Baccarat is one of the most played card games at both land-based and online casinos.

It comes in many forms and its varieties share a couple of key qualities.

Punto Banco is perhaps the most popular version of the game, because of the immersive nature of its game mechanics.

Alongside Baccarat Chemin de Fer and other varieties, it can be played at an online baccarat casino.

In our online casino games guide we teach you how to play Punto Banco, analyze the rules, player and banker bets and look at the house edge.

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What is baccarat and how to play it?

Punto Banco in baccarat is one of the more immersive versions of the game because it gives players more room to get involved. Before we analyze Punto Banco drawing rules, we need to have a thorough understanding of the standard baccarat rules and game.

It is played with several decks of cards and it allows players to bet on the banker, the player, or the time. The goal is to make a hand as good as possible, similar to blackjack, but the advantage is that you can’t go bust.

The best online casinos offer baccarat gambling alternatives, including Punto Banco online. The beauty of the game is that even if you know nothing about baccarat system and baccarat strategy, you can still be successful.

That’s because participants can simply back on the player or banker and the dealer will take care of everything. At most online casino USA accepted operators you have the option of trying the game against the algorithms or real dealers.

Punto Banco standard rules

As stated above, the standard baccarat game will have punters bet on the banker or player. This also applies to Punto Banco gambling, but this version of the game has a few special rules. They don’t influence the banker’s edge or the manner points are calculated on the scorecard.

Furthermore, the same baccarat cards are used, but Punto Banco rules give players more control to enjoy the cards. If you play at operators on the best international online casino list these rules apply for the player and banker.

Punto Banco player rules

  • A third card is drawn if the player has a hand total ranging from 0 to 5
  • The player stands if the total is 6 or 7
  • The player wins automatically in case of 8 or 9

Punto Banco banker rules

  • Banker draws if the hand total is 0-3 regardless of the player’s total
  • Banker draws at 4 if the player’s total is 2-7
  • Banker draws at 5 if the player’s total is 4-7
  • Banker draws at 6 if player’s total is 6 or 7 and the latter has already drawn three cards
  • Banker stands at 8 or 9

Baccarat card counting can also work for Punto Banco baccarat but only in land-based casinos. That’s because online cards can be shuffled at any time so you can’t keep track of the totals.

Just like Punto Banco bonus deals have different terms and conditions, the Royal Baccarat and Punto Banco play rules differ. These are the core game mechanics that apply to any version of the game, so keep them in mind.

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Punto Banco basic strategies

Once you understand the Punto Banco meaning and the manner in which Punto Banco bets are placed, you can consider learning the best baccarat winning strategies.

Players have more options when playing this version of the game, therefore more freedom in choosing the system. Read an online casino review to find out which operators offer the Punto Banco card game and put these strategies to the test.

  • Always back the banker – the easiest thing to do is to always back on the banker, to enjoy the best Punto Banco odds. Because of the low house edge, this is the most profitable bet in the long run. Even with the 5% commission paid on winning bets, it is still the best way to beat the odds
  • 1324 baccarat strategy review – this is a classic strategy for Punto Banco online casino players. You start by betting one currency unit and if you win you place another bet equaling three units. Next, you move to two, respectively four unions, but if you lose you go back to the original stake.
  • Use a baccarat attack strategy – positive progression systems are better than negative ones such as the Martingale. Don’t try to figure out how to recover lost money in casino by chasing those losses. They can pile up quickly and you could end up losing your entire bankroll.

Betting on a tie in baccarat

Punters bet in an overwhelming majority of cases on the banker, yet the Punto Banco player bet also makes sense. Both carry a low house edge of roughly 1%, so you only need a little luck to be successful in the long run.

The tie bet is an entirely different animal, because it offers some of the biggest Punto Banko payouts. You can win up to eight times the bet, but you will have to accept a crushing house edge of 14.4%.

That’s why some of the best Punto Banco tips are those advising against betting on the tie. Bet the banker and if you want to try something different, pass the shoe and back the player but never the tie.

Highest score in Punto Banco

When playing Punto Banko baccarat the differences are related to the special drawing rules. On the other hand, the card values are the same and the highest score you can make is a natural.

This consists of two cards that together create a hand total of nine, which automatically produces a winner. 10s, Jacks, Queens and Kings count for 0 in Punto Banco online while all the other cards have their face value.

As many as 14 players can participate in a game and two dealers could be involved. The table layout is the same and the core game mechanics don’t differ from standard baccarat.

Punto Banco tips and tricks

As stated above, Punto Banko online games are easy to play and the standard baccarat rules apply. If you use the right approach and exercise proper bankroll management, you will be fairly successful. It’s entirely up to you to play by ear or use one of the strategies mentioned above.

At the end of the day, it is luck that determines the outcome, so advanced systems don’t necessarily make a difference. The next few tips can also help you make the online gaming experience more exciting and fully enjoy the game.

  • Never bet on the tie – we can’t overstate the importance of avoiding tie bets in Punto Banco. Don’t let the payout of 8 to 1 deceive you because a house edge of 14.4% is never worth it.
  • Watch the clock – Punto Banko baccarat is an immersive game that gives players more control. The time to act is also shorter, so keep an eye on the clock not to miss your turn.
  • Chase low banker bet fees – the casino will charge a small fee if you bet on the banker, to ensure a low house edge. Find casinos offering Punto Banco baccarat with low or no such commission.

How to play Punto Banco – Step by Step

If you choose to play Punto Banko online, you are entitled to expect a streamlined gaming experience. The game is simple, requires no previous experience and anyone can master it in a few minutes. This is how the game is played in five quick steps, so anyone can learn the core game mechanics.

Choose a game with reasonable stakes
Pick between banker, players and tie bets
Place a bet on one of the three options
Wait for the dealer to draw cards based on Punto Banco rules
Take your winnings and place another bet

Pros and Cons of Punto Banco

  • Punto Banco has a very low house edge
  • One of the most exciting baccarat varieties
  • Can be found at many reliable online casinos
  • Can’t win huge amounts playing baccarat

Frequently Asked Questions about Punto Banco

Punto Banco baccarat has some of the best odds in the game, with a house edge of roughly 1%.
The banker bet has the lowest house edge, followed by the player bet with less than 1% and both pay an amount equal to the stakes. The tie bet has a payout of 8 to 1 but also a high house edge of 14.4%.
You can win the same amount you bet if you back the banker or the player. Betting on the tie can produce winnings equal to eight times the stakes, in exchange for a high house edge.
The easiest thing to do is to always bet on the banker because of the lowest house edge.
You can play Punto Banco at pretty much every casino, while classic baccarat is even more widespread.
Punto means the player in this type of baccarat and betting on this party carries a house edge of a bit over 1%. This is a reasonable bet, whereas betting on the tie is a mistake because of the high house edge.

Make baccarat more immersive with Punto Banco

Online casino enthusiasts who love baccarat should definitely consider Punto Banco. Second, only to Chemin de Fer, it is the most immersive version of the game and it gives players more flexibility and freedom of choice. Another popular version of baccarat that you should try is Super Pan 9 or Bad beat baccarat.

Punto Banco is a great option for casino players who love games that carry a low house edge and have simple game mechanics. You will have no problem finding it at some of the best online casinos, where you can enjoy it securely on computers and mobile devices.

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