Table games like craps can be all fun and games until a player hits the rock bottom being unable to handle craps money management. Players with an aptitude for mathematical probability calculation and a correct judgment of expectations can sustain in the game for a long.

Although strategies are utterly indispensable for the game, counting the chips right and evaluating betting decisions will help in optimizing returns. In this article one can explore various ways to figure out how to manage money at the craps table.

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What is Bankroll Management as a Part of Money Management in Craps

In order to impose a limitation on how much amount it is required to spend on casino activities to place the bets in a way to restore and not affect the original bank account of a player is known as bankroll management. It is suggested that the players keep each bet to 1% of the entire bankroll individually as a part of craps money management.

This eventually results in optimizing the bets at craps online or offline increasing the chances of how to win at craps. Although it is always up to the punter to select the bet amounts in their craps money management strategy so it is better to consider bankrolls as a money management tool.

Designing the Size of Bankroll for Craps Money Management

The bankroll must be determined by the amount of money a punter is willing to lose or is comfortable with losing as a part of their craps strategy. The trick here is to not put all the eggs in a single basket. Putting their best foot forward and placing the best craps bets, it should never be forgotten that a game like live craps is subjected to high volatility. As mentioned earlier, limiting the bet to 1% of the entire budget to play it safe while gaining profit with craps pass line bet.  

Allocation of Bankrolls  

  • Punters are usually advised to break their bankroll into minute session bankrolls as a part of their craps tournament strategy. The 1% rule mentioned above is due to the necessity of having enough to sustain throughout 10 various shooters. 
  • To understand how to play craps for beginners one should know how to arrange the wagering amount per shooter. It is definitely not recommended to keep wagering until the entire bankroll hits the bottom. However, after 4 consecutive losses, a sensible pointer should automatically quit the session. 

Strategy Implementation for Money Management in Craps

Whether it is street craps or craps online or even regular casino craps, having a craps field strategy is indispensable while playing.  

One of the most popular strategies for craps is called Reverse Martingale. The ones who are well versed in casino games are already aware of the concept of Martingale in which the punters are expected to multiply the size of the wager into a double which is followed by a loss and further it is reduced following a win.

Reverse Martingale as the name suggests is the opposite of Martingale which drastically cuts the bet into a single unit while losing. When the game is going uphill punters are required to double the bet as a part of their craps payout cheat sheet. This was one of the classic steps of craps.

Goals for Winning a Craps Session

One of the casual mistakes punters make while playing craps is not quitting the game at the right time and as a result, sabotaging their chances of profit-making. The winning goal depends upon the kind of money one is putting into the game. Usually, 20% of the bankroll is considered as the winning goal.

The Approach of Guarantee and Excess in Craps Money Management

One of the common mistakes punters make at the craps table is not setting a winning goal in fear of losing chances of making profits. Using calculations to find out the guaranteed profit and using the rest excess to continue wagering while the game is still being profitable is known as dividing the winnings into guarantees and excess.

This process can be continued till a sufficient excess amount is there to continue the game and can be discontinued as soon as the game starts going downhill.

On Loss Limits for a Particular Crap Session

Punters who don’t play with strategies often end up losing way more in the process of making up for the loss which holds them down to suffer extreme amounts of monetary loss.  

Smart players would select an amount that would act as a limit on their bankroll. The suggested percentage of bankroll which can act as a loss limit is 50%. Bettors are always suggested to pick any percentage lower than 50 according to their choice in order to prevent major losses. 

Hot Tables and Reducing Losses

Punters who are slick enough look for chances in favorable trends as well as they keep a watch over hot tables by deeply observing and mentally chalking out strategies. Selecting the seat at the table where the occurrence of favors is common is a preliminary move towards winning.

Whether betting in odds or not, whether opting for a don’t come bet or don’t pass bet craps, it is on the bettors to look out for the favorable sign before approaching. Although the main trick that one should never forget is to never try to make up for a loss by continuing a losing streak. This holds true even for street craps rules.

The Regression Approach in Craps Money Management

This approach should be limited to people with sufficient amounts in their bankroll as it requires a punter to wager exceeding the minimum and in the winning streak, it might be cut down to its minimum.

Constant winning may encourage a more aggressive step towards betting but it is a tricky situation. This is because these betters often secure the original wager and work on decreasing the minimum of the table after the game results in consecutive wins for them.

Betting System to Avoid

Removing the negative progressive system from the plan is one of the main strategies of being a consistent winner at craps. Positive progressions are not very favorable although they will not require players to take huge risks. Odds can increase the chances of winning without sabotaging the game.

Negative predictions like Fibonacci are riskier than steps like Martin Gale at times. Since craps can be highly influenced by odds, the reason why progressions do not work is that they have no control over altering the odds. All these are inefficient in the case of craps but still, positive progression will result in an increase of bets after a win.

Tips for Craps Money Management

  • Having a bankroll set in stone as well as thoughtfully dividing the bets to make profits, 
  • Learning about the 20 craps dice combination
  • Getting acquainted with the rules by practicing the game in the process just to have a hang of the game, 
  • Lowering the house edge by increasing odds, like people can opt for craps field bet for getting their desired payout, and so on can be the classic tips for money management apart from the ones stated above.

Pros and Cons of Money Management

There are several upsides and downsides of money management in craps game whether it is while playing craps using craps hardways bet, craps flat bet, horn bets in craps or craps hop bets. Some of the major pros of craps money management are listed below.

  • Prevents players from facing major loss.
  • For recreational gamblers and newbies, it creates a chance to have an outlook and formulate a bankroll amount.
  • Create chances for gamblers to have an idea about the limits of winning and losing realistically. Also, it provides an idea of when to leave the game in order to stay in profit.
  • Losing out on the excitement aspect of games while completely focusing on profit.
  • Not taking chances resulting in no profit whatsoever.
  • Since it is a game of high volatility, being overly calculative can make players obsess about recovering the loss which can drive them into losing way more than their bankroll.
  • Often people do not calculate the winning percentage fearing not gaining profit.


A good bankroll can be considered the ones that are capable of being divided into sufficient individual bets.
Craps is known as one of the most profitable table games among punters.
Choosing a table with a little minimum bet can be helpful in this case.
Crap is a game of probability and there is no skill required apart from a few basic strategies and rules of the game. Hence, it is favorable for beginners too.
The pass bet is known as the simplest and the most fundamental of the bets one can place in craps, with the house edge of 1.41%.

Arriving at Conclusion

In spite of some existing strategies that are important for craps and craps money management being a boon for preventing major losses, it can be said that the game requires not much talent but dumb luck considering it is only a game of dice and runs on possibilities. This is why is craps illegal in California. Concepts like what is a hop bet in craps, craps hardways, and craps put bet are to be explored in further articles.