter must refrain from playing horn bets entirely due to its enormous house edge that gets you nothing in terms of How to win at craps. To emphasize how to play craps for beginners on horn bets, practice is the key. However, one must avoid overdoing it. Horn bets are not so popular on craps online.

There are other bets in craps that are popular. Craps put bet allows punters to place a craps pass line bets without going through the come-out roll. Field bets follow a craps field strategy of minimizing the house edge and giving the punters the best odds of landing. Other bets in craps include line craps which are don’t come bet, come line bet, craps field bet, don’t pass bet craps, craps hardways bet. Craps hardways are neither contract bets nor single roll bets. They work during a come-out roll unless the punter calls them off.

Pros And Cons Of Horn Bets In Craps

Winnings rely on the overall pros and cons of the bets offered.

  • It is a one-roll bet which eliminates the waiting period for punters for the dice rolls, irrelevant to their bet to pass.
  • Horn bets can be placed at any stage of the game and are accepted throughout
  • Although payoffs for horn bets can be decent in certain casinos, the house edge is more than 12%
  • Due to the high house edge, the chances of winning are very less. Thus, better bets like craps pass line bets are suggested where one wins if the come-out roll is 7 or 11

Horn Bet In Craps FAQ

In best craps bets, $4 Horn is the minimum bet for horn bet craps. It is basically betting $1 on each of the straight-up bets which are the Aces, Yo, Twelve, and Ace Deuce. This offers better horn bet payouts than the C & E bets.
Craps horn bets pay differently depending on the rolls, high number - Twelve or Aces, low number - Yo or Ace Deuce. Whichever four bets are hit, a punter takes what the winning bet paid and deducts the rest of the losses to be able to keep the whole bet amount up for a win again.
The Horn high 12 and horn high aces bets have a house edge of 12.78%. The High ace-deuce and high 11 bets have a 12.22% advantage. Therefore, due to the high house edge, horn bets are not worth it in terms of craps money management.


Horn bets are found in the middle of the craps table where the other proposition bets lie, unlike street craps which do not need a table. The street craps rules involve punters making wagers on the outcome of craps dice combinations. The wagers are made against the money that punters put up against one another.