We are sure that you have read many guides about online casino games so far. But there is one other thing we are sure of: Most of these guides were prepared by people who did not know what they were talking about and contained lots of misinformation. Such insufficient guides can be extremely harmful, especially for beginners – if you start playing with the wrong information, you can be sure that this will not be an enjoyable experience.

We’ve been working on this guide for a long time and we’ve finally completed it: Below, you can find the only online casino games you will ever read. Our guide is extremely detailed and contains many tips for both beginners and professionals. Whatever your level of experience, you can be sure that we have a recommendation to help you. While preparing this article, we tried to answer every question in the minds of the players and gave information about each casino game – when you finish reading, you can be sure that you can start gambling at a much higher level, no matter which game you like. We will start by giving you the basics first and answer questions like what games are played in a casino. Then, we will determine which is the best casino game to play and give detailed information about the types of games. If you’re ready, let’s start: We have a lot to tell.

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Online Casino Games and Gambling: What To Expect as a Player

casino games

Name a game you might play in a casino: That will be quite a long list, right? Poker, roulette, slot machines, craps, blackjack, baccarat, keno… And the list goes on and on: Basically, anything that can be bet on can be turned into a casino game. But online casinos are much richer than land-based casinos in terms of game diversity. This is due to the fact that they are running in a completely “virtual” environment. Land-based casinos are “physical” buildings and there is a limit to the games they can host. Online casinos are not subject to such limitations: In general, the total number of games in online casinos starts at 700 and can go up to thousands of games, you can also find high roller casino games. AnalyzeCasino represents the next generation in I-gaming sites, our vision is to provide the most objective casino’s reviews for all casino’s features starting with the quality of casino games which they are offering.

In other words, online casinos also offer all the games you can find in land-based casinos, but the numbers will be much higher. In this context, it is possible to prepare a casino games list according to four basic categories:

  1. Slot Machines: Did you know that 70% of the revenue of land-based casinos is due to slot machines? Slots are considered the most popular casino game and therefore, play a big part in the collection of online casinos. We’ll give you more details about these games below, but we’re sure you have an idea of what they look like.
  2. Table Games: It is possible to put all the games played on a “table” into this category. The most well-known examples are roulette and all casino dice games (such as craps). Keno and bingo are also included in this category.
  3. Card Games: We can say that these are a table games subcategory. These games are also played on a table, but all of them are also played with “cards”. As you can imagine, the best-known examples are poker and blackjack. Baccarat and other variants of these games fall into this category too.
  4. Arcade Games: These games are played just for fun – virtual bets, platform games, and scratch cards are often called arcade games. We recommend that you play them only for fun and not for “winnings”, as we will explain in more detail below.

Popular Casino Games

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Can You Really Win? Best Games To Play At Casino

play at casino with 500 euroOr, what are the best games to play at the casino? You can win every casino game, but in some games, you have a better chance of winning. In addition, in some games, the player’s experience can directly influence and even change the outcome. In this context, let’s share our recommendations based on the level of experience first, then we will answer which casino game has the best odds question.

  • For Beginners: Games with simple rules such as slot machines and keno are the best option for beginners. This is because these games do not require any experience. For example, the difference between a professional poker player and a beginner level poker player is very evident – experience holds significant importance in this game. But being professional in slot machines doesn’t make sense, every player has the same chance to win. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage, as it is not possible to increase the chances of winning by using various tactics and strategies. Slot machines, keno, and bingo are games of chance – while you can still use some tips, there is no sure way of increasing your winning chances.
  • For those who want casino games with best odds: Card games should be the priority option for this type of players. As we’ll explain in more detail below, games with the highest RTP rate are played with cards. Moreover, it is possible to increase the chances of winning with tactics and strategies.
  • For professional players: If your only goal is not to get the best odds and having fun is also important to you, we recommend you to choose table games. The games in this category have an ideal odd/cost balance. In other words, they do not have RTP values as high as card games, but still, offer good odds than slot machines. More important, they are quite fun to play! Roulette and online craps will be among the best options in this category. In this context, if we were to make a list of best table games to play at a casino, let’s state that the roulette will be on top of that list.

In other words, you should try to find the best game based on your experience level and expectations, and in this regard, the results will be different for every player. For example, if you do not like card games, do not force yourself to play them just because they have high RTP values: The best casino game is the game that suits your needs and budget.

How Online Casino Games are Operating?

how casino games work

Before we move on to the chances of winning and strategies, we need to explain how casino games work. To understand the many strategies we’ll talk about below, you should know what’s going on “behind the scenes”. Having this knowledge will also help you understand why some tactics don’t work.

All online casino games are actually “software” and work through a program called “RNG”. The long form of the RNG is “random number generator”, which is the literally only thing it does: This program creates random numbers. Whatever game you play, everything in the game has a numerical counterpart. What is displayed on the screen is determined by whether these numerical counterparts are consistent with RNG results. Let’s try to explain by giving an example: In slots games, each symbol has a numerical equivalent. When you press the “spin” button, the RNG program generates a random number. In this example, let’s assume that the generated number is 1,500. The software of the slot machine will first check this result and then execute the command to display the symbols in this range on the screen. For example, if the numeric counterpart of the wild symbol is between 1,400 and 1,500, this symbol will be displayed on the reels.

This is a simplified example but will help you understand how the system works. For the same reason, you can understand why in some games there can be no strategy: In games where the outcome is entirely dependent on RNG results, for example in slot machines, bingo, and keno, it is not possible to use a tactic because there is no way to predict RNG results. However, since RNG results in card and table games must be within a certain range (for example, the number of cards in the deck), it is possible to increase the chances of winning by using casino games strategy. We’ll give you more information about these tactics below.

The Difference Of Our Internet Casino Games Guide

As the Analyze Casino team, we know what we are doing: Our team consists of experts and professionals. We know how casino games work and, more importantly, how you can increase your chances of winning. We will not try to fool you with clickbait sentences and we will not give you false information: We know that some casino games pay more than others and offer a higher chance of winning – we are ready to share this information with you. In this guide, you will find all the information you need to make a fast start to gambling based on a strong foundation. The information we will share will include tried, tested, and validated results: if we know that a tactic is not working, we will certainly mention it. But we will also let you know what tactics are useful and working too. If you’re ready, let’s continue, because we’ll start to explain what are the best tips and tricks for each game.

Let’s Start: Rules, Tips, And Basic Tactics For All Casino Games Online

learn and practiceEach player asked him how to beat casino games question at least once. Below, you will find the answer to this question, but let’s start with the basic issues:

  • There are no tactics or strategies that give 100% results. You can increase your chances of winning, but you can never completely eliminate the chance factor. Even the best strategy in the world could succumb to the “luck”.
  • Progressive betting strategies are often used in card and table games. We’ll talk about them in detail below, but let’s make a warning now: All progressive tactics require a steady increase in the stake. In other words, they are not eligible for limited-budget players and are more financially risky.
  • Having fun should always be among your goals. If you play casino games only to make money, you can be sure that they will become pretty boring after a while. Therefore, do not forget to enjoy the games you play. After these general explanations, we can now begin to explain the rules and basic strategies according to game types.

Slot Machines: Rules and Tips

In slot machines and jackpot casino games, your goal is to place the same symbols side by side on a pay line. Usually, placing at least three symbols is enough to qualify for a payment, but this number may be less or more. Jackpots and slot games use the same rules, but the jackpot machines have special symbol sets that allow you to win higher prizes. The most important things you need to know about these games are:

  • Slot bets are placed per line, not per spin. This is a very important detail. For example, let’s assume that there are 20 pay lines in a slot with 0.01 coins per line bet. If you use all of these lines, the minimum bet will actually be 0.20 coins (0.01 x 20). Ideally, we recommend you to choose the 15 – 20 line games.
  • As the number of lines increases, your chances of winning also increase. For example, in a 1.024-line game, almost every spin results in winning. However, if we increase the number of lines, the minimum stake also increases for the reason explained above. In a 1.024-line game, the price of a single spin can be quite high. If you have a limited budget, try to keep the number of lines less.
  • Jackpot games have the lowest RTP values. So the amount of the prize is very high but it can only be won by one person only once. If you’re not ready to lose hundreds of dollars in a few hours, don’t choose jackpot machines. Fruit machines and video slots will be a much better option and offer a higher payout frequency.
  • For the reasons explained above, it is not possible to use a 100 % winning strategy in slot machines. However, you can practice playing free casino slot games and learn how to activate welcome bonuses for example. The demo slots are also perfectly suitable for casual gambling because there is no difference in terms of winning chances and rules for real money games.
  • You have to consider that if you wanna play at the biggest casinos in the world which are offering a huge variety of games, these casinos must be available in your country of registration.

Card Games: How To Play Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat And What To Look Out For

casino games listIf you want your chances of winning as high as possible and you are ready to raise this chance with strategies, your choice should be card games. If we simply explain the rules of the most popular games:

  1. Casino games blackjack: Players are dealt two cards in each round and each card has a point value. The goal is to reach a total of 21 points or more than the dealer. Players can request as many cards as they want, the only limitation is not to exceed 21 points in total.
  2. Baccarat casino games: Rules are similar to blackjack but this time, players are trying to reach 9 points in total. Players may request a maximum of three cards. When calculating points, the figure in the left digit is not taken into account. You can use different baccarat systems for maximizing your winnings.
  3. Casino poker games: The rules vary according to the variant played, but it is generally possible to say that players try to get the most valuable poker hand according to the hierarchy. In other words, the sequences that can be created are predetermined and the players try to form the most valuable ones. The number of cards dealt varies between 2 and 5, depending on the variant played.

We know that these explanations are fairly basic but we have detailed guides for each of the above games, so we recommend that you read them to learn more about the rules. Here are our recommendations for card games:

  • Blackjack is the only card game with a theoretical RTP rate of 100%. In other words, with optimal gameplay, it is possible in theory to win each game played. In practice, the RTP rate 0is still over 99%. Classic Blackjack is the casino game where you have the best chance of winning, but you must be able to use the strategies perfectly. In this context, the most appropriate card game for beginners is also blackjack.
  • Baccarat offers RTP values as high as blackjack, but the rules are a bit more complex. Not suitable for beginners – if you’re not a professional player, we recommend that you stay away until you gain enough experience. The pot amount can increase pretty fast in this game. Good tips for having profit on this game is to use the baccarat strategy.
  • Spanish 21: It is the best blackjack variant for beginners with rules that favor the player
  • If you’re new to poker, choose basic variants like “stud” and “video poker”. Poker is a game with numerous variants, some of which are quite complex. Similarly, exotic variants such as punto banco, red dog, and pai gow poker are not suitable for beginners.
  • The most important and useful strategy in all these card games is to count cards. You need to learn how to count cards in a basic manner – if you can’t, learn to count at least picture cards. In online casinos, card games are usually played with 8 decks, and this simple tactic will significantly increase your chances of winning.

Table Games: Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

magic tricks

We can divide our recommendations on table games into two general categories: The first category includes roulette games which is possible to use strategy and tactics. In the second category, there are games like bingo and keno, which are based entirely on luck. Let’s start by explaining the rules first.

  1. Online casino games roulette: According to the variant played, there are 36 or 37 numbers on the wheel. Players bet on which number the ball will land. It is possible to bet on a single number or on a certain number ranges. Odd/Even and Red/Black bets are also available. Each bet has a different payout value and probability.
  2. Bingo casino games: This game is played with a ticket and there is a letter on each column on this ticket. These letters from the word “bingo”. Each column contains 5 numbers and 4 blank squares, so each ticket has a total of 15 numbers. The goal is to accurately estimate as many numbers as possible. The player who correctly guesses the numbers in all columns wins the game.
  3. Keno casino games: The rules are similar to bingo, but the odds are much lower. Usually, keno games have 80 numbers on the ticket and each player is asked to make 10 predictions. (This number may increase depending on the variant played.) After the draw, the player who correctly estimates the maximum number of numbers is awarded a cash prize. So basically, keno games are lotteries.

Here are our recommendations for table games:

  • When playing roulette, the European variant should always be preferred (also known as French Roulette). In this variant, there is only one “0” on the wheel and the house edge ratio is lower (around 2%). In the American variant, there are two “0” and the house edge is as high as 5%.
  • Best bets on roulette are odd/even and red/black bets. Their probability of occurrence is 48% and above. The bet with the worst probability is the single number bet: The probability of it is only slightly above 2%.
  • Keno is among the casino games with the highest house edge rate. In general, it is possible to say that it has a house edge of 20%. In other words, your chances of winning are very low. The probability that you guess all the numbers correctly is too small to calculate. In theory, getting hit by a meteor is more likely to happen.
  • Bingo is one of the most popular U K casino games, but RTP rates are still low. It is not possible to use a tactic on this game because it is entirely based on luck. If you have to choose between keno and bingo, bingo offers a bit of a better chance of winning. But these are not games that can be played to become “rich” and should only be played to have fun.

Pros And Cons Of Online Betting Games

We can list the advantages and disadvantages of online casino games as follows:

  • It is possible to find a suitable game for every type of player out there
  • Some games require no experience at all
  • It is possible to increase winning chances even with simple tips and tricks
  • Some require using advanced strategies to increase winning chances
Each game is played with a different set of rules and it is not possible to give a list that will apply to all kinds of games. We tried to explain the basics of the most popular casino games in this guide. However, they are the basic rules. If you want to learn all of the rules in detail (and get more tips on every game) we highly recommend checking out our separate guides. We prepared a guide for every game in this guide and they contain more information about the rules. However, if we make a single recommendation that will apply to all casino games, it will be checking out the bet limits and payout rates. Every game has a different “table limit” and payout values – check these before starting to play casino games win real money. The price/payout ratio must be ideal and in accordance with your budget.
To simply put, everywhere. Free casino games are available on lots of review sites and casinos. In other words, free online casinos exist: You can try their games for free and even without becoming a member. However, if you want to try your chances with real money, that option is also available too. We highly recommend checking our online casino reviews. In each of our reviews, we mention that the game collection of the casino can be played for free or not. Pick one of our recommended casinos and try all the games at that site without any financial risks.
Casino games for PC are rare nowadays. Thanks to the HTML5 technology, all games support multiple platforms and can be played on browsers, no download or installation is necessary. However, to answer your question, Windows Store lists a couple of casino games that can run on the Metro interface. The problem is, they are quite limited in numbers and most of them are not available according to countries. In other words, if you are living in a country where gambling is considered illegal, Windows Store won’t even show you these games. Therefore, your best bet is using your browser to find and play games.
Of course. As mentioned above, HTML5 technology removed the barriers between desktop and mobile platforms. In fact, mobile gambling is considered the future of this industry. We prepared some guides for the best casino games for Android and iPhone casino games, you can check those to find mobile games to play.


Why play casino games? For the joy of it of course – don’t forget the possibility of becoming a rich person. Gambling is a good hobby and as long as you know what you are doing, playing casino games in your free time will be a very enjoyable experience. Well, the whole purpose of this guide was to teach you what to do: We hope you enjoyed it. Use this guide as a general information source and don’t forget to check our other guides for specific games: The more you know, the better player you will become. Good luck and see you at online casinos!