According to statistics, credit cards are among the most popular online casino payments option in the world. And VISA is the biggest credit card brand at the moment: There are 883.500.000 VISA cards in the world and 335 million of them are used in the United States. In other words, when people make online payments, they do it with VISA cards the most. This, of course, is the case for online casinos too: VISA cards are supported by almost all casino sites and VISA casino payments are the most popular option. But, which VISA online casino sites are the best? And more important, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using VISA cards to make online casino payments? In this article, we will answer all of these questions and give you a list of the best VISA online casino websites out there.

A Brief History Of VISA: Why Online Casino VISA Cards Are Popular?

VISA is actually a multi-national financial services company based in California, USA. It is founded in 1958 and was known as “BankAmericard” back then. Basically, it was the credit card brand of Bank America. In 1966, Bank America started to sign agreements with other banks too, which allowed other banks to offer this credit card to their customers. In 1972, the company started to grant licenses all over the world and became an electronic payment service of its own. Today, it does not belong to any particular bank and it acts as an intermediary between banks and the customer. Basically, when you put your credit card number on an online form to make a payment, VISA asks your local bank if there are enough funds in your account to complete the transaction and if the answer is yes, approves it. Simply put, it is an electronic payment gateway that works globally. And this is the reason why they are popular in online casinos too: VISA cards work literally everywhere and supports all kinds of financial transfers, gambling related ones included.

There are four main types of VISA cards:

  1. Visa Gift Cards: This is a prepaid VISA casino card that cannot be “refilled”. It already contains a certain amount of money and you can spend it anywhere you want. Once you empty the card, you cannot top-up it again. They do not contain names, just numbers.
  2. Visa Prepaid Cards: This is a very popular online casino VISA card. Unlike gift cards, they come “empty” and you need to top-up them with money. They can be refilled indefinitely and they are not connected to a bank account, so the card itself does not contain any name. Prepaid visa card online casinos are quite common as this is a secure and popular payment method.
  3. Visa Debit Cards: The difference between debit and pre-paid cards is that debit cards are connected to a bank account. You may know them also as casino VISA electron cards, as their logo is VISA/Electron. As the cards themselves contain a name because of the bank account connection, online casino visa electron card is a “personal” payment method.
  4. Visa Credit Cards: You all know this one: It is the most popular credit card brand in the world. Unlike casino VISA debit cards, you can use them even if your balance is empty – that’s why they are called “credit” cards. Basically, you are getting a loan from the bank to be paid at the end of the month. All websites that include verified by visa online casino logo support this payment method, which means almost every online casino site in the world such as USA casinos that take credit card payments .

Things To Know About Online Casinos That Accept VISA Gift Cards

Using prepaid VISA for online gambling is a common practice and the most popular option for this method is the casino VISA gift cards. The reason we are mentioning them in a separate section is that paying with online casino visa gift card can be a problematic experience if you don’t know how this system works. Here are the most important things you need to know about this method:

  • VISA gift cards work only in the country they are purchased at. So, for example, if you have purchased one in the USA, you cannot use it to make a payment in a European online casino and vice versa.
  • International VISA gift cards are rare – they are only available in a couple of stores and websites in Europe and the rest of the world. This payment method is especially popular in the United States, where they are sold in almost every store.
  • Using this method for online casino payments is a practical solution but overall, we don’t recommend it that much. This is because each gift card comes with a fee and it is usually 10% of the card amount. For example, the fee of a 50 EUR VISA gift card is 5 EUR. You will be paying unnecessary fees, there are other methods that are much cheaper to use.

But we know that VISA gift cards are sometimes the only option for players (especially the ones living in third world countries) so we check whether the casino sites support this method or not in our casino reviews.

Our Best Visa Casino Picks

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Our Reviews Of VISA Casinos

Our team consists of online gambling professionals, which are players too. We don’t just review VISA casinos; we also love playing in them. And that’s why we know the needs and expectations of players: We are dedicated to offering you honestly, objective, and useful casino reviews that will inform you about every aspect of online casinos. Payment methods are an important part of the online gambling experience and we are reviewing every one of them in detail and use lots of different criteria. We know what we are doing: You can trust our reviews and suggested VISA online casino sites.

Online Casinos That Accept VISA: 2020 List

Below, you can see the most up-to-date list of online casinos accepting VISA payments. We carefully selected them and tested each one: We are sure that they will offer you the most enjoyable online gambling experience. All VISA card types are supported by these casino sites, so as long as one of your cards in your wallet has a “VISA” logo on it, you can use it to make deposits and withdrawals. Pick any of the online casino sites below and start playing right now.

Best Online Casinos Witch Accept Visa Cards


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How To Make A Deposit And Withdrawal At VISA Casinos?

  • Step 1: Become a member of the casino and activate your account.
  • Step 2: Log in to the casino site with your credentials and check the current casino bonuses page first. Lots of online casinos (especially the ones we recommend) will be offering you a welcome package. Learn its details before making a deposit, you can use that bonus to play casino games, such as VISA casino slots. Come read our Online Casino Games Guide article and learn about all the VISA online casino games you can play!
  • Step 3: Open your personal account page and look for a button/link that says “deposit”. Click on it and choose “VISA” among offered options.
  • Step 4: Determine the amount of money you want to deposit, put it on the payment form, and click “confirm” (or any other button that will finalize the process).

That’s it: VISA deposits are near instant so you will be seeing your funds almost immediately. If there is a problem, contact customer support. VISA withdrawals work exactly the same way, but instead of “deposit”, you click on the “withdraw” button.

Average Withdrawal Times Of VISA Online Casinos

This is different in every online casino site. First of all, there is the ID verification process: If you did not verify your identity before (which includes sending copies of your ID, credit card, and a utility bill to the customer service), this process alone will take at least a day. But if you already verified your ID, we can say that the average withdrawal time for VISA cards is 24 hours. Actually, “up to” 24 hours – you can get the payment even after 2 hours too. The longest withdrawal time we have ever seen was 3 business days. If you still did not get your money after 3 days, contact customer support immediately.

Pros And Cons Of Using VISA At Online Casinos

  • Supported by almost every online casino
  • It is very easy to use and a practical payment method
  • Deposits are instant and withdrawal times are short
  • There are no fees for financial transactions
  • Not as secure as using cryptocurrencies or e-wallet services

What Other Options Are Available? Alternatives To VISA Casino Payments

If you cannot (or do not want) to use VISA cards in online casinos, we recommend picking one of these payment methods:

  • Mastercard casino: Mastercard is the second biggest credit card brand in the world and its logo can be seen next to VISA almost every time. It works exactly like VISA and offers debit and pre-paid cards too. However, some players report that they cannot use their Mastercard for withdrawals, where online gambling is considered illegal. Deposits are fine if you live in a country that banned gambling, but withdrawals may be problematic. VISA cards do not have this disadvantage.
  • PayPal casino: PayPal is the biggest e-wallet service in the world and used in more than 200 countries. It is also a commonly used online casino payment method too, but usually only available in online casinos that have a United Kingdom Gambling Commission license. (read more about payments in regard to licenses in our payment casino guide)
  • Skrill casino: Skrill is the “PayPal of online casinos” – it is the most popular e-wallet service provider for online gambling payments. Its “sister company” is Neteller and if you will be using e-wallets to make casino payments, we recommend starting with this one.
  • Bitcoin casino: BTC is a cryptocurrency so you don’t need a bank account or a credit card to use it. It is a digital currency that can be purchased from exchanges and all financial transfers are done on a blockchain. Bitcoin casinos are quite common nowadays and it is the most secure payment method available. Come read our Bitcoin Casino Guide and learn more!
  • Wire transfer casino: Bank transfer is another payment method supported by almost all online casinos. As long as you have an IBAN number, you can use this method. However, know that deposits and withdrawals made by bank transfers can take very long to complete. In fact, 7 business days waiting period is common with this method. If you would like to skip the waiting we recommend checking out a pay n play casino.

FAQ About VISA Online Casinos

If it is a debit or credit card, you can only get them from banks. In other words, you need to have a bank account first. The name of the bank is not important, as all banks in the world are a part of the VISA network. You can get a debit card immediately after opening an account, but for the credit card, each bank has a different process based on your credit score. VISA gift and pre-paid cards can be purchased from everywhere, even small stores sell them.
None. There are no transfers fees that interest you. There are some fees for using the VISA network, of course, but they are paid by the banks. Getting a debit and credit card is also free, but you may be asked to pay annual fees to your bank – contact your local bank for more information about this. Prepaid cards are sold for small amounts, such as 5 EUR or so. But after purchasing one, you don’t pay any other fees. And lastly, VISA gift cards are sold for 10% of the balance they have, as explained above.
There is no need to recommend any brands. As long as you have a pre-paid card that contains the “VISA” logo on it, you are good to go. These cards are nameless, as we explained, and the company/bank that issues them is not important.
Yes. Chargeback option applies all kinds of payments; the ones you make to online casinos included. However, do not do this: While VISA chargeback online casino is possible to do, doing so will cancel your account. In other words, the casino will send back the money and close your account. You won’t be able to open it anymore.

Start Playing With Your VISA Card In Online Casinos Today

If you are a VISA card owner, and we are sure that you are, you can start gambling with it right now: Pick any of our recommended online casinos that support VISA and create an account. Don’t forget to take advantage of the bonuses too, they will help you to create a starting capital. As we update our lists often, we recommend visiting our site often to see the new casino sites that support VISA cards and learn about the latest bonuses. Good luck on the tables!