Baccarat Banque is not your traditional game of online baccarat.

As the name of this game suggests, online Baccarat Banque is a game where somebody (possibly even you) must take on the role of the banker.

It is not unique in this, as Baccarat Chemin de Fer has similarities with it.

However, this can be confusing if you are not familiar with the concept.

What is Baccarat Banque, and how does it work?

If you are interested in learning, carry on reading our Baccarat Banque guide to find out more.


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What is Baccarat Banque?

Unlike most games, Baccarat Banque is not a single-player game. A three-deck card game, Baccarat Banque sees one player chosen to act as the banker.

As you will see in our Baccarat Banque review, the banker will remain in place until he or she decides to retire (passing the job on to another player), they lose,  or unless they exhaust their own funds – it varies from game to game. Only once all the cards in the three-deck shoe have been dealt can the banker in Baccarat Bank retire normally.

Whether you are the player, or the banker is down to an auction. The game is then played out in order, with the banker sitting in the middle of the oval table with another ten to sixteen players split into the left and right of the table.

Of course, when playing punto banco online, this will not be an issue. Assuming you know how to play baccarat, it will not take much of an effort to show you how to play Baccarat Banque.

How to play Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque gambling takes place in largely the same manner as traditional baccarat games. The dealer shuffles all three decks into a shoe. The last person to shuffle the established banker. From there on out, this is how things work:

  • The dealer deals one card to the left player hand, one to the right player hand, and another to the banker’s hand.
  • You can wager on either of the two-player hands or the banker’s hand.
  • One more card is dealt to each hand.
  • If any hands are neutral (eight or nine points), the cards are turned over and compared.
  • If there is no neutral hand, the rules covering three-card baccarat come into play. This allows the dealer to draw a third card to any number of the hands.
  • Each of the player’s hands decides whether to draw or stand, based on their value and the dealer’s up card. Baccarat Bank calls can depend on the result of the third card if taken.
  • All the hands are compared. In some games, if the banker loses, they pass the job onto someone else. In most cases, the prizes are paid out, and the game moves on with the same banker.
  • Baccarat Banque pay-outs are relatively the same as baccarat. Baccarat Banque ties pay the best, but these Baccarat Banque odds are the longest, so they are less likely to occur.

Baccarat Banque rules

There are a couple of specific rules unique to the Baccarat Banque card game. These Baccarat Banque rules are in place for most games, although one or two variants may have a slight twist on the rules of Baccarat Banque. Let us take a quick look at some of them:

  • Baccarat Banque dealing procedures require cards to be dealt to two player hands, instead of just one.
  • The odds of Baccarat Banque are similar to other baccarat games.
  • Three decks of cards are used, inter-mixed and shuffled together.
  • A player’s objective is to beat the bank by betting on either the players or banker’s hands.
  • If you wish to bet on both player hands, you need to put your bet in the middle of the table.
  • Players’ bets cannot exceed the total bet of the banker. For instance, if the banker bets $5,000, the sum of all the other players’ bets cannot exceed this.
  • The banker can only wager on the banker’s hand
  • A player can only bet on either of the player’s hands

Using strategies to play Baccarat Banque

Banque Baccarat is often considered a high rollers game, on account of at least one person being the banker. Because of this, popular Baccarat Banque tables tend to be reserved for VIP players.

When playing Baccarat Banque, there are not as many strategies open to you as you might typically find with conventional versions of baccarat.

Baccarat card counting is not overly helpful when all the eyes are on the dealer. However, players may wish to try their luck with this tricky baccarat strategy. Using a typical baccarat system may also be advantageous for players.

Our 1324 Baccarat Strategy review or Baccarat Attack Strategy guides may be of some use to you here. Alternatively, why not check out our guides to Baccarat patterns and see if these can help improve your game?

Top tips and tricks for Baccarat Banque

If strategies are too complicated for you, we do still have a few handy Baccarat Banque tips. You can use these in most Baccarat Banque casino games and other baccarat card game variants. Here is what you need to know:

  • Pay attention to Baccarat Banque game rules, as they differ from conventional baccarat.
  • The Baccarat Martingale system is not effective if you start tinkering with baccarat side bets.
  • You are not likely to find many No Commission Baccarat Banque tables. Similarly, live baccarat games based on this variant are rare, except for at high-roller, VIP casinos.
  • Betting on the player’s hand sees you less likely to win, but you can avoid a commission on winning hands.
  • It is possible to use strategies (as a player) to cut down the house edge.
  • Players should hit on a 9 to 4 and stand on 6s and 7s. You are going to stand on 8s and 9s, regardless.
  • If you’re the banker and a player hand stands, you should hit on 0 or 7. If the player hits, you can use a conventional baccarat betting table to see the best move.
  • Try and play short sessions, as you can end up running out of money fast if you are the banker.

Baccarat Banque: The pros and cons

There are pros and cons to gambling on Baccarat Banque. Here are a few worth considering:

  • It gives you an entirely new way to play baccarat with two player hands
  • It provides you with a choice to be the banker
  • The banker can wager equal or more than all other players combined
  • Baccarat Banque doesn’t appear as a live dealer baccarat game often
  • This game is usually only available to high-roller and VIP players

Frequently Asked Questions on Baccarat Banque

We hope that you have now had Baccarat Banque explained to you via our online casino baccarat guide. If you still have questions, though, we will try to answer them below:

When you play Baccarat Banque, you have the potential to play as the banker, something you cannot do in conventional baccarat games.
As touched on above, Baccarat Banque allows you to take on the role of the banker. Moreover, Baccarat Banque casino games are played with two player hands in place, and just three decks, as opposed to the eight or more deals usually involved in baccarat.
Baccarat Chemin de Fer is like Baccarat Banque in many ways. The only real difference is that Chemin de Fer usually uses six decks, and players take turns (to the right) being the banker. Moreover, players are pitted against one another in Chemin de Fer.
As with all baccarat games, the highest score in Baccarat Banque is a neutral, specifically a nine.
Ordinarily, the house edge for banker bets is 1.06% and 1.36% for the player’s hand. Remember, there is a 5% commission on banker bets. Tied hands are set to 9.53%. Even the best Baccarat Banque game still has a house edge of 1.24% for player’s hands. You may have more luck with specialised Baccarat Banque live games and other titles such as Super Pan 9 or Baccarat Squeeze. However, stay away from Mini-Baccarat as this has the worst house edge of any punto banco game.

Play Baccarat Banque online at top casinos today

Hopefully, you will know a bit about how Baccarat Banque works now and at least have a grasp of Baccarat Banque’s meaning. If you are ready to begin playing Baccarat Banque in 2021, set aside some cash (probably a fair bit), and then head over to our review section to find the best online baccarat casino sites offering this exciting game. Make sure you also try the Bad Beat Baccarat or Super Pan 9 baccarat variation.