There are lots of baccarat betting systems around, some too complex and some very easy to understand that you can use also in mini baccarat online or in Baccarat Banque. Martingale system baccarat is a simple one – in fact, it may be the simplest free baccarat strategy system around. Therefore, it is quite popular: Almost all baccarat players tried it at least once. Moreover, it applies to every other casino game that offers even or double or nothing bets, so you can use the martingale system for roulette too, for example.

So, what are the rules of this strategy? How does it work? Is available in baccarat side bets?  More importantly, does it really increase your chances of winning? In this article, we will take a closer look at the martingale method baccarat and answer all of these questions with practical examples. But first, let’s start with a little history.

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What Is Martingale Betting System Baccarat?

According to urban legends, the name Martingale in baccarat comes from a casino owner named John Henry Martindale, who lived in the 18th century. He discovered this system, kept it as a secret because he was aware that this strategy might cause him to go bankrupt. But in the 19th century, a gentleman gambler named Charles Wells re-discovered the method and used it at a high-roller roulette game in the famous Monte Carlo casino. He became a legend that night: Mr. Wells has won every roulette game he played with the help of this strategy and “broke the bank”. (This means the casino went bankrupt.)

The reality is not this exciting, unfortunately. There are no historical records about John Henry Martindale. There was really a man named Charles Wells and he really broke the Monte Carlo Casino, but this was due to clever usage of roulette wheel imperfections, not a strategy. In other words, Mr. Wells simply cheated.

No matter what its origin is, we know two things about the Martingale system: It is in use since nearly a hundred years and it was designed for roulette games, originally. But since the concept can be adapted to other games, we can use it for playing baccarat too. This is a negative progression system and asks you to increase the wager continuously. It is extremely easy to use as it is not based on betting types. For example, baccarat has two main bet types, betting on banker and betting on the player. (You can also bet on a tie of course but we don’t recommend doing so.) The system does not favor a particular bet type, so there is no “baccarat martingale banker” option for example. As long as you follow the rules, it is not important which side you placed your bets on.

Can Martingale System For Baccarat Really Improve Your Winning Chances?

money stackSo, does Martingale improve your chances of beating baccarat? We are sure that you have heard many Martingale system success stories so far and the short answer to this question is yes, it can really improve your chances. However, the system has its own limits, which we will discuss in more detail below. First of all, let’s answer the is martingale strategy legal question: Yes, it is perfectly legal and no casino in the world, online or land-based, will ban you just because you used this tactic. You can safely use the Martingale gambling system at all casinos.

Now, here is the long answer: Martingale in baccarat games work as long as you have a big bankroll. This strategy requires doubling the wager amount every time you lose. For example, if you start playing with 10 USD and lose, your next bet should be 20 USD. And if you lose one more, the third bet will be 40 USD and so on… The idea behind this tactic is that, once you win, you will win enough to cover all of your losses because you keep increasing the stakes. And this is true: You will really win that much sooner or later. However, there are two main problems:

  • You need a big budget. In other words, you must be able to cover your losses until you start winning. There is no guarantee that when this will happen: You can win in the second round or in the twentieth round. In this example, you must enough funds to last until the twentieth round. Losing with baccarat martingale strategy is quite common just because you did not have a big budget. In other words, this tactic is not suitable for players who play with small budgets.
  • Table limits. While it is a legal strategy, casinos also know that Martingale will allow players to win sooner or later. That’s why they use table limits and this can restrict the effectiveness of the tactic. Here is a simple example: If the table limit of a live baccarat game is 500 USD, for example, you must start winning until your wager reaches this limit. If you start playing with 100 USD, for example, you will reach the limit in just three rounds. So, you must prefer high-roller tables for the Martingale strategy to work, which requires bigger budgets, as explained above.

Variations of Martingale On Baccarat

chart variationsThe main problem of the original Martingale strategy is; it can raise the stakes too high. Let’s remember the example above: If you start playing with 100 USD, a fairly reasonable budget, you will need to increase it to 1.000 USD in just four rounds. And if you can’t win in the first round, the fifth one will cost 1.200 USD. With just five rounds played, you are already out of 1.200 USD – if you are on a budget, there is a high risk of going bankrupt.

Therefore, lots of baccarat modified martingale strategies have been developed. The main purpose of these alternative strategies is limiting total losses. You still need to increase the wager but within limits. Here is an example: The 6 step martingale baccarat variant asks you to follow this betting sequence.

1 unit – 2 units – 4 units – 8 units – 16 units – 32 units

And if you still did not win at 32 units, you go back to the beginning and start over. So this variant increases the wager too but asks you to stop once you reach the sixth round. Therefore, it limits the overall losses. There are also other Martingale variants (in fact, there is even an “opposite” Martingale one) and we will discuss them in more detail below. These variants are more suited for those who play with a smaller budget.

Is the Martingale Baccarat Strategy Complex?

complex geometryNo, not at all. Some variants of it may be a little complex but the original one is as simple as it gets: Double the wager amount until you start winning. There is nothing you need to do other than multiplying the bet amount by two and increase the pot. Martingale may be the simplest strategy for baccarat and you need no expertise to start using it. The only thing needed is, well, a big wallet.

The idea behind Martingale baccarat is, if you keep betting on the same outcome, you will start winning sooner or later – nobody can lose all the time. Start betting on the banker and you will eventually win, simple as that. For this strategy to work, the outcome of the game must be as simple as possible: If there are more than two outcomes, the effectiveness of Martingale will be considerably lower. That’s why you use this strategy only on red or black during a roulette game or player/banker during a baccarat game. If there is a third outcome, the time required to get a winning will be higher and a bigger budget will be required.

Advantages Of Using Baccarat Martingale Strategy

Simply put, Martingale will allow you to win in the long run. As explained above, you will really score a winning if you keep betting on the same option sooner or later. And when this happens, the stakes will be high enough to cover all of your losses. In other words, Martingale really works and this is the biggest advantage of it.

However, don’t forget that it is also a high-risk strategy. Increasing the stakes continuously will hit your gambling budget hard. In addition, you must always play at the high-roller tables; low-limit games are not suitable for this strategy. And this requires acting like a high-roller too: You must have enough funds to back you even if you lose then rounds respectively.  And believe us that will happen, there is no guarantee that you will start winning in a short time. Like all other tactics, Martingale baccarat betting system is not 100% effective.

Practical Examples For Using The Martingale In Baccarat

Let’s give a practical example to the original Martingale strategy so you can understand what we are talking about. In this example, we assume that the minimum entry to the table is 20 USD.

  • Our first bet will be 20 USD.
  • If we lose, we will place 40 USD in the second round.
  • If we lose, we will place 80 USD in the third round.
  • If we lose, we will place 160 USD in the fourth round.

We can keep listing but you get the idea: Double the bet amount every time you lose. But, what happens if you win?

  • At the fifth round, we place 320 USD and win. The game will pay us 640 USD. By now, we spent 620 USD in total (20+40+80+160+320) and got 640 USD in return: We made a 20 USD profit.

Now, you can go back to the beginning and continue playing with 20 USD in the sixth round. Or, you can place 640 USD for the sixth round: This part is up to the player and his budget. The original strategy requires “resetting” the sequence and going back to the beginning after winning.

Anti-Martingale Baccarat System

This variant is actually a reverse martingale baccarat system. The original method requires you to double the wager after losses. This one increases the wager only after getting a win. Here is an example of how it works:

  • Our first bet is 20 USD.
  • If we lose, our second bet will be 20 USD too – we are not doubling it.
  • We keep betting the same amount (20 USD) until we win.
  • Let’s say we scored a winning at the fourth round. In the fifth round, our bet will be 40 USD (we only double the amount after winning).
  • If we lose the fifth round, we go back to the beginning and place 20 USD for the sixth round.

Basically, double the stake only after scoring a win, and if you lose, go back to the beginning. A similar variant of this system is used in Forex trading too. In regards to winning chances, the anti-martingale system does not increase them. However, it limits your losses and therefore, a better option for those who play on a small budget.

Grand Martingale Baccarat System

This one is actually “baccarat martingale on steroids”. It allows you to make bigger profits but also requires you to take bigger risks. The idea is simple: When doubling the wager after a loss, add 1 unit for the next round. Here is an example that will explain the system better:

  • We start playing with 20 USD and lose.
  • Our next bet will be 41 USD (20 x 2 + 1)
  • If we lose again, we will wager 83 USD in the third round (41 x 2 + 1)
  • And so on: Double the wager after every loss and add 1 unit to the result.

When you win, you go back to the beginning and place 20 USD again. The advantage of this system is that the added unit will give you more profits at the end, but it will further increase the overall bet amount, which means you will need even a bigger budget. If you are able to cover it, go ahead, it is based on the same principle as the original Martingale.

Mini Martingale Baccarat System

This is a low-risk martingale strategy baccarat method. This system asks the player to pick a reasonable number of rounds to lose. In other words, you go back to the original bet amount after losing a certain amount of rounds. The idea is limiting the overall losses. Let’s say that we pick “4” rounds because we think that this is the maximum number of rounds we can afford losing. Note that this can be any number you want; it should be determined according to your budget.

  • We start playing with 20 USD and lose.
  • We bet 40 USD in the second round and lose.
  • We bet 80 USD in the third round and lose.
  • We bet 160 USD in the fourth round and lose.

We reached our limit: After the fourth round, we won’t double the bet until we win anymore. Instead, we will go back to the beginning and continue playing with 20 USD in the fifth round. Mini Martingale system can be useful if you have a strict budget. However, going back to the beginning after losing in a row may be not healthy: You forfeit the chance of covering up your losses at the fifth round, for example. To maximize your chances of winning, I recommend you read all the baccarat betting system explained by the AnalyzeCasino team.

  • It simply works
  • You will always make a profit when you win
  • Very easy to use
  • Requires a big budget

Conclusion: Baccarat Martingale System Works But It Has Some Limits

So, to sum it up, you can be sure that the Martingale baccarat betting system will work, as long as you have enough budget to cover your losses until you start winning. This system will be useful for beginners too, but because of the limitations of the strategy, we advise using one of the variants mentioned in this guide, especially if you are on a budget. However, if you don’t have any budget problems, go nuts: Baccarat Martingale system will cover all of your losses at the end. Don’t forget to take a look at our other strategy guides too, we reviewed all baccarat betting strategies out there, as well as other baccarat variations, such as Punto Banco or baccarat squeeze. Good luck!

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