You can win big and increase your chances of winning by using the craps strategies that work. Simply put, some betting options in craps are much better than others and they offer lower house edge rates: If you prefer these options, you can start winning much more frequently. And to learn which options offer this opportunity, you can use craps strategies. If you don’t know how to do this, don’t worry: We prepared this guide for you and explained everything you need to know about craps strategies. Once you finish reading, you will be able to play like a professional gambler. Are you ready to roll the dice? Let’s start!

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Common Craps Strategies That Work

Just like a baccarat strategy, we can divide craps strategies into two main categories: The common ones used by almost all players and the alternatives used by a small player base. We will explain both in their own sections. Let’s start with the best bets in craps strategy: The betting options below offer the best price/performance ratios. Note that, however, this is not a how to play craps strategies article, so we won’t explain the rules, the basic betting options of the game or the craps dice combinations. We assume that you already know them.

Pass And Come (With Odds): The best part of this betting option is that it has a 0% house edge. Based on the odds, this figure may increase – for example, with 2x odds, the house edge becomes 0.6%. In any case, placing this bet is a good craps strategy for everyone and the payout is high too. Unfortunately, to get lower house edge values, you need to risk more money: There is a reason why those odds are offered. Craps come bet strategy for 100x odds, for example, will offer 0% house edge but it will also cost quite high.

Don’t Pass And Don’t Come (With Odds): This is the opposite of Pass And Come With Odds bet so everything we mentioned above applies to this one too. You can get very low house edge values (as low as 0%) but you need to use high odds for that. And doing so will increase the money you risk. Decide according to your bankroll and don’t use high odds: For starters, 5x will be a good value.

6 and 8: These are the most rolled numbers in craps, so this is the best craps betting option if you want to increase your chances. The house edge of this option is 1.52%, so it is still quite low. Since the winning bets are paid in 7:6 odds, we recommend betting in multiples of 6 EUR/USD. The downside is that this bet has no free odds.

Pass (With Odds) + Place 6 And 8: This is a hybrid bet that combines pass with odds and 6 & 8. You start with a pass bet to take advantage of odds and if the point is 6 or 8, you switch to the other one. You can get lower house edge rates with this bet but we cannot say that it is the best strategy for craps: because you combined different bets, the house edge will still be higher than the individual versions of these bets.

Some guides out there also suggest playing a field bet but we don’t recommend this. A field bet means placing a bet for 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. Craps field bet odds are 5:4 and the payouts are either 1:1 or 2:1. The house edge of this bet can be as high as 5.76%. These are not good values: The house edge, especially, is too high. If you are a beginner, stick with the options listed above: They are the best craps strategies that work for beginners.

Best Casinos To Use Craps Strategies

These online casinos will offer you the most craps games and the best bonuses to use on them. They are also legal, secure, and fair establishments, so you will never ask the are online casinos rigged? question again. In order to use craps strategies that work, pick one of these casino sites and join today. Remember that they offer lots of other game categories too: If you also want to play slots, for example, make sure to check our high limit slots strategy guide.


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Alternative Craps Strategies

Even professional slot players cannot agree on which system to use, and the same thing applies to craps too. There are some alternative craps strategies out there, used by a small number of players. These players will claim that they really work but as always, you will be the judge of that. We are talking about these alternative craps strategy systems below.

Put Bets
These are actually pass line bets made after the shooter establishes a point. If the roll is 6, you can still place a bet for the pass line. In other words, you can place a bet for the most frequently rolled numbers. Unfortunately, the house edge will be very high: 9.1%. Moreover, you need to bet higher than usual in order to get good payouts.
Hedge Bets
You are placing an “any 7” bet but at the same time, you also make a place bet for any other number, for example, 8. The house edge is 11.1% on average and you can win even with losing numbers with this bet. However, the house edge is really too high: In the long run, hedge bets will work in favor of the casino itself.
Iron Cross
Simply put, you cover every number with this bet, with the exception of 7. Since you cover a lot of outcomes, you can win 30 of all 36 rolls. This may sound good but the thing is, you can still lose and if you lose, the amount will be very big – much bigger than other crap strategies. This is because by covering lots of outcomes, you increased the overall pot: If you lose, this may cause you to go bankrupt.
Lay Bets
4 and 10 are the least frequently rolled points and you are betting against them. Since this gives you an advantage, you also need to pay a 5% commission to the house to place this bet. The house edge of lay bets can be as high as 4.00% and there is a commission as well. Overall, this bet does not give you a real advantage, to be honest.

Which One Is The Best Craps Strategy?


The best craps strategy is… well, there is no single “best” strategy that works all the time. First of all, craps is a luck-based game. Yes, you can increase your odds a little but even the craps strategies that work won’t offer you a 100% “guarantee”. By taking advantage of baccarat card counting, for example, you can lower the house edge on your favor, no matter what the betting options are. Craps strategies, on the other hand, requires you to use a certain type of bet in order to get the best house edge values. In a way, they work like a simple roulette strategy:  In roulette, outside bets always offer higher winning chances so you are “forced” to choose them if you want better winning odds. Craps strategies that work are the same: If you want better chances, you must stick to certain bet types.

In this regard, pass/come or don’t pass/don’t come bets with odds are the best option you can use, if you can afford high odds. It is possible to lower the house edge to 0%, which is a great advantage. So if you have the budget for it, this betting option is the best strategy you can use. If you are on a limited budget, however, we recommend using the “6 and 8” option. Practice with free craps strategy and find out which one works the best for you.

Aggressive Craps Betting Strategy: Does It Work?

By saying aggressive craps strategies, we mean progressive betting systems, like baccarat attack strategy. A baccarat system with a progressive betting strategy requires you to increase the bet amount after every loss. You must keep doing this until you score a win: The idea here is that you will win enough to cover all your losses, because you kept increasing the bet amount. Unfortunately, such strategies only work if you have a big bankroll to cover your losses until the win happens, as we explained in our 1324 baccarat strategy review. The same principle applies to the craps table strategy: If you are on a limited budget, aggressive systems won’t work because you may go bankrupt before the win happens. If you have no budget problems, sure, an aggressive strategy will let you win sooner or later. But nobody can know when this will happen, so just like the baccarat martingale strategy, use these systems carefully.

The Strong And Weak Points Of Playing Craps Strategies

As we mentioned in our online casino games guide, every strategy has its ups and downs: This applies to craps strategies too. You can see a short list of pros and cons of strategy for craps below.

  • You can really increase your winning chances
  • You can use your bankroll much effectively
  • You can stay away from high-risk bets
  • You can win big with the right strategy
  • Most of them are not suited for beginners
  • Some strategies require a big bankroll

Frequently Asked Questions

To win constantly you need to be lucky, while also relying on math instead of instinct and intuition.
Luck determines the outcome but you can increase the odds by betting on the bank all the time.
Betting on the bank is slightly safer than the player, with the tie being the worst possible bet.
The most likely number to hit in craps is seven, since this is the most often combination in dice.
This is one of the most popular bets in the game and one that makes perfect sense for savvy players.

Learn Craps Strategies That Work And Try Your Luck Today

We talked about lots of craps strategies that work and showed you the best online casinos to use them. You can now determine the best betting options without using a craps strategy simulator. It is time to put your knowledge to the test: Pick one of the casino sites listed above and join today. Don’t forget that we have other guides: Make sure to take a look at keno strategy and how to play Spanish 21 or more about Spanish 21 card counting strategy from our articles too. As always, we wish you good luck: We will be here anytime you need help!

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