The United States of America does a lot of things right: This is the land of freedom, after all. And when it comes to gambling, this country sets the world standards – as we all know, Las Vegas, Nevada, is the gambling capital of the world. As long as you have enough money and ambition, you can do almost anything in the USA, turning an entire state into a capital for gambling included. However, online casino USA was always a problematic issue in this country: While it is the home to best brick-and-mortar casinos worldwide, online gambling in the USA is not that “free”. There are only a couple of online casino USA legal sites in here, and most of the international online casinos do not accept members from the USA, due to local laws and license conditions. But not all is lost: It is still possible to play at the best online casino USA sites and you can expand your options by finding USA friendly online casinos abroad. In this article, we will show you how to do both and let you play at an international online casino: Welcome to our guide for online casino in USA.

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History Of USA Casino Industry

Gambling has an interesting history in the USA: The Americans always gambled throughout time and even invented poker. Yes, poker is the only card game that is not invented in Europe, and you can thank steam-powered boats for it. (And that’s why casino USA online poker games are so popular – they are invented in here.) They were, in a way, the first USA mobile casino “devices”.  These boats roamed over the rivers and toured the entire continent. However, you must also remember that the founders of America were conservatives: The first thing they did was banning all forms of gambling and this was the case until the Second World War. Yes, US gamblers continued to play but there were no legal casinos until the end of the 40s.

Although, in that era, the entire country was in an economic crisis. There was simply no money in the treasury, and the USA government was not able to send any funds to the states. Nevada, which was an empty piece of desert at that time, decided that legalizing gambling would bring more funds to the state. And that’s how it started: The Federal Government had no choice but to approve, because they had no funds and Nevada was turning into a dead state. Las Vegas was born like this, and quickly became the gambling capital of the country. Later, the gambling capital of the world.

The United States invented one more thing, by the way: Slot machines. They first appeared in rural parts of the USA, but the casinos in Las Vegas quickly adopted them and turned slot games a worldwide phenomenon. So we can thank the USA for two things: Inventing poker and slot machines. And that’s why it is hard to understand why we cannot say “yes, playing in the online casino in USA is legal”, except for a couple of states. Let’s explain this below.

The Legality Of Online Gambling In USA

Remember the federal ban on gambling we mentioned above? Well, it is still in effect on the majority of the USA. Gambling is legal in only a couple of states, and online gambling is still not legal for the majority of the continent. Let’s explain this issue a little further, because it is different in every state. Here is what you need to know about the US casino online legality in America:

  • The legal online gambling age USA is 18.
  • Online gambling laws in USA are the Federal Wire Act (1961) and The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA)
  • The first act prohibits gambling on a federal level. The second act prohibits US banks to accept payments from online gambling operators.
  • However, each state is free to legalize (or completely prohibit) gambling in its borders.

So, what does the last sentence mean? Hawaii and Utah, for example, prohibited all forms of gambling (lotteries included) within their borders. The majority of states legalized lotteries but prohibited other forms of gambling. Some states made brick-and-mortar casinos legal but banned online gambling. Las Vegas is the best example to this: This state is the gambling capital of the world but there are no Las Vegas USA online casino sites, because online casino USA sites are illegal within its borders, believe it or not. Some states legalized sports betting only. And some states made casino USA online sites legal. In short, it is possible to say online gambling in USA is legal but limited to only a couple of states. On a federal level, it is still considered illegal.

Which States Allow Casino Online USA Sites?

At the time of this article, online gambling in the USA for those aged 18 and older were legal in these states/regions: Atlantic City, New Jersey, and Mississippi. There is no single gambling authority in USA, all of these states have their own licensing agencies. DGE, for example, is the gambling authority of New Jersey. Licensed internet casinos in USA can only be found in these states/regions. And as can be guessed, best casinos in US are also in these regions. There is also one more region you can find legal casino USA online games: native American lands. By law, these lands are autonomous and are not subject to Federal acts. Indians, in other words, can set up land-based casinos and United States online casinos without a restriction. The majority of US casino online sites are located in these regions, for this reason. Also, you cannot launch an online casino in the USA without having the brick-and-mortar representations, even in these regions. There is also another problem: Only the residents of these states/regions can play at these casinos online in USA. If you live in a different state, where online gambling is considered illegal, you won’t be able to access these USA casino sites.

Therefore, the options of US players are severely limited: If they do not live in one of these states/regions, they won’t be able to play at any legal online casino USA sites, because such a thing does not exist. So, the answer to is online casino legal in USA question is yes, but only if you are a resident of Atlantic City, New Jersey, or Mississippi.

Is There Hope For The Future Of Online Gambling Industry In USA?

Well, yes and no. In 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal Wire Act is against the constitution, which is known as the SCOTUS sports betting ruling, because it basically legalized sports betting in the USA. We won’t go into details, but this ruling means that any state can legalize sports betting if they choose to do so, without organizing a referendum. A lot of states already did that, and sports betting is at a better place right now. However, the SCOTUS ruling only included betting and not online casinos in the USA.

Some operators are trying to convince politicians that the SCOTUS ruling can be applied to online casino USA sites too, and they may be successful in the future. We try to be optimistic because the size of the gambling industry is more than 240 billion USD. Every year, the government collects 8.8 billion USD as tax and making USA online casino sites legal will further increase this figure. In any case, however, online gambling is mostly illegal in the United States, just like UKGermany, Sweden, Austria, Hungary and Russia.

Top Online Casino USA Sites You Can Play Right Now

But not all hope is lost for the players from the USA: You can still gamble online and play online casino game USA if you know which casino sites to pick. And this is exactly what we are going to teach you. Below, you can see a list of casinos accepting US players. However, this is not their only feature: First of all, these online casinos are safe and secure. Second, they are completely legal, due to their prestigious licenses such as Malta Gaming Authority and Netherlands Antilles. And third, they have the best USA online casino bonus offers. Pick the online casino USA from the above list, become a member, and start playing: It will be really that easy. Our online casino USA reviews will tell you everything you need to know about these websites. You can get access to a big game collection and play, for example, online casino roulette USA games. We all checked them for fairness, so you don’t have to worry: These are the best online casinos that accept US players.

Finding The Best Online Casino In USA: What To Look For

So, what is the “secret” of these sites? How did we pick them? At Analyze Casino, we have a long list of criteria based on the gambling status of countries. We always check for the same features, but we personalize them according to the needs of US players. In this regard; we used the following criteria while picking the best casino online USA sites:

  1. A big and unrestricted game collection for US players. Some providers restrict their games according to countries, but this is not the case for our recommended online casino USA sites. We checked them all and confirmed two things: First, the game collection is big enough to offer at least 500 games in different categories. Second, players from the USA can access the entire collection without any restrictions. And of course, we checked the provider quality, so you get to play the latest and most popular games, such as USA roulette casino game online. Our selected casino sites work only with the best game providers, such as Netent, Microgaming, Play’n GO, Novomatic, NextGen Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming Casinos, iSoftBet and Betsoft. This month we recommend our “Best Isoftbet Online Casino Sites” article 
  2. Best bonuses that can be used in the USA. Our selected casinos offer the best bonuses that can be used in the USA. No matter which state you are living at, you can activate these promotions and get lots of advantages. Plus, the wagering rate will be as low as possible.
  3. The USA approved cyber-security standards. The USA is the birthplace of the internet, and they know how to make websites secure. The majority of online security standards are literally invented in the US, so we make sure that our recommended casino sites comply with all of them. You will be always safe and secure, whether while playing games or making payments.
  4. Mobile compatibility with US carriers and modern features. Every US player has a mobile phone, so we made sure that you can play at mobile casino USA sites without a problem. In fact, this is the most important part of our casino reviews: We check every casino site and make sure it works on mobile devices too. Moreover, we check for whether iOS casinos or Android casinos applications are available or not. Lastly, we check for the live dealer service availability: We believe that all of our visitors should be able to play live casino online USA
  5. Payment methods that are not banned in the USA. Because of the UIGEA act mentioned above, you won’t be able to use classic banking methods such as credit cards and bank transfers in the US for online gambling – they are banned. Instead, you should use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or other methods like: PayNearMe (which is specific to USA), Paysafe Card ,Skrill or Neteller for which we have a great Neteller casino list . We check for the payment methods available for US players and make sure they can deposit and withdraw without a problem. Speaking of withdrawal, we got a list of the fastest paying casinos in the USA, come check “Instant Withdrawal Online Casino USA“.

The Pros And Cons Of Playing At Internet Casinos In USA

As we stated at the beginning, being a US citizen has lots of advantages, and some of these apply to gamble too. Such as:

  • According to statistics, 95.7% of households in the US have access to broadband internet, and the connection speeds are very high. 11.5% percent of US players can achieve download speeds higher than 1.000 mBit/sec. This means all of the online casino US sites will load fast – lightning fast. This will also improve your online live casino experience, as you won’t be getting any lags.
  • IGT is the world’s largest iGaming supplier and it is located in the USA. Moreover, they are the inventors of video slot machines. The game collection of IGT contains hundreds of world-famous titles and all of these games will be open to you. It also provides a great variety of new USA slots.
  • USD is the global currency and every online casino supports it. In other words, you will never have to convert your native currency into another one: You can keep using USD.

However, there is also a disadvantage: Because of the UIGEA act, US banks and banking system won’t be available to you for online gambling payments. If you use your credit card (VISA/Mastercard) or make a bank transfer, it will be blocked by the federal government.(Learn more about it in our Best Visa Online Casino article)  You must use cryptocurrencies or a couple of trusted e-wallet services. In other words, payment options will be limited for you because USA casinos that take credit card payments are very rare.

  • Nice Bonuses For Us Players
  • There are online casinos that allow to play anonymously
  • A few licensed casinos
  • Not all casinos are publicly audited

US Casinos Online FAQ

• If you are living in New Jersey, Mississippi or Atlantic City then you should not use a VPN service. • If you are living in another state: If there is no problem, you should not use a VPN. If you cannot log in due to your geographic region, then you must use VPN.
No. You should not use PayPal to make payments or withdrawals at USA online casinos. PayPal is a US company and fully complies with Federal laws. This means it will also block your gambling related payments, just like credit card or bank transfers. You should prefer other e-wallet services: ECO Payz, PaysafeCard, Neteller or Skrill.
Yes. Our recommended casino USA online sites can be used like mobile casinos too. They have a modern software and support mobile gambling by offering a native app or a mobile-friendly website. As long as you are using a modern browser, you will be able to play at our suggested online casinos without a problem.
There is a flat tax rate for all kinds of gambling winnings: 25%. Every US citizen must report gambling winnings to the IRS via a W2-G form. For non-citizens, this tax rate is 30%. US players can also deduct gambling losses for tax purposes.

Find A Top Online Casino In USA Today!

You have learned everything you need to know about online gambling in the US. You should continue with reading our expert reviews of online casinos in the USA, and pick one that suits your needs the most. We have a lot of online casino USA sites to recommend you, and they all contain the best real money slots online, as well as other popular casino games. (Speaking of which, don’t forget to read our card game guides, such as the baccarat guide before starting to play.) The only thing you need to do is creating an account and start playing: Let’s make American casinos great again together!