Every gambler has used the good old “double your bet until you win” tactic at least once. Many players still think that doubling your bet until you win is the best strategy you can use and it always works. Well, are they right? Can you really win big by using a baccarat Martingale strategy, for example? Are there any Martingale system success stories to inspire you? We prepared this guide to answer all these questions and more. Below, we are explaining everything you need to know about double your bet until you win system and answer the most important question once and for all: Does Martingale strategy work?

Best Casinos For Doubling Your Bet Until You Win

If you are going to double your bet every time, you need to do this in a good online casino. And by saying good, we mean a legal, fair, and safe casino: Gambling businesses where you won’t feel the need to ask are online casinos rigged? question. Well, we can help you in this regard: Below, you can see our picks. To learn more, make sure to read our online casino guide too. Now go ahead and create your account today to double your bet until you win!

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How Does Martingale Betting Work And What Is Doubling Your Bet Until You Win?

The Martingale system is pretty simple and straightforward. You start betting with a specific figure (i.e. 2 EUR) and double it every time you lose, until you win. So for example, if you play and lose, your next bet will be 4 EUR. If you lose this one too, place 8 EUR next time. And makes sure that you have 16 EUR because you will double this one too. If you also lose it, you will… well, we can keep going but you get the idea: This is called double your bet until you win because that’s what you really do. Martingale can be used in any casino game: You can use it in Spanish 21 or online roulette. It has a couple of variants too, such as 1324 system (check our 1324 baccarat strategy review article for more info) but the goal is the same: Keep doubling your bet until you win. The idea is, you will win sooner or later, and when you win, the payout will be big enough to cover all your losses, because you kept increasing the wager.

Double Your Bet Until You Win Examples: Blackjack

Let’s start with a simple example: How you can use the double your bet until you win strategy in blackjack? It is actually simpler than you think. Here is what you need to do:

  • Pick a blackjack game with a very low minimum bet limit. This is not necessary of course, but at least the bet amount won’t reach high figures to soon.
  • Start playing blackjack as usual. It does not matter which options you pick (hit, stand). The idea is doubling your bet until you win. If you start playing with 5 EUR, place 10 EUR next time, make it 20 EUR in the third round, and 40 EUR in the fourth round… Just double your bet until you win.
  • When you win, return back to your starting bet value and repeat the process.

If you believe there’s room for more, check here our guide on how to make money playing blackjack.

Doubling Your Bet Until You Win Examples: Roulette

Let’s also give a simple example of Martingale roulette. This is not a how to win at online roulette article so we won’t explain the rules or betting types. We will just assume you selected the roulette black or red bet type and started with 2 EUR. Here is how the system works:

  • Place 2 EUR on red or black. It does not matter which one you choose, both offer the same payout and winning chance.
  • Do not change your bet at any point until you win.
  • Each time you lose, double the bet amount. So the order will be 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 – 32- 64 and so on. Double your bet until you win.
  • After winning, return to step one and place 2 EUR again. There is no need to change the bet option (red or black) but it is up to you, you can switch.

Warning: Martingale Betting Has A Cost


You will really win sooner or later but if you are not lucky enough, it may take quite long for you to score a win. If you start with 2 EUR, you will spend 128 EUR in the seventh round: Are you sure that you can keep up? And if you cannot win in the seventh round, you will need 256 EUR in the next one. Doubling your bet until you win works in the long run but it can be a very long run – this betting system is not for low rollers.

So, is the Martingale system allowed in casinos? More importantly, is Martingale strategy legal? The answer is yes to both questions. In fact, Vegas casinos will be very happy if you do so. This is because this betting system creates a black hole for many players: Doubling bet amount until you win is a system that can work only if you have a very big budget. In other words, it works only for high rollers. The idea is solid: You will really win sooner or later and the payout will be big enough to cover all your losses when you win. Thing is, nobody can know when you will win: This can happen in the second round or 30th round. And, as you can see, the stakes increase pretty quickly – if you cannot keep up, you will simply go bankrupt. You can use double or nothing until you win or your bet exceeds $100 to limit your losses but this is not a permanent solution. If you don’t have a big budget, this strategy won’t work for you. And that’s why no double your bet every time until you win.

Martingale System Calculator: Practical Examples

Here is a simple example to show you why Martingale works (and not works):

Example 1
If you start playing roulette with 1 EUR and place a bet on red for 1 hour, your average win will be 23 EUR. Your average losses, on the other hand, will be 106 EUR.
Example 2
If you do the same thing but start at 5 EUR, your average win will be 116 EUR. Your average losses, on the other hand, will be 532 EUR.
Example 3
Let’s say you still start at 1 EUR but play for 8 hours this time. Your average win will be 195 EUR. Your average losses, on the other hand, will be 117 EUR.

Wait, so if you play longer, you can really make a profit? Of course. That’s why Martingale works and that’s what we mean by saying “it works in the long run”. If you have a budget to play for 8 hours straight, you will of course win at some point and make a profit. But if you don’t have a big budget, you can play only for an hour – in this case, you will always lose money.

Doubling Your Bet Until You Win Is Not Only A Casino Strategy


Keep doubling your bet until you win is not a strategy specific to casino games. It can be used in financial betting too. The best example of this is Forex trading. You can keep purchasing lots until the asset reaches a specific figure, and double your investment each and every time while doing this. When the price drops (or raises), the difference will be big enough to give you a profit. This is similar to high limit slots strategy: You keep increasing the investment enough until a “big win” happens. However, just like casino games, you need a big budget for this to work.

Advantages Of The Martingale System

  • It is a simple roulette strategy and easy to use on other games too
  • It works sooner or later
  • If you have a big bankroll that can last until you win, it really works

Disadvantages Of The Martingale System

  • Not as reliable as, for example, baccarat card counting strategy
  • You cannot increase the RTP rate or decrease the house edge with it
  • Requires a big budget
  • Not suitable for low-rollers

Double Bet Strategy May Work But It Has Consequences

You can really double your bet until you win and this strategy can work, as we previously talked about in our other online casino games guides. However, there will always be a cost: You may have to spend too much money for this strategy to work. For this reason, doubling your bet until you win is not for everybody: If your budget is limited, consider using another system. Take a look at our blackjack tournament strategy, baccarat strategy, and keno system strategy guides for examples. We are sure that you will be able to find alternatives to “martingaling” and still make a nice profit. As always, we wish you good luck: See you at the tables!