Mobile gambling is on the rise, there is no doubt about that. Even the official statistics show that more than half of the gambler population prefers mobile casino sites to play and use their phones to gamble. There are hundreds of mobile casinos for Android & iOS, as well as hundreds of mobile online casino apps. In other words, if you want to gamble by using your phone, you have two choices: You can simply visit the website of your favorite casino site, or use its phone casino app. Both will result in getting a “portable” gaming experience, but using mobile casino apps has its own advantages. Moreover, while there are lots of guides for mobile online casinos, there are not many sources for casino mobile apps.  Well, we intend to fix this mistake: Below, you can find the most detailed guide for the mobile casino apps for real money and our personal suggestions for the best online casino sites you can play on mobile.

Best Mobile Online Casinos With The Best Gambling Apps

We already have three casino sites to recommend: They have the best mobile phone casino bonus offers you can find and they offer the best casino apps for iPhone & Android. Moreover, they are legit, fair, safe, and secure websites to play: Our professional team hand-picked all of these casinos and made sure that they are really the best. Pick any one from the list below and start your real money casino app adventure: It will be an unforgettable one, we guarantee it.

Our Best Mobile App Casinos

If you like to learn more about these casinos, visit our casino reviews section. You can also find our other recommendations in this section: We offer geo-targeted reviews and content, which means our system will detect your geographical location and suggest casinos & apps based on this data. For example, if you are from Canada, you will see the best Android casino Canada sites. Or, we can offer you a mobile casino USA guide, if you are from the States. In short, no matter where you live, we can find the top mobile casino apps & games for you.

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Megaslot Casino
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  • 1st Deposit Bonus: 100% up to €150 (1 BTC) + 25 FS
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  • 3rd Deposit Bonus: 100% up to €200 (2 BTC) + 50 FS
  • 4th Deposit Bonus: 100 Free Spins
MrLuck Casino
Make three deposits and start playing with up to 1200% bonus + 100 Wager Free Spins!

  • First deposit is 500% up to €100
  • Second deposit is 400% up to €120 + 50 Free Spins (no wagering)
  • Third deposit is 300% up to €120 + 50 Free Spins (no wagering)
  • Wagering requirements: x30
Mozzart Casino
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New players at Mozzart Casino can claim a generous welcome bonus of 100% up to €400!

  • Use the promo code: BONUS400
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The Definition Of Casino Mobile Apps: What Are They?

If you are using a mobile phone, you also have access to an official “application market”, which is your primary source to find & install thousands of new apps. Application about casino games are a part of them and, in fact, a category of its own. However, while there are hundreds of casino apps you can find on these markets, not all of them will be a true casino application mobile. For example, searching for “best casino slot apps” will return a very long list of results but 95% of that list will consist of “free to play” slot games.

This is not what we mean by saying mobile casino apps. A casino app is:

  • An application that lets you play with real money & win real money,
  • An application that is developed by an online & mobile casino.

Basically, we mean mobile casino apps for real money. And not just any applications that offer this feature, apps that are developed by an actual & legit online casino. In this regard, the phone casino app is actually just an interface to reach the website of the casino and play games. It is developed & designed to work in collaboration with the casino site, instead of working independently. In short, we are looking for a true casino on mobile.

  • Mobile casino
  • Mobile Casino

    We have curated a list of casinos that have the option for its users to play on mobile devices. Go check it out!

    Mobile Casino

Which Devices Support Mobile Casino Apps For Real Money?

You may be surprised to hear this, but mobile phones are not the only devices to use casino mobile apps. As long as it is using a mobile operating system, any portable device can run a casino application mobile. This means you can use the following devices to use real casino mobile apps:

Tablet PCs
iPad and Android tablets use a mobile operating system too, which is the same as on phones. In fact, we can say that they are better mobile devices to play casino games, due to their increased screen size. Playing mobile blackjack games, for example, is a much better experience ın tablet PCs.
Believe it or not, but there are mobile gambling apps even for smartwatches. They are quite rare because smartwatches use a different operating system (WatchOS and Tizen) but they exist. Of course, the screen size prevents it from being an ideal experience but if you want to play a casino game on your smartwatch, it's possible.
Needles to say, the most common platform for mobile casino apps. There are literally hundreds of mobile casinos for Android & iOS. Basically, if you are looking for good mobile casino apps, the official application markets of these phones will be your first source.

You Should Know


We cannot pick a “best platform for casino mobile apps” but we can give two suggestions:

  • In our opinion, the minimum screen size to play casino games (mobile blackjack games, for example) should be 4.8-inches. If the screen is smaller than that, it would not be an ideal experience.
  • Smartwatches are not good devices to use a phone casino app. Yes, it is possible but you should prefer phones or tablet PCs: Their screen size is just too small.

How To Find & Pick Best Mobile Casino Apps

So, how did we pick the three mobile casinos listed above? How can you find the best Android casino Canada sites, for example, or prepare a “best of” list for a mobile casino USA guide? In short, what is the “secret” of finding the best gambling apps for any platform? Well, we have a combined experience of decades in this industry and we know where to look. We have a long list of rules & criteria to follow in order to find mobile casino apps best, and you can do the same by using them. Here they are:

What To Look For

License & fairness
As we mentioned above, real casino mobile apps are parts of online casinos, so we check the legality of the casino site first. If it is licensed from a reputable agency such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, this means its phone casino app will be legal & licensed too. Basically, we won’t allow you to play at rogue casinos and use their apps. We also check how fair the casino is and make sure that you have a real winning chance.
Mobile casino bonus offers are important but we do not look only at the “numbers”. While evaluating a mobile casino free spins bonus, for example, we check the wagering rate too and find out how easy it is to withdraw and/or use that bonus. Are you allowed to keep the winnings? Is your bonus better than desktop users? More importantly, does the casino inform you about new bonuses with push notifications? We check for all of these and more.
We make sure that you are able to deposit & withdraw within the app and without switching to a different device. We also check the number of all available payment methods and whether you get an exclusive option, such as pay by mobile casino payments. (For those who don’t know, pay by mobile casino payments are done by the phone bill, and paid in installments.)
And of course, the list of games you get to play is very important. First, we check for who developed them: Top rated mobile casino apps offer the games of reputable providers, such as Netent, IGT, Microgaming, and Play’n GO. Second, we make sure that they all have satisfying RTP rates. And third, we test for whether they work seamlessly or not. Our recommended best casino apps for iPhone & Android can really offer you the best games out there, because we check for all of these things and more.

Basically, we know that finding top mobile casino apps requires more than looking at user numbers. Popularity is not enough to impress us, so we check all of the mobile casino apps personally and test them thoroughly, according to the standards listed above. And that’s why our best mobile casino apps list is truly useful: We only recommend applications that have succeeded in satisfying us.

  • online casino ipad
  • iPad Casino

    As we have mentioned, mobile apps are best used on a big screen. Check out our article on apps optimized for the iPad

    Online Casino iPad

Using Mobile Casino Apps: A Step By Step Guide

Let’s see how you can start using casino mobile apps by explaining the process in steps. It is easier than you expect, and the whole process can be completed in 10 minutes.


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 1
Launch the application market in your phone/tablet PC (Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS).
Step 2
There is no need to look for popular mobile casino apps, as they can mislead you. Most of them won’t offer real money gambling. Stick with our recommendations and search for the names of the casinos instead.
Step 3
Download & install the application.
Step 4
Launch the application and start using it like any other app. It will ask you to complete the registration first and that’s it: You can start playing hundreds of casino games on mobile with real money afterward.
  • mobile casinos for android
  • Android Casino

    Come check out our article dedicated to Android Casinos

    Android Casino

iOS or Android: Which Is Better For Mobile Casino Apps For Real Money

Both operating systems include lots of mobile casino apps and it is not our job to compare them “technically” – this is not the purpose of this guide. However, from a pure mobile gambling point of view, Android seems to be a better operating system. This is simply because it allows the installation of third-party apps. In other words, if you cannot find an application on Play Store, you can simply download its APK file and install manually. iOS devices, on the other hand, do not have this feature: App Store is their only option to download & install casino mobile apps.

So, why is this important and how does it give the advantage to Android? As you know, online gambling is still not legal in some countries. And if you live in such a country, both of the application markets (Play Store & App Store) will block your access to real money mobile casino apps. You won’t be able to see them in the search results.

If you are using iOS, that’s it: You cannot download an app that offers real money gambling. You can still use the mobile websites of the casinos, but using mobile casino apps won’t be possible for you. Android users, on the other hand, can simply download the APK file of that casino app and use it like any other app, without depending on the Play Store. That’s why they have an advantage: Even if gambling is considered illegal in their countries, Android users can still continue to use casino mobile apps. To tell the truth, side-loading becomes possible for iOS users if they jailbreak their phones. However, this procedure has lots of security risks and compromise the integrity of the device, so you should not do it.

  • mobile casino iPhone
  • iPhone Casino

    Read a more in depth article about gambling on your iPhone

    iPhone Casino

Simple Tips & Tricks For Using A Phone Casino App

You Need A Fast Internet Connection
Not as fast as 4G but also not as slow as 2G. Basically, a 3G connection speed will be enough for every casino game you want to play on mobile. And 3G connections are pretty common nowadays, so we don’t think you will experience any trouble. However, the only exception is the live casino games. These are actually live broadcasts and everything on the screen happens in real time. For these games, we recommend a 4G connection. You can still play them with 3G but it won’t be ideal.
There Will Be An Extra Cost
The majority of mobile carriers offer limited data plans and it is very easy to surpass that limit with mobile casino apps, if you are not careful enough. This is especially true for live casino games. What you are seeing on the screen is actually a live stream, which means it’s no different than watching Netflix, for example. In other words, it will be using a lot of data. Keep track of your internet usage and make sure to not pass your monthly limit.
Make Sure That The “Other” Platform Is Supported
If you are on iOS and using a particular casino mobile app, make sure that it also has an Android version and vice versa. This is because you may decide to change devices in the future and switch to a different platform. If this happens, you should be able to continue to use your favorite gambling app.

FAQ About Casino Mobile Apps

Yes, if the mobile casino app you are using belongs to the online casino you are already a member at. You can use the same username & password to login. If you complete the registration on the application, you can use the same credentials for the desktop site. You don't need to use multiple accounts.
If gambling considered illegal in your country the market won’t list any mobile casino apps for real money, due to local laws and legislation. If you are using Android, you can try the “side-loading” method, as explained above. If you still can’t see any real money gambling apps, check the parental controls.
A phone casino app will only list the games that will run on your device without a problem. So, yes, if you are using an application, all the games listed on it will work on your phone too. However, the number of games will be different for each operating system.
Yes. In fact, they will probably be better than desktop bonuses and offer increased limits & percentages. A mobile casino free spins bonus can offer lots of additional spins only to mobile users. All other promotions are available on mobile casino apps too. You will get exclusive bonuses that are not available to desktop users.