Making an online casino chargeback is possible: You can really ask for a refund after making a deposit and get your money back. However, while this sounds like a really good idea, your chances of making a successful online casino chargeback are pretty slim and you need to know a lot of things about this process in order to complete it, find out how much you can cash out at a casino.

And that’s what we are going to do in this article: We will explain the online casino chargebacks, how to make one, and give you some tips about this system. And we will also talk about gambling chargeback consequences, in order to inform you about every aspect of this feature. Let’s start by answering what is an online casino chargeback question.

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What Is An Online Casino Chargeback?

A chargeback is a general term, which means the return of the funds to a customer. Basically, after making a payment, you can take it back by claiming that the service provider “tricked” you. For example, if the goods you received are faulty, you can claim a chargeback and get your money back. The payment provider (for example, the bank) refunds the money and resolves the problem with the service provider.

It is basically a consumer protection mechanism recognized by law, and its effectiveness will be determined by the scope of these laws. For example, it is most effective in the United States as a chargeback is almost a daily process made by every consumer. In European casinos such as Online Casino Norway, Online Casino Germany, and Online Casino Sweden, it is still effective but not like in the US: The consumer is literally the king in the United States and the whole country has a “no questions asked” policy. In third world countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, it has almost no effect. In fact, some of these countries and their respective international online casino do not even have a chargeback system.

Now, since online casinos offer a service, the explanations above apply to them too. In other words, it is possible to make a chargeback claim for online casino payments like debit card, to learn more about payment methods come check out our payment casino guide. This is within your rights and chargeback online casino claims can be directed to every casino site out there, as long as your country gives you this right by law. After making a deposit and playing casino games, for example, you can issue a chargeback claim and get your money back. Sounds pretty good, right?

Well, not really. Making a successful online casino chargeback is a very challenging job and it has many consequences. Let’s explain this issue further.

How To Make A Successful Online Casino Chargeback

Disputing credit card charges online gambling may sound like a good idea, but you need to know lots of things to make a successful gambling chargeback. The first thing to know is that this system is being offered to protect the consumer. The main idea here is that if the service/goods you got are faulty, you don’t need to pay – the payment provider will refund your losses. “Faulty” is the key word here, because, in order to make a successful chargeback online casino, you must prove that the service is, indeed, faulty.

So, how to do successful 2021 online casino chargebacks? The “service” you are getting at online casinos is actually the chance to play casino games. That’s all. No online casino guarantees that you will win a prize. Their promise to you is to offer the chance to play games – even their numbers and providers are not guaranteed things. In other words, as long as you are able to play games in an online casino, the “service” you are getting will be exactly what is promised – there is no faulty service here.

So, the online casino will simply dispute your claim and state that they are able to offer the service as promised. And they will be right – other than offering casino games to play with real money, they are not promising anything. This explanation also shows how to make a successful online casino chargeback: If you can prove that the service is not as promised, your chargeback request will be accepted.

But, how can you prove something like that? Well, if you are playing in an unlicensed casino site and/or the RTP rates of the games are rigged, you can prove such a claim. If the online casino operator offers you games that you have no chance of winning, this is indeed a faulty service and online casino chargeback request will be accepted. However, proving such things is not an easy task: While it will be easy to show that an online casino has no license, you won’t be able to prove rigged RTP rates unless you have access to internal records. In short, this is a very hard thing to do and that’s why we don’t see many successful online casino chargebacks. However, even if you manage to do one, there will still be consequences: Keep reading to learn what these are.

Which Payment Options Support Online Casino Chargebacks?

Contrary to popular belief, online casino chargebacks are not limited to credit card payments. Most of these requests originate from credit card transfers and VISA (come learn more about visa casinos in our Best Visa Online Casino article) & MasterCard casino, SporoPay Casino sites, that’s for sure, but you can claim a chargeback for other payment methods too. Here are some examples:

Neteller Casino
Neteller logo
Neteller is the biggest electronic wallet service provider for online casinos and supports chargeback feature too. Just like Skrill casino sites, as these two services belong to the same company. In fact, you can even make a chargeback request at the best neteller casino online

Wire Transfer Casino: If you made the deposit via bank transfer or instant bank transfer, you can still make a chargeback request and apply directly to your bank.  However, there are some payment methods that simply do not support chargeback requests due to their nature. Bitcoin casino sites are the best example of this. The blockchain transfers are encrypted and anonymous, so you cannot ask for a refund – the technology simply does not support this feature. If cryptocurrencies are you thing we have just the article for you! Come check our  Bitcoin Casino Guide.

Online Casino Chargeback Time Limits

Further Information

The time limit for a chargeback request is either 90 or 120 days. Online casino chargebacks are made under the code “4855”, and the time limit for them is 120 days. In other words, you have 4 months to make an online casino chargeback and this period starts with the day of the transaction. Note that these are calendar dates, not business days, so weekends will be counted too. After 120 days, you lose the right to make an online casino chargeback request.

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Facts About Online Casino Chargebacks

  • The service provider, which is the online casino, in this case, that can object to your chargeback request. In fact, they will always do this – no operator accepts chargeback claims without fighting. And the only thing they need to prove is that you had the chance to play casino games. In short, if you are making a chargeback request due to “not receiving the promised service”, it will be denied and you will be banned from the casino site.
  • If you are making an online casino chargeback due to “unauthorized transaction”, which means somebody used your card without your authorization, know that online casinos keep detailed records to identify you to prove that you are really “you”. For example, there are some malevolent players out there who benefit from casino bonuses and then make chargeback requests. Your entire financial history will be used during these disputes so if your card is not really stolen, don’t use this excuse.
  • If you do not tell the truth, even your payment provider, for example, your bank, may sue you.
  • Making too many chargeback requests will put you to a “blacklist”. This will make it harder to get a credit or credit card, for example.
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Gambling Chargebacks: What Are The Consequences


Online casinos use ID to prevent chargebacks, which means every player has a unique identification. By doing this, they make sure that the cardholder is really you – this is one of the reasons why ID verification exists. In other words, they try to minimize the risk of fraudulent/unauthorized payments, so you cannot simply claim that your card is stolen and used for that deposit, without your authorization. The majority of online casino chargeback requests will simply be denied and even if they are successful, the online casino will ban your account. Note that this will also be the result of a successful online casino chargeback request: Even if you are right and get your money back, the online casino will cancel your account immediately. And they will do the same for unsuccessful chargeback requests too. So, think really hard before making a chargeback online casino claim.

As Long As It Is An Fraudulent Online Casino Chargeback, You Are Good

Well, you now know more about online casino chargebacks: As long as the reason for this request is fraudulent online casino activities and you are ready to prove that, there will be no problem. But if you are using this system just to “cheat”, don’t: There will be many consequences.

Some casino sites handle chargeback requests different, so we advise you to visit our casino reviews section to learn chargeback handling of individual casino sites. Make sure you also read our guide on issues, risks, ease of using your Credit Card at casinos. As always, we wish you good luck: May you never lose!

FAQ about Chargeback casinos

Not all the time you will be able to charge back your money from casinos but are some situation for this, one of them are fraud or unauthorized charges on your account. You can also receive your money back if somebody hacks your account or the operator's website.
You can receive your money back within 45 days for payment methods like Visa and Mastercard, but for more about the waiting time you need to read the terms and conditions available on operator's website.
Yes, if the eligibility criteria for a chargeback didn't match, but you can still write a complaint to the operator or to the provider.
Yes, you can do that but your chances of winnings are very low, especially if the eligible criteria didn't match.