Bad beat baccarat is perhaps the newest twist in the famous game card – baccarat. Though the bad beat baccarat rules are similar to mini baccarat and baccarat Banque, the little twist added to it makes the game more interesting.

If you ever played ordinary baccarat, the bad beat baccarat table won’t be a challenge to you. Nonetheless, you need to master the specifics that bad beat baccarat offers. That includes bad beat baccarat strategy and odds, and bad beat baccarat pays combination probability.

This 2021 bad beat baccarat online games guide looks at the details of bad beat baccarat casino and how to play bad beat baccarat live and land-based casino.

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What is a bad beat baccarat game?

Bad beat baccarat has similar rules to ordinary baccarat; however, a bad beat in baccarat means a  victory margin of one point. A player can choose to play the commission or commission-free version, allowing more flexibility.

If you play baccarat, Bad Beat Baccarat is mostly an optional wager, and it is offered when one hand – Player or Banker wins by a single point over the other. The highest winning total is paid. Bad beat baccarat Las Vegas is the most popular.

How was bad beat baccarat founded?

Adam Daines invented bad beat baccarat tables. The game design is quite similar to Lucky Lucky success. So, bad beat bets have a decent house edge (5.4%) and a very high hit frequency (game calculator)for the players.

However, some little tweaks to the game were done to make it more interesting. So, designers concentrated on bad beat baccarat odds and the counting system to make them much better.

Evolution of bad beat baccarat

Bad beat baccarat is a highly flexible game, thanks to advancements. The top hand is three-card baccarat paying 40:1 while the low hand is any loss by one. In between, there is a progressive table.

Besides,  designers made the game either commission or commission-free. The aim was to free up space on the casino floor. The bank wins at 7. This is the hand that pushes in the no commission version. The Player is offered 8, i.e., a three-card winner with a total of 8.

The most common Ties are 7-7 and 6-6; both paying 40:1. The keypad remains the same. However, bad beat baccarat dealer chooses a banker, Player, or Tie.

Bad beat baccarat rules and paytable

How to play bad beat baccarat is easy. Just know the three wagers- Bad Beat, Super Shot Bad Beat, and Super Shot Tie.

Here is how to play baccarat:

  1. Playing bad beat baccarat side bets is independent of main bets
  2. Punters place wagers on a designated Bad Beat Baccarat betting spots.
  3. Bad beat baccarat winner must have a point over the other hand, and the Bad Beat baccarat payout is as follows:
  • A three-card 9 wins over a three-card 8, and the payout is 40:1
  • A two-card 9 total wins over a two-card 8 hand; payout odds  is 10:1
  • 8 wins over 7; the payout is 6:1
  • A seven hand wins over a 6 hand, and the wager is paid at a probability return of 4:1
  • Any other hand wins over the other hand by 1; the payout is 1:1
  • The rest of the outcomes lose

Super shot bad beat paytable

This wager has three separate bets winning on specific outcomes. However, the hand values can be interchanged between banker and player hand:

  • Three cards 9 wins over a three-card total of 8; the payout is 200:1
  • A two-card 9 wins over a two-card 8; the payout is 50:1
  • Any 8 wins over 7, and it pays 25:1

Super-Shot Tie

This category of bet pays the most commonly hit Ties.

  • A 6 over 6 event pays 40 to 1
  • A 7 over 7 pays 40 to 1
  • A combination of either 6 over 6 or 7 over 7 pays 20 to 1

How to play bad beat baccarat online(easy steps)

Playing bad beat baccarat online means three primary wagers and two optional side bets(Banker 7 and Player 8). Bad beat baccarat players bet on Player, Banker, or the Tie.

  • Wagers are placed on Player, Banker, or Tie, and on the optional 3, Card Banker win on 7 sides bet and 3 Card Player win side bets.
  • After making bets, hands are dealt with using traditional baccarat rules and procedures.
  • Suppose the Player’s bet total is higher than the Banker’s total; all Player hand win even money. If the banker and Player total are equal, the Player wagers push. Else, if the Player’s hand is less than the Banker’s, the Player loses.
  • A higher player hand means Banker’s hand loses. But when equal, Banker wagers push like in super pan 9 (baccarat). The Banker’s hand pushes if the total is seven, and it’s higher than the Player’s hand. Else, a higher banker total wins even money.
  • Tie wagers lose if player and banker total aren’t equal; when equal, Tie wagers pay 8:1
  • The optional Banker 7 side bets payout is 40-to-1 when the Banker draws to a three-card seven total against a lower Player total. Else, all optional Banker 7 side bets lose.
  • The optional Player 8 side bets payout is 25-to-1 when the Player draws to a three-card eight total against a lower Banker total. Else, all Player 8 side bets lose.

That’s how simple the baccarat system is. But knowing how many betting positions are there on a baccarat table is very important.

Trips and tricks about bad beat baccarat

By now, you know that three-card nine beats three-card eight, natural nine beats natural eight, and eight beats seven. Here is how to win bad beat baccarat:

  • Always avoid Tie wagers. This bad beat baccarat strategy works well because it has the worst odds of winning – the house advantage is a whopping 14.36 percent.
  • Wager on the Banker – it is safe and straightforward. This wager has a theoretical house edge of 1.06 percent with a payout percentage of 98.94.
  • Check out baccarat strategies like Martingale, the Paroli, 1324 baccarat strategy, and the baccarat attack strategy. The 1324 baccarat strategy review shows that this lousy beat baccarat strategy can give you wins after your second bet.
  • Bankroll management will help more than slick tricks or baccarat patterns It might benefit you to walk away while still ahead.
  • Understand bonuses – online bad beat baccarat has bonus play. Understand their meaning and how you can use them. It may be how to recover lost money in casinos. However, some casinos offer bonuses that aren’t real.
  • Luck plays a huge role – baccarat may be the best casino game to make money, but no one understands how it works.
  • Try baccarat squeeze to prolong excitement. For live squeeze baccarat, the excitement is much higher.

Bad beat baccarat Pros and Cons

  • You can place side bets without wagering on main bets
  • There is a live dealer version
  • It's straightforward
  • Allows small betting stakes
  • The 5% commission may be a little high
  • It can be boring for players needing a complicated game.

FAQ in bad beat baccarat

Bad bead baccarat plays like regular baccarat so that players can apply strategies like baccarat Martingale strategy, 1324 strategy baccarat attack strategy, and the Paroli Baccarat strategy.
Cheating in bad beat baccarat is highly unlikely, and baccarat isn't a top game casino list target. If you must cheat, you (Player) must work together with the dealer – the dealer shuffles the cards to follow a pre-arranged order, and the Player raises or lowers the wager based on coming order.
You can play bad beat baccarat at land-based casinos as well as gambling online. Besides, there are live dealer versions too.
Playing bad beat baccarat on an online baccarat casino requires applying safety tips because not all online casino games are safe - always choose a licensed and regulated casino.
Yes, bad beat baccarat has bet limits – however, it depends on the casino type. In most online casinos minimum bet is $1, while land-based casinos have a minimum bet of $25.
Yes, players can have a severe addiction to baccarat. When you find yourself spending your entire day sitting at the table – playing all games even if you lose, you might be a bad beat baccarat addict.

Bad beat baccarat verdict

Nothing beats the excitement of playing and winning online bad beat baccarat. While this compelling game borrows much from ordinary baccarat, the injection of new features is what makes it a casino card game of choice for players looking for the best casino game to make money.

However, gambling strategies play a critical role in determining whether you win, and how much can you win. Chose a strategy and master it to the core. Besides, familiarise yourself with bad beat baccarat rules before immersing yourself in the game.