Double or nothing bets are popular at online casinos, but they’ve been around for quite a while. In this online casino games guide we look at the all or nothing game rules and try to explain the meaning of the double or nothing bet.

We will determine if the double or nothing scenario is worth considering by players and try to find the best context for double or nothing gambling. Keep reading to find out if it’s worth going the extra step and try to offset your losses or double profits with the double or nothing bet.

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What are double or nothing bets?

The double or nothing definition is perhaps one of the easiest to learn by gamblers. That’s because the term speaks for itself and the double or nothing bet meaning can be easily understood by beginners.

Just as the name indicates, you place another bet of twice the size after suffering a loss. The goal is to offset your losses and even make a profit equal to the original stake. Depending on the type of double or nothing wager you could enjoy even odds or some that are slightly higher.

Double your buy-in with bold bets

Initially devised as a way of recuperating losses, the all-in double or nothing wager is a versatile one. Players can use a single double or nothing bet to increase their bankroll right from the start.

This is particularly useful when you register an account and claim a 100% casino bonus. The operator will double your investment and then subject the bonus to wagering requirements. The double or nothing play will allow you to bet on an event with a roughly 50% chance to occur and enjoy odds of 2.00.

Bonus recipients can bet the initial deposit at even odds and if they lose use the double or nothing dollar bonus. Essentially they have to chance to double down, while also meeting wagering requirements in the process.

Learning how does double or nothing works is a breeze and you can use it without any previous experience. That’s because it works just as well at high limit blackjack, penny roulette, and at any online baccarat casino. You can even use it at slot machines with bonus games that have the gamble feature.

Double or nothing strategies that work

Once you learn what is double or nothing you can use this type of bet to play any popular casino games. If you want to figure out how to win at online roulette, this type of wagering could help you.

Stories of punters who wager everything on one hand ignite the imagination of those who enjoy this popular casino game. The double or nothing rules state that you bet on outside bets, such as red/black, odds/evens, high/low which pay 1:1. If you lose, you place an bet twice as large on the same outcome.

The martingale baccarat betting system works in a similar way and the only thing that differs is the gameplay. Double or nothing casino bets are the same for all games and imply a sequence of two bets.

Bankroll management is essential in online gambling, but less important for double or nothing players. That’s because you can secure a double or nothing win with just two bets, so you don’t have to cross a complex strategy. You simply double your bet until you win and that’s pretty much it.

A smart double or nothing bet is available to those who play blackjack. The double or nothing in blackjack is a particularly appealing wager because of the 3:2 payout for a natural hand.

Essentially, you have the chance to recuperate your losses and also make a 50% profit if you make a blackjack on your second attempt. This is the first thing that players figure out when learning how to make money playing blackjack. The double or quits strategy has the flaw that two double lost bets can cripple your budget.

How to play Double or Nothing tournaments

Double or nothing bettors frequently incorporate this system into overarching strategies. A negative progressive system such as the martingale is popular when dealing with online casino wagering requirements. Some of the best craps strategies that work are centered on double or nothing bets and can include two or more steps.

In theory, doubling the bet after each loss will eventually allow you to offset all your losses. The danger is that you could hit the maximum betting sum before striking it lucky.

The structure of a double or nothing bet also makes it suitable for tournaments, with poker being a shining example. These competitions are based on a very simple system, with half of the participants being eliminated.

Those who are still standing at the end of the event win twice as much as the buy-in, with the registration fee subtracted. The double or nothing in poker tournaments can also apply to roulette, blackjack, and baccarat competitions.

Even the best baccarat winning strategies for double or nothing in baccarat will fail if you get impatient. This applies to blackjack, poker, roulette, and even slots tournament where the double or nothing bet is used.

Since you only need to be among the last players standing, there’s no reason to rush. Even if players finish with just 1% of the starting stack, they will still double the buy-in. That’s why it’s key not to be overconfident and take unnecessary risks. Be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity.

Popular double or nothing bets

Each online casino game has its own double or nothing bets that can be used. Double or nothing in craps can feel a bit restrictive because of the sheer complexity of the game and many possible bets. If you play online live roulette casino games, the best choices are outside bets which pay 1:1.

You can bet on red and black, odds and even, as well as numbers above and below 19. This approach for double or nothing in roulette can spur an entire martingale system, where the stakes are doubled until a win occurs.

In baccarat and blackjack, you need to make a winning hand in two or more consecutive attempts. As mentioned above, in baccarat you only win an amount equal to the first bet if you are successful and the second attempt.

Blackjack has the upside that if you make a natural hand at the second attempt you win 150% of the first bet. There is no such opportunity in double or nothing in casino war, as this low house edge game will simply pay an amount equal to the bet.

Pros and Cons of double or nothing bets

  • You can offset all your losses
  • Easy to learn and apply on many games
  • Turn a losing streak into a small profit
  • Requires little bankroll management
  • Suitable for beginners and high rollers
  • A streak of losing double or nothing bets can cripple a bankroll


Double or nothing bets imply that you double the stakes each time you lose. In theory, you will eventually offset all your losses and make a profit equal to the original stake.
This type of wagering is usually used on events that have a roughly 50% to occur. The triple or nothing bet, such as the one on dozens or columns pays more, but the odds of winning are just a bit over 30%.
The best double or nothing bet is on blackjack hands because a natural pays 3:2. If you win any of the hands in the progression you recuperate your losses and also win 50% more.
These bets have the merit of providing a clear path towards recuperating the money lost. The danger is that you could lose your entire bankroll if you lose too many consecutive wagers.

Double or nothing bets – Go big or go bust

The double or nothing bet is a simple and effective instrument for punters who wouldn’t accept losses. By doubling the stakes after each unsuccessful round you put yourself in the position of recuperating all the money lost and make a profit.

Double or nothing bets are the cornerstone of martingale and other negative progression systems used in roulette, blackjack or baccarat. They can be applied to other games of chance and their simplicity makes them easy to use by beginners.

Smart use of such bets can make a difference between a losing and winning session. Keep the stakes reasonable and make the system work for you.