We all know the blackjack meaning: It means having 21 points in total and winning the game. So, if someone asks you “whats a blackjack”, you can simply say him that: This term does not refer to a specific hand.

It just means having 21 points and the winning hand. But, what happens if you don’t have 21 points? You know how blackjack works: Sometimes the dealer has the better hand. You still have an option for this possibility: Black jack surrender.

This betting option can save your bankroll and give you another chance at the next game. In this article, we will talk about when to surrender in blackjack, why you should surrender, and what happens when you surrender.

This is not a beginner’s guide on how to play blackjack but we will talk about the basics too, to explain the topic better. In this way, you will better learn how to make money playing blackjack.

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The Basics: What Is Surrender In Blackjack?

We answered “what is blackjack” question above. In order to explain what is surrender in blackjack, we must talk about how do you play blackjack and blackjack dealer rules. Here is what happens when you start a game:

  • The dealer gives you two cards.
  • The dealer takes two cards for himself and opens one. You can see which card it is.

In other words, you can see one of the dealer’s cards before making a decision. You can also shape your betting decision accordingly. For example, if the dealer has an Ace and your hand is not so good, the dealer is more likely to win the game. So what can you do in this situation? If you forfeit playing that hand, you will lose your bet. Is there an alternative?

Well, yes, there is an alternative. It is called “blackjack surrender”. When you pick this option, you will forfeit the game but get half of your initial wager back. In other words, you will lose, but you will get a 50% refund on your bet. You may also ask yourself “What is insurance in blackjack?” and “Do you take insurance in blackjack?” but we will discuss those in another article.

Now, there are two important things you need to know about surrender blackjack:

Further Information

  • This option is not available in all blackjack variants. Only some games have it such as craps. For this reason, your chances of using it in a blackjack tournament strategy are low – most of the time, casino sites will pick blackjack games without this option. (You can check if this option is offered by checking the paytable of games.)
  • In general, the black jack surrender option decreases the house edge by up to 0.09%. This is good: You can win more in the long run.

Best Casinos To Use The Blackjack Surrender Move

After you learn what is surrender in blackjack, you will need an online casino to use this move. But you cannot pick a random casino site: In order to get the best gaming experience, you must play at the best casinos with the best blackjack bonuses.

Moreover, you should be able to play lots of blackjack variants (such as Canadian blackjack), even offline blackjack. In short, you need an online casino that offers everything related to this game. Well, we picked those casinos for you: Below, you can see our recommendations to play online blackjack.


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Early And Late Surrender Blackjack: What’s The Difference?

According to blackjack surrender rules, there are two types of surrender: early and late. The difference is determined by whether the dealer checked his face-down card. If you use the Surrender option before the dealer checks his card, this is called early surrender. This is a rare occurrence – most casinos do not offer the early surrender option. Late surrender blackjack, on the other hand, means the surrender is made after the dealer checks his own card. This is more common. It may not sound like there is a great difference, but the blackjack strategy you use differs. There are also additional blackjack surrender rules no matter what kind of surrender is in effect. These are:

  • The dealer still stands on soft 17 (*).
  • You must surrender before using other betting options (hit, stand, double, etc.). If you picked a betting option, you cannot change your mind and switch to surrender.
  • Payouts are still the same. Surrender is just an additional betting option; it does not affect other rules or the gameplay.

(*) What does soft mean in blackjack? It means the dealer has an Ace. Hands that contain an Ace (any Ace) are called “soft”. Otherwise, they are “hard” hands.

When To Surrender In Blackjack: Basic Strategies

Alright, now we can start talking about when you should surrender in blackjack. As mentioned above, blackjack when to surrender is a decision that should be made whether you are playing by the early or late surrender rules. We are listing both surrender games below, so you can understand when to surrender in blackjack better.

Early Surrender Blackjack

When to use surrender in blackjack if “early” rules are used? Check the strategy table below:




Ace, 10
Ace, 10

These blackjack when to surrender tables shows all the options when you should use surrender. In all other scenarios (and card sets) you should decide according to classic rules and probabilities.

Check The Blackjack Surrender Rules Of The Casino First


Nı matter which blackjack surrender rules are active (early/late), always check the casino’s rules for this betting option. Once again, blackjack surrender is not available in every game and every casino site. And each online casino can use a slightly different ruleset. If you are playing an “offline” game, check the paytable and read the rules. If you are playing a live game, check the help file or ask the dealer.

Is Blackjack Surrender Worth It?

  • Decreases the house edge of casino
  • Increases the RTP of player
  • Gives you the option to save half of your initial deposit
  • Can be a complex strategy based on its type (early or late)
  • It will decrease the RTP if not used right

Learn When To Use Surrender In Blackjack, Get Half Of Your Bet Back!

Well, you have learned what is surrender in blackjack. More importantly, you know when to surrender in blackjack – this knowledge will let you save a big part of your bankroll. Now, it is time to find an online casino to start using this new blackjack strategy. Pick one of our recommended casino sites, grab your bonus, and start playing blackjack, live or offline! And if the cards do not seem to be in your favor, don’t hesitate to use surrender blackjack. We update our content regularly so check back often to see new online casinos & more blackjack tactics. Good luck at the tables!