Roulette has always been a popular game, and this is the reason that players often end up searching for a simple strategy on how to win at online roulette. With the rise of online casinos, players have been indulging in roulette, and it has emerged as the clear winner of slot vs. roulette battle.

The excitement of roulette is unreal for the players and spectators alike. Unlike poker, this is a game you can have lots of fun with. Read on to find out the best casinos hosting roulette, and everything you need to know about the game.

Try out their Mobile roulette or online roulette, but not before you read our strategy guide.

Best Casinos To Play Implement Roulette Simple Strategy

Cobra Casino
Cobra Casino logo small
Cobra casino is a premier casino hosting thousands of games from reputed providers like BGaming, and NetEnt. The casino accepts bitcoin and it is also recommended for players who are looking to play bitcoin roulette, and its specialty is the multi-layered bonus system that players can leverage every time they make a deposit. There are also lots of other offers. The wagering requirement is 40x, which is

  • First deposit bonus – Bonus Code COBRA100
  • 100% deposit match up to NZ$/$500 plus 250 free spins.
  • Second deposit bonus – Bonus Code COBRA50
  • 50% deposit match up to NZ$/$150 plus 50 free spins
  • Third deposit Bonus – Bonus Code COBRA125
  • 125% deposit match up to NZ$/$400
1xbet logo small
1xBet is one of the largest international casinos online, and they have an amazing game selection, and the sportsbook is also pretty great. Lots of payment options are available, including cryptocurrencies, online wallets like Neteller, Entropayz, and Ecopayz. Plus, the welcome package is massive and available with only 10 EUR deposit.

Free spins are available after the first 4 deposits and applicable for limited games. Go to the top menu and check out your options before you start playing. We are sure you will be pretty impressed.

  • Welcome Package: Get up to 1500 EUR + 150 free spins
Wild Casino
Wild Casino logo small
Wild casino is a truly inclusive casino for cryptocurrency lovers, and they offer many more options than just bitcoin. So, if privacy is your concern, you can happily join here. The design is sleek and minimalistic, and lots of are available in its list of casino games, including excellent options for blackjack and roulette. Not only this, the wagering requirement is also pretty low compared to most online casinos at 30x.

  • Welcome package:
  • First Deposit: WILD250 – 250% bonus up to $1000
  • Next four deposits: WILD100 – 100% bonus up to $1000
Casino360 logo small
Casino360 is a new addition in the world of online casinos, and it is already making waves with a fantastic build, thousands of games, thought out, and informative FAQ in addition to amazing customer care service and good payment options. This is the perfect combination a player needs.

There is no mobile app at this time, considering how new this site is, but the mobile site is superb and will give you the same experience. And the welcome bonus is the biggest we have seen in any new casinos. Video poker or card poker options are available if you are looking for adventure.

  • Welcome Package:$1080 welcome bonus on the first three deposits ($360 x 3)

Now, that we have taken care of where, let’s read on to find about the best tips and tricks to ensure you can get the best out of your money. You have seen the images thumb wheel picture so many times; it’s time to dive in and try your luck in the game.

Powbet Casino
Enjoy the sensational bonuses and promotions to give a boost to your gaming balance at Powbet Casino.

Welcome Bonus: 100% up to €500 + 200 Free Spins

  • min. deposit: €20

Simple Roulette Strategy That Works - Roulette Martingale

This simple roulette strategy works as an effective winning trick to bump your chances. You should bet on only the even-money outside bets. This means, 1 to 18, and 19 to 36, red, black, odd, and even. This will give you at least a 50% chance of winning and but it has a low payout of 1:1. Come read more in our roulette black or red strategy.

This is why Martingale roulette is also called Low Stakes roulette. You will be winning the same amount of money that you spin with. This is the safest bet on this game, and if you are trying to get a sure shot payout, your best bet.You can do it at immersive roulette.

How To Win At Online Roulette With Scobe’s Simple Gun And Run Martingale


This simple roulette strategy has you bet on the even-money outside bets with 18 winning chances for the win and 20 losing ones. That is if you play with the American double-zero wheels. The merit of this simple casino strategy is in the fact that you get to sit out huge losses and play on the safe side. In this strategy, when you lose a bet, you have to sit out the next two bets. And on the next bet, you bet double until you win. If you lose even this one, which is a three consecutive strike, go back to your original bet. That is the rundown of Martingale Roulette.

Scobe’s Simple Paroli System Betting Strategy

This is a gambler’s favorite for one reason. You up your bet after a win and keep boosting the bet as you keep winning. A gambler will work up to three decisions before they cut down the bet back to what they started with. And they again start betting with the original amount.

Which Roulette System Is The Best?

Martingale is an old but good strategy that many gamblers prefer over Scobe or Paroli. If you are a reserved player or a new one, it’s best to try and keep your bet on the safe side when the roulette wheel spins.

But some players also prefer the Paroli system because you don’t have to take any large losses, and it can also be a lot of fun getting to double your bet when three times before you have to go back to betting the original amount. Ultimately, it depends on the style of the player which method they go with.

The American Vs. European: Which Wheel Should You Choose?

Further Information

Although I believe this is a sensible choice and depends on what you enjoy rather than the complex mathematics, some roulette strategy experts swear by the European roulette wheel being the better of these two.

The only difference is that the European wheel has a single green 0 pocket, and the American has 2. This makes the house edge of the American roulette 5.26%, whereas the European is only 2.7%. As any gambler knows, the lower the house edge, the better are your chances of winning.

Roulette Strategy 10 Simple Tips To Boost Your Chances Safely

Pick a table with a small minimum and high maximum betting limits. This way, you can feel out the table if you wish to bet more.

Playing the outside gives you almost 50 / 50 odds of winning.

European roulette has a low house edge, which gives you a better probability of winning.

Place inside bets on multiple inside numbers.

Talk to experienced roulette players outside the online casino, whose expertise you trust.

Try the above strategies we have explained. They are tried and tested methods.

Watch the roulette table before placing your bet to see if you see a pattern of hitting on number more times.

Multiplayer roulette allows you to spy on the technique of other players.

Choose the best casinos to play, and you will have a fair game when you play roulette.

If you win, set aside a percentage from your winning, so when you lose, you can still break even.

Is Using A Roulette Strategy Worth It?

  • Roulette strategy has been tested by expert players repeatedly and offer insight.
  • Most methods will take a safe approach, so if you lose, you lose less.
  • They even out your chances of winning.
  • They are better at explaining the tricks of the game than the Online Casino Games Guide.
  • Roulette black or red strategy has over 50% chance of winning.
  • No need for WikiHow strategy roulette, and you can learn from the strategies itself.
  • New players don’t take the time to learn the detailed strategy and the game.
  • Can hold back your chances of winning because they can be reserved.

Roulette For The Win!

Move out of the way slots; players have a new favorite and its roulette. There is a reason you keep seeing roulette in all the movies and shows, it is exciting, everyone can join in the fun, and the winning is more thrilling than ever. It’s so much more than just pressing a button repeatedly.

Besides, when you choose the right casino, the Bonus Roulette options will leave you wanting more. Some casinos even have unique, arcade-like pinball roulette games for the truly classic fans of roulette. This guide makes sure you get to boost your winning chances and pick the right casinos, which give you the right environment and a fair chance. So, what are you waiting for? Head off to 1xBet, or Cobra Casino and try out your luck today.

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