We all love to play online casino games, but only a couple of us can afford to spend more than thousands of Euros per game session. Well, if you have deep pockets, the iGaming industry has a special offer to you: High roller casinos. High roller gamblers are ready to spend much more than a regular player. And high roller online casino sites are ready to offer them exclusive deals: This is a win-win situation.

If you are a casino high roller, there will be special offers and advantages you can use, and to benefit from all of these, you must play at a high roller casino. But if you have no idea what a high roller online casino is, don’t worry: We have prepared this casino high rollers guide especially for you. Below, you can find information about VIP high roller casino sites and learn how to play high roller casino: Welcome to the world of high roller gamblers, we are here to help you.

Best High Roller Casino Sites You Can Play Right Now

Let’s start by giving examples to high roller casinos, then we will explain them in detail. Below, you can find two high roller casino sites, selected by the team of Analyze Casino. As always, we picked these high roller online casino sites according to our high standards and guarantee that they are the most safe online casino sites around. Moreover, these high roller online casinos are secure, fair, and legal websites that are ready to offer you the best online gambling experience you can find.  You can read the high roller casino review of these sites too, if you want to learn more about them.

Recommended High Roller Casinos

Without further due, here is our list of the best high roller casino sites. These are the best high roller online casinos you can find and each of them is ready to offer you a big high roller casino welcome bonus. Make sure to get your online casino high roller bonus with your first deposit!

Zet Casino
500 EUR Welcome, 700 EUR Reload Bonus
FEZbet Casino
FEZbet logo small
Great Welcome Bonus! Claim €500 + 200 Free Spins

Remember that our casino reviews section contains more high roller online casinos: If you want to find more casino high roller sites, you should visit that section. And now, we can start talking about the basics: Let’s start by explaining the meaning of being a high casino roller.

What It Means To Be A Casino High Roller?

So, what does high roller mean? Well, a casino roller is a “standard” player, and a casino high roller is a player who can place very high bets on any game. Basically, if you can place a couple of thousands of Euros on each game and multiple times in a night, you are a high rollers casino player too. However, this explanation may not be enough to explain casino high rollers, because:

  • Having deep pockets is not the only requirement to become a high roller player. It is required, yes, but you also need to have a reputation.
  • Spending big money for a short while is not enough: This must be your game style for your entire career. Casino high rollers always spend big, not just from time to time.

And yes, we use the term “career” because that is what it is: High roller casino online players are professional gamblers, who play online high-roller casino games for a living. Basically, if gambling is your job and you are ready to spend more than the majority of other players, you can be considered a casino high roller too. In this regard, a millionaire who knows nothing about casino games won’t be a high roller: He will be accepted to a high roller casino online but will be denied the title. High roller casinos online call this type of players “whales”, which means “he has big pockets but knows nothing about gambling”. A high roller knows what he is doing and plays games for a living, he is a true professional, if you would like to know what games professional players tend to have as their go to come check out our online casino games guide article. (For the same reason, he has the respect of high roller casinos online). And if he is really good, sometimes there is no need to have deep pockets: Such players can find “sponsors” for themselves and keep playing at a high rollers casino. Daniel Negreanu, who has won WSOP tournaments for more than once, for example, was quite poor when he came to Las Vegas. But he was good at poker and quickly found multiple sponsors – nowadays, Mr. Negreanu is considered one of the biggest high rollers in the world but he never spends his own money at high roller casino online sites: His sponsors take care of that.

The Advantages Of Being A Casino High Roller

Most of us deposit 10 or 20 EUR to start gambling online, and maybe 100 EUR, if we are feeling particularly lucky. High roller players, on the other hand, deposit at least a thousand Euros, just to play a single game. If you are able to afford that much, you will be rewarded accordingly at the best high roller online casinos. High roller online casino sites offer lots of goodies for this type of players, such as:

  • Increased online casino bonus offers. You will be getting the same bonus offers as other players, there will be no exclusive bonus types. However, all of your bonuses will be bigger and better. A player who deposits 10 EUR may get a 100% match offer, but a high roller casino welcome bonus will give you at least a 300% match rate. Or, the same percentage, but higher maximum limits. Same goes for high roller casino no deposit bonus offers too: all high roller casino sites may offer you hundreds of Euros just to get your attention. In short, online casino high roller bonus offers will always be bigger and better than other members. In this regard, you will receive more bonuses too: For example, high roller bonuses can benefit from weekly cashback bonuses that are not available to other players.
  • Invite to the VIP events and game tables. Even online casinos have exclusive game rooms that are not open to the “public”. You can join these games only with an invitation, and the table limits will be extremely high. And during the game, a casino representative will always be there to help you, if needed. Playing at game tables that have higher limits is one of the best advantages of being a high roller player.
  • Access to exclusive games. Online casinos have “standard” and “exclusive” games – standard ones are open to everyone and have low entry fees. Exclusive ones, on the other hand, are still the same game but they require higher wagers to play. As a result, they pay bigger too. In short, everyone can play a baccarat side bets game, for example, but you will be the only one who can play High Limits Baccarat.
  • Personal support and limits. You will have a personal account manager, who is ready to help you 7/24. If you have a problem, it will be resolved in minutes, not days. In addition, your withdrawal limits will be increased too: No matter how big is your prize, you will be able to withdraw it easily and faster than other players.

Land-Based Or Online High Roller Casino: Which One Is The Best?

You may think that the answer to this question is “land-based casinos” but it is actually the opposite. Yes, you get free rooms and drinks at land-based casinos as a high-roller player, but there is one important detail: You need really deep pockets. Becoming a high roller at land-based casinos is incredibly hard and depending on the casino, you may need to spend millions of Euros. In other words, the “entry fee” is quite high – this is a millionaire’s club and you need to be one in order to get invited.

New online casino sites are much more convenient in this regard. Spending only a couple of thousands of Euros at the best high roller online casinos will be enough to get invited to the VIP Club, and you get to keep your rank even if you take a break. You will have access to the same games, same tables, and have the chance to win the same big prizes, but you won’t be needing millions for all of these. In short, online casinos are much more open to new high rollers, and becoming one of them is extremely easy when compared to land-based casinos. Moreover, you will be able to join online casino tournament on a global level and compete against professionals like you. And since all online casinos are also a mobile casino site, you will be able to play from anywhere and anytime you want: You don’t need to “physically” be there to play games at online casino sites. In short, if you want to be a casino high roller in a short time, online casinos will be your best option.

Best Online Casino List [2021]


Casino Name


Casino License


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120% up to €240
Rating 9.99 out of 10
100% Up To €1000
Netherlands Antiles
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Welcome bonus: €390 Promo Code: ANALYZE
Curacao eGaming License
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Netherlands Antilles
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Up to €800 + 75 Free Spins
Curacao eGaming License
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Get 400% up to €1200
Rating 9.97 out of 10
100% up to €400 + 100 Free Spins
Serbia License
Rating 9.96 out of 10
Up to €500 + 100 Free Spins
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Netherlands Antilles
Rating 9.93 out of 10
100% up to 800 EUR + 100 Free Spins
Rating 9.92 out of 10
Up to €1500
Netherlands Antilles
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Netherlands Antilles
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100% Up To €600
Rating 9.91 out of 10
$9000 CRYPTO welcome bonus
Rating 9.90 out of 10
100% up to €300
Rating 9.90 out of 10
100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins
Netherlands Antilles
Rating 9.89 out of 10
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Rating 9.89 out of 10
Up to €500 + 200 Spins
Netherlands Antilles
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€25 Risk Free First Deposit
Rating 9.88 out of 10
100% up to €1000 + 200 Free Spins
Rating 9.88 out of 10

You must know this!


Every online casino can be a high roller casino – that’s the most important advantage of them. Only a couple of land-based casinos can accept high roller players but there is no such restriction for online casino sites. As long as you are ready to spend big bucks, each and every casino site out there will be ready to offer something to you. In other words, you will have hundreds of options to choose from. And if you want some advice, take a look at the FAQ section of this guide: We will be explaining how to choose a high roller online casino in that section.

Which High Roller Casino Games Are Best To Play?

You will get access to literally thousands of games at high roller online casino sites, but not all of them will be suitable for high-rollers. Remember that you are playing games at a competitive level and the stakes are quite high, so you should choose the best games for this purpose. In this regard, we recommend playing the following high roller casino games:

  • High roller casino roulette: Roulette will be a very good option for high-rollers, as the table limits can go pretty high. But you should focus on roulette variants that give you the highest winning chances. In this regard, stay away from American roulette, it has the highest house edge. You should prefer European roulette games, and, if possible, French roulette. The French variant has the lowest house edge (nearly as low as poker) and it is a quite fun game to play.
  • Online casino high roller slots: As a general rule, slots are not the best option for high-rollers. Remember that you are a professional player and looking for games where you can increase your chances of winning using a strategy. There is no real strategy for slot machines: They all depend on chance. But once in a while, you can decide to have fun and try your luck – if this is the case, pick high roller slot machines. They have higher costs per spin but their payouts are big too. Take a look at our high limits slot strategy articles to get some tips.
  • High roller baccarat games: If you are looking for a high-risk/high-rewards card game, baccarat squeeze may be the best option for you. Its rules are similar to blackjack but you can play this game against other players too, not only against the dealer. The pot can increase to hundreds of thousands of Euros in just a couple of minutes and it is possible to use strategies too. Baccarat Banque is a must-play for all casino high rollers. Remember to check our online casino baccarat strategies
  • High roller blackjack games: Blackjack may be the “default” game for high roller casino players. It is the only card game that has a theoretical 100% RTP rate, which means it is possible to win all blackjack games with optimal gameplay. Moreover, using strategies will always give you an advantage. How many decks do casinos use in blackjack? This will also influence your odds of winning. Prefer single deck variants and choose tables with high limits.
  • High roller poker games: Poker tournaments are filled with high roller players for a simple reason: The prize amount can reach millions of Euros. Hold’em poker variants should be your choice, as the pot keeps increasing with every game played. But if you are looking for a simple and fast poker game, choose video poker machines: Their RTP rate is quite high.

In general, you should be focusing on table and card games: They have bigger table limits and it is possible to increase your winning chances by using various strategies. For example, take a look at our online casino keno strategies articles if this is the game of your choice. Blackjack and poker are the best high roller casino games in this regard: You can play both of them at a competitive level and join global tournaments, from the comfort of your home.

The online casino software is also important in this regard: You should be playing at casinos that work with the top-tier game providers. We recommend playing Microgaming,NextGenGaming, iSoftBet titles for the card and table games, and the best Isoftbet online casino sites are our recomandations if you like high limit slots machines.

Further Information

There is one more game category you should try as a casino high roller: Live online casino games. These games are played against a real dealer and the whole experience is like visiting a real casino, from the comfort of your own home. Live dealer games naturally have higher table limits and there are always exclusive tables for high roller casino players. You can find dozens of high roller table games in this category and get the authentic casino experience without visiting one “physically”. Playing live casino games is a must for every high roller out there.

Which Payment Options Are Best For High Roller Casino Players?

Online casino payments are important for high-roller players, especially the withdrawal part. You will be depositing and withdrawing big amounts of money, so you should the most appropriate payment methods. In this regard, we recommend bank transfers first, if safety and reliability are the most important things for you. Yes, they will last longer but they will also be more secure: If you are transferring hundreds of thousands of Euros, you should prefer safety and reliability over speed. Moreover, your transactions will be completed faster, since you have a personal account manager.

E-wallets and credit cards can also be reliable methods to make a high roller casino withdrawal, but remember to check the transfer limits. Most e-wallet services are not suitable for transferring big amounts of money. The same thing goes for credit cards too, they all have maximum transfer limits and may not be suitable for transferring big amounts on a regular basis. So, e-wallets and credit cards should be your last choices.

Cryptocurrencies can also be a viable method, they offer both security and privacy. Plus, they will have the lowest transaction fees. They are not as practical as the traditional payment methods but they are fast and safe – maybe the fastest and safest. So think about learning more about cryptocurrencies: If you are transferring big amounts of money, you want privacy, security, and low fees. Cryptos can offer all of these and more. One of the best crypto options are the bitcoin high limit casino games.

FAQ About High Roller Casinos

There is no specific minimum deposit amount to become a casino high roller. We can say that it starts with three zeros, so, in general, you should start by depositing at least 1.000 EUR. However, there is no fixed amount and every online casino has a different practice: This figure can be as low as 500 EUR too. Note that this applies to online casinos only – land-based casinos will require literally millions of Euros to grand you this title. You can also start with low amounts and keep increasing your deposits: After they surpass a certain threshold, the casino operator will invite you to the VIP Club. In short, if you want to become a casino high roller as fast as possible, you must start by depositing a couple of thousands of Euros. Or, you can start with low amounts and work your way to the top – it will be slow but still give you the same result. The choice is yours.
Start by checking the online casino license. This is a must for all legal online casinos, high roller or not. If there is no license, stay away from that casino – there is no guarantee that you will be able to withdraw your winnings. Continue by checking the fairness of the games and look for the logo of an independent auditor, such as eCOGRA. Next, check the game collection and make sure it includes all of the titles we listed above – the more, the merrier. And of course, check for the availability of live casino games too. After making all of these checks, start slow: Deposit low amounts to see the service quality of the casino: Are there multiple ways to reach customer support? Are they helpful and professional? What kind of exclusive bonuses are available to casino high rollers? Once you are satisfied, you can start depositing big amounts. Or, you can just read our online casino guides and save yourself the trouble: We already did all these evaluations and picked the best high roller online casino sites for you.
Absolutely not. Once again, casino high rollers are professional players, who gamble for a living. This lifestyle is not suitable for many of us – it looks glamorous but you won’t be always winning. And once you lose, the losses will be big too. Being a high roller is not for everybody and the majority of players are happy to gamble with low amounts. Note that you will be still playing the same games as the casino high rollers, the only difference will be the bet/payout amounts. So you can enjoy online gambling without spending thousands of Euros – this is not mandatory at all.
Depends on the casino practice – some of them let you keep the status for a long while, even if you don’t play. But if you don’t make a deposit or play any games after a certain amount of time has passed, you will lose the VIP/high-roller status, that is normal. You can always reactivate it with another big deposit.

Become A High Casino Roller Today!

You have learned everything there is to know about high roller casino sites: Now, it is time to start playing. If you pick the right online casino, you can become a casino high roller in no time and start using all of the benefits listed above. We will continue to offer you more high roller casino reviews and update this article on a regular basis, so don’t forget to visit us often. We know how good it feels to play at a high roller online casino and we want you to live the same experience: Pick any of the high roller casinos listed in our website and start playing like kings!

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