Baccarat squeeze brings lots of excitement into the already easy to play the game. Beyond the simple rules, the baccarat squeeze game offers two different techniques that players can use to squeeze the cards.

However, if you have a rich experience in the baccarat squeeze ritual, you’ll use your styles and techniques. The creation of squeeze baccarat indicates casino software evolution and the need to offer the popular baccarat online.

Currently, punters can place bets on their phones or desktop computers. Interestingly, baccarat has become one of the high roller casino games popular in Macau and the world

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What is a baccarat squeeze?

Cards in squeeze baccarat are dealt face down. Baccarat squeeze is a popular online baccarat casino game mostly offered as a live casino online game. The live dealer folds the cards slowly on each side, building some tension as players speculate on the outcome. 

In offline casinos, a person with the biggest bet squeezes the cards. The squeezer is called the driver. In the live baccarat control squeeze version, players can reveal their cards, however.

Baccarat Card Squeeze: Rules and Strategies

Baccarat squeeze rules are similar to the standard rules of baccarat. Your moves are determined by the hand you receive. When it’s time to always bet on black, the rules that apply are:

  • The sum of cards determine the winner – the highest wins 
  • When the total exceeds nine, ignore the leading digit
  • The casino is the banker 
  • A player can bet on Tie, Banker, or Player 

Other important baccarat rules and strategy is:

  • Take a 3rd card if your total is 0 – 5. 
  • No 3rd card for a hand totaling 6 or 7 
  • A player’s 3rd card determines the banker’s actions
  • If a player doesn’t take a 3rd card, the banker plays by the same rules
  • A total of 8 or 9 is a win

Baccarat squeeze strategies explained

The baccarat system is designed to offer a full chance game. However, experts have developed some systems to try and beat the house – for instance, the martingale baccarat strategy and 1324 baccarat strategy. A 1324 baccarat strategy review shows how you can easily place your bets. 

Besides, baccarat players have devised the baccarat attack strategy while learning how to play baccarat. Still, experienced punters can apply crap strategies that work along with baccarat card counting

Squeezing the cards isn’t hard, but it requires some experience to do it effectively. Live dealer baccarat squeeze dealers have efficient training; thus, they can effectively show cards from different angles.

What to look for in squeeze baccarat?

How to deal with squeeze baccarat isn’t a mystery; what you need is only a keen eye. For instance, the start of a picture indicates a Q, J, or K, and the value is zero. Nonetheless, consider the following:


If you have a leg card, turn and work from the long side. This offers more info about your card. Have a firm hold of corners and repeat. Possible scenarios are:

  • Two sides: it indicates a four or a five. So, turn the card to the top, and continue peeling the card to find a pip at the center. If you get two cards with two sides, your chances of hitting a natural are 75 percent. 
  • Three sides: this is a complicated squeeze; – A three-sided card indicates a 6, 7, or an 8. Turn the cards again – a six won’t show a pip when you squeeze the card a third way. Turn the card around again; an 8 shows a pip at the first end, a seven and a six won’t show a pip. This is the baccarat squeeze difference.
  • Four sides: this card means you have a 9 or 10 and offers a 75 % chance of hitting a natural and a 25 percent chance of getting the dreaded baccarat.


This is a simple baccarat squeeze game – there isn’t a pip at the card middle if you have two. A three has three pips placed at even spaces down the middle of the card. Continue lifting the card – if a pip appears midways, it’s a 3.

How to play baccarat squeeze

If you’ve ever played bad bet baccarat, three-card baccarat, no commission baccarat, baccarat Banque or mini baccarat online,  playing baccarat squeeze is easy.

Step 1

Players place their bets on either banker or Player

Step 2

The dealer deals two cards to both banker and Player.

Step 3

Players add the value of the cards – a value close to 9 is the winner. If need arises, the third card is dealt.

You can also play baccarat side bets at new online casinos or brick-and-mortar casinos. But to win money, you need to master the baccarat pattern and available baccarat strategy.

Baccarat squeeze evolution

Squeeze Baccarat is played chiefly in Macau than in any other region. It is more similar to mini-baccarat in terms of the table. A squeeze baccarat table is termed as ‘Macau style.’ That should answer the question: what is Macau-style squeeze baccarat

In Macau, table cards are dealt face down. Again, the croupier allows chosen players to reveal their hands. The reveal is in a slow, calculated fashion – bent the card along one side, rotate at 90 degrees, and then bent along the adjoining side. Each time only reveal the suite symbol on the edges. 

The practicing thump conceals the card’s actual number, telling players only little about the card but enough to know the number.

Live dealer baccarat squeeze

Baccarat is the best casino game to make money quickly online. The live dealer version injects thrill to the game and cash if you play for money. Playing squeeze baccarat online is simple – place wagers, cards are dealt, hands compared, and winners are paid.

The live dealer baccarat squeeze is a product of Evolution Gaming. Designed in cutting-edge technology, this game version is available on many online casinos Europe offers and worldwide. It features the most thrilling online casino games, thanks to innovative camerawork.

Tips and tricks about baccarat squeeze

Understanding available baccarat payouts and baccarat squeeze house edges are crucial. The banker has a better edge than the Player. Helpful strategies include:

  • Avoiding side bets – side bets available on live dealer have a house edge of about 13%
  • Check out baccarat patterns – it helps you determine the next bets. The live version has Bead Road, which shows the previous results. So you can learn patterns. 
  • Learn the techniques without pressure – find a game without players and squeeze the various hands to learn the process and techniques. 
  • Bet on the banker always, until it loses – it has a higher house edge 

Don’t change your baccarat strategy midway through the game-changing the strategy might ruin the game flow. Always familiarise with baccarat squeeze rules. Get a baccarat trainer of a detailed 2021 baccarat guide.


  • An immersive play experience
  • Online players interact in real-time with each other, and the live dealer
  • The HD cameras make the online experience feel more real
  • It's too complicated for beginners

Baccarat squeeze FAQ:

A squeeze in baccarat refers to a particular way of revealing cards – players/dealers reveal a little part of the cards, not the entire card, to players.
The best hand in baccarat squeeze results from cards ranging between 2 – 10. And the best hand is a 2+7 combo of nine. However, a 3 +7 gives 10 – the worst hand.
Yes, modern baccarat squeeze tables, especially in the Controlled Squeeze tables, feature state-of-the-art features to allow you to squeeze the card yourself.
If you bet on the banker, the house takes a 5% commission fee on all winning banker bets. The commission is due to higher winning odds in the banker than the Player.
Yes, baccarat squeeze has a card pattern that can help you decide your next moves. Live dealer versions have a feature called Bead Road, which displays the results of past betting rounds.
You can't cheat on online versions of baccarat squeeze because these versions use random number generator technology to give unbiased gaming sessions.

Baccarat Squeeze Game: To Bet Or Not?

This article answers the question: What is squeeze baccarat? And, by now, every interested party should be able to place their bets without any issues. Good thing; squeeze baccarat is a versatile game – you can play it at online casinos, land-based casinos, and as a live baccarat squeeze. This makes it a top game casino list on their tables. 

If you want to play it, you’ll bet on either Player and the banker. If you play this baccarat variant, study the available baccarat rules and strategy.