Do you know how much does the average person loses in a casino? Or how much you can cash out at a casino? We can answer this question for the United States. Statistics show that 30% of the general US population visits casinos on a regular basis, and on average, they lose 500 – 600 USD over the year. We can answer this question also by giving exact statistics per land-based casino: According to the official reports, people who visited Wynn Macau casino has lost 26.146 USD per day on table games and 1.163 USD per day on slot machines.

These are big figures and tell us something: Every gambler out there, no matter how professional he/she is, the country he/she is from, what games he/she plays, or what international online casino he/she uses, they will lose sooner or later. You will too. In the long run, the casino always wins. So, your next question will probably be how to recover lost money in casino. Well, if you are a person who says “I lost all my money at the casino”, we have a couple of advice to give – you can find them below. These online casinos presented below have the best RTP% (return to player percentage) and offer attractive bonuses for new players.

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Don't Believe In Movies


The casino games knowledge of the average gambler mainly comes from Hollywood movies. You know, the ones where an ordinary guy starts to play, loses some, but then makes an amazing comeback and leaves the building with lots of money. Thing is, real life is quite different and none of the movie guys say “I just lost money at the casino” at the end. In real life, there is no such thing as winning streaks, working systems, and magical numbers. Even if you are a professional gambler, you will always lose at some point – nobody can win infinitely. Losing money gambling is a part of the process and there is no way to avoid it. Basically, you should expect to lose sooner or later.

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I Lost My Money At The Casino – Why Did This Happen?

So, you lost money at casino and have no idea what to do now, is that correct? Before starting to talk about how to recover lost money from casino, let’s analyze why you have lost. After all, things did not go as planned – according to all the Hollywood movies you watched, you should be a rich person at the moment. But it didn’t happen and you lost too much money at casino – what was the reason for that?

  • You picked the wrong games. Contrary to popular belief, not all casino games have the same winning chance. There is a thing called RTP (return to player), which shows how much you should expect to lose in the long run. Every game has an RTP value and it is shown as a percentage. For example, if this percentage is 90%, this means you should expect to win 90 USD/EUR back for every 100 USD/EUR you invest. In other words, you should expect to lose 10 USD/EUR maximum on that game. The RTP rates are never 100%, which means every casino game will cause you financial losses in the long run. But by picking high RTP games, you can limit these losses. So, which games have better RTP percentages?
  • You should have played card games. In general, card games always have better RTP percentages. In this regard, blackjack is the king: Its RTP is more than 99%. This means you will lose literally a single EUR/USD in the long run, it doesn’t get any better than this. Poker is the next best thing, with an RTP rate of 98%. Roulette is nice too if you pick the correct variant. The French Roulette offers a 97% RTP rate, which is still a very good figure. So, what are the RTP rates of slot machines? While there are some exceptions, the average RTP rate of slots is 95% and below, in order to find the ones with a higher RTP check out our online slots guide. And when we take a look at the other common games such as bingo and keno, this rate can drop as low as 70%, but you can use our Keno Strategy in order to understand the game and improve your chases. Basically, you will be saying “I lost all my money at the casino” a lot if you played the wrong games.
  • You picked the wrong variant. Maybe you already knew that card and table games offered better odds and you were on your way to the blackjack table. But suddenly, a flashy game gained your attention: Blackjack Switch. It is blackjack but better. Or, maybe you have seen a better-looking game called “American Roulette”. Well, it is still blackjack and roulette, so there is no harm in trying your luck, right? Thing is, none of the variants of these games offer the same RTP rates. Their rules seem to favor the player, but actually they just increase the house edge. Playing classic blackjack and blackjack switch is not the same – the second one offers much lower odds. In short, stick with the “original” versions of these games.

Be Careful When You Start To Play Card Games

Further Information

So, you think you have learned the “secret” and playing card games will do the trick, right? Well, yes and no. The explanation above and the RTP rates apply only if you are a professional gambler who knows what he is doing. In other words, the RTP rate of blackjack is really 99%, yes, but only with optimal gameplay. Same goes for roulette and poker too. If you play randomly and, for example, place all your money on red 7, you will still lose. These rates assume that you know what you are doing and making the right decisions. If you are just a casual player who relies on his/her luck, playing slot games will be a much better decision. The RTP rates of card and table games rely on strategies: By using correct techniques, you can greatly improve your winning chances. Slot games, on the other hand, require just being lucky. Basically, if you do not know what you are doing, stick with slot machines. Otherwise, it will be just “gambled and lost” for you.

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Losing Money Might Be A Sign To Learn To Manage Your Bankroll

Maybe you picked the right games and maybe you know how to play those games, but there is still an important concept you need to learn: managing your bankroll. There is a thing called “gambler’s fallacy”, which means a belief without any actual basis. For example, if you “feel” like your luck is about to turn and continue to place bets for this reason, you are also a “victim” of this fallacy. Is there an actual fact that shows your luck will really turn, other than a hope and a “feeling”? No.

The only actual fact is you lost a lot of money at casino, because you did not know when to leave the table. Simply put, never surpass your gambling budget even if you win. Know when to walk away and do not think that your luck will turn with the next roll/spin/round. It won’t.

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  • Try Other Casino Games

    If you believe you have not found the right game to play and that is the main cause of losing money, we can recommend you some options.

    Online Casino Games Guide

Will A Casino Give You Your Money Back?

Ok, we summarized the reasons why you lost money at casino, so let’s start talking about how to get back money lost at casino. Is such a thing possible? Will casinos return your lost money? Simply put, is there a “trick” on how to recover lost money in casino?

The short answer is no. You were playing with real money and no business will return your losses simply because you were unlucky. This was not a “joke”: Casinos cannot refuse to give your payout when you win, just because you were lucky. For the same reason, you cannot ask your money back because you were not lucky enough. The long answer is also no for this reason: You lost money gambling and there is no way to get it back. We cannot tell you how to recover lost money in casino because such an option does not exist.

We are sure that you have “heard” something that says the opposite from a friend or a colleague. There are two main “stories” in this regard, which we will summarize below.

  • World Famous Professional Gamblers Can Recover Their Losses. This is a quite common myth at land based casinos but also an online casino myth – almost all players think that if you are famous enough, you will always be able to recover lost money in casinos. This is actually not true; it is a misunderstanding. World-famous gamblers never play with their own money. Yes, they are rich enough to do that but they also have sponsors. It is these companies who give them the funds: If you are playing poker in a PokerStars casino and sponsored by the same company, you aren’t actually losing or winning anything: The operator covers all of your losses. You are already getting paid just for playing, no matter what the outcome is. In any case, this is not an actual refund and only applies if you are a very (and we mean very) famous gambler.
  • There Is A Thing Called Chargeback And It Works. This especially applies to online casino players usually prefer to use credit cards such as VISA  (come learn more at in Best Visa Online Casino article) or MasterCard to make a deposit at online casinos, and after the loss, they simply place a chargeback, hoping to get a refund from the bank. Thing is, this “method” never works. A chargeback can be applied only if you spend money to purchase goods/service and the merchant failed to deliver. In this situation, the bank refunds your money because you did not get what you paid for. This does not apply to casino losses. The merchant (casino operator) offered you a service and you used it – nobody guaranteed that you will win a prize. And by using that service, you already acknowledge that you have waived your right to issue a chargeback. When you claim a chargeback, the casino operator will simply send your gameplay logs to the bank and your request will be denied. Moreover, the casino site will immediately cancel your account and refuse any further service. Simply put, abusing the chargeback system does not work.
  • Fact about online casino chargebacks
  • Chargeback Casinos

    Making an online casino chargeback is possible: You can really ask for a refund after making a deposit and get your money back.

    Chargeback Online Casino

How To Cope With Gambling Loss: Losing Is Not The End

Since nobody can tell you how to recover lost money in casino because it is not possible, you should start accepting your losses. Coping with gambling loss is a hard and long process, but it is also mandatory. You should start by:

  • Taking A Break. Maybe it is time to take a short break: Gambling must be a hobby, not a second job. You should re-think your gambling habits if you lost money at the casino: Are you playing too much? Or, are you playing the right games?
  • Re-Adjusting Your Budget. If you keep saying “I lost all my money at the casino”, maybe you are not using the right budget. Start by lowering it because increasing will only cause more problems. If you are playing with 100 EUR/USD, try playing with 50 EUR/USD for a while and see if the situation improves. Lowering your budget won’t increase your winning chances, but it will limit the financial damage of gambling losses. Simply put, play with a budget you can afford to lose.


If you think that gambling is about to turn into an addiction, get professional help immediately, rather than chasing after your losses. There are many organizations out there that are ready to help you, free of charge. Let your family and relatives learn the truth: Hiding the problem from them will only make things bad. Accept that you may need help and look for it.

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Losing Money At Casino May Be An Opportunity

There may be no answer to how to recover lost money in casino question, but if you are saying “I lost all my money at the casino”, this is not the end of anything. In fact, if you lost money at casino, this may be an opportunity: This situation shows that you are not playing the right games, using the correct strategies, allocating the right budget, or simply playing too much. In short, losing money at the casino will let you understand the problem and what causes it. Therefore, it is also an opportunity to fix that problem: Instead of chasing after your losses, focus on this. We will always be here to help and wish you the best: Good luck at the tables!