Aviator is one of the most popular games you can find at online casinos nowadays. Branded as a game based on skill, it still depends heavily on luck but it keeps players in control throughout the game. With the right bankroll management and a proper Aviator strategy, you can maximize the odds of winning.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the game and teach you how to win Aviator, while playing at a safe online casino. We discussed the Aviator algorithm and suggest the optimal option for you to win money.

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Introducing the Aviator casino game

The game was created by Spribe, a software developer that became famous for its crash game. you can play it on virtual currency or deposit if you are interested in making money with the Spribe Aviator strategy.

Envisioned as an innovative social multiplayer game, it is an excellent alternative to the best video slots, especially for people who wonder are online slots rigged

The game has flexible betting limits, with the maximum amount you can wager being $100 if you want to make more money.

Compared to many of the new games, including those with a big jackpot and high limit slots, Aviator has some unique features. These are the top 5 characteristics to consider for your Aviator gambling strategy:

  1. You decide when to take profits with one click of a button
  2. Cryptographic technology is used to make it statistically fair
  3. You can participate in the Aviator Aviarace, which is a high-paying tournament
  4. The game has live bets, which players can use interactively
  5. Free bets are introduced in the chat, through the Rain promo

How does the Aviator game work?

This is a game defined by simplicity, so you can easily craft your Aviator betting strategy. The plane takes off and for each second that passes, a multiplier grows, producing ever bigger winnings. All you need to do regarding how to play Aviator is to cash out before the plane flies. the longer you wait, the bigger the maximum number for the multiplier, so you can significantly increase your winnings. 

If you don’t carefully monitor the flight, you risk losing it all if the plane takes off, resulting in a failed game.

How to bet on Aviator?

Before you learn basic Aviator strategies, you should understand how to place a bet on this game of chance. You can play one round at a time or place several bets and because the betting limits are high and the game duration is short, your balance can grow with large funds invested. You can use the auto cash out or take the manual approach and systematically build your bankroll with moderate risk.

We can sum up the basic tactics which can be used to create an Aviator winning strategy:

  • Select the stake and place the first bet
  • You can place a second bet to have two simultaneous bets
  • Wait for a small or big multiplier depending on your Aviator strategy
  • Withdraw early for safe wins or wait longer for bigger gains

Demo or real money? Where to learn your Aviator strategies?

We recommend you test the Aviator casino online strategy on virtual currency before making a real deposit. This is a common sense approach for live casino online games, as well as famous slot machines and any other games using the latest casino software. The good news is that the game is available for free and the mechanics are the same, whether you use virtual currency, free bets, or real money.

The transition to real money gambling can be done whenever you feel comfortable and have enough money.

You can start with a smaller bet and gradually increase the amount while moving from lower to higher odds. If you encounter a few lost rounds, or if you get real lucky right from the start, you can adjust the stakes of the current round.

There is also the possibility of participating in the Aviarace tournaments which pit you against other players. you can interact with them in the in-game chat and test your strategy of playing Aviator against your peers. When wagering is done properly, this can be one of the best casino games to make money and the fair random number generator ensures that everyone has the same chance to prevail.

The best strategies to apply for the Aviator game in 2023

Once you understand the Aviator algorithm and have an account at the top casinos for Aviator strategy, you can put your knowledge to good use. There are a few solutions to play bets and claim larger bet winnings, and these tactics can be adjusted based on what your strategy focuses on. To learn how to win at slots, you simply need to focus on the high RTP, but you don’t have real control. 

Thanks to the Aviator game features, such as the auto bet options and auto cash you can make your fortune.

  • Keep your expectations low – chasing big losses is just as ruinous when you play popular slots or Aviator. The longer you wait, the higher the odds are for the plane to take off and lose everything. Set reasonable expectations and take your profits sooner rather than too late.


  • Bet sensible amounts – the higher the stakes, the higher the potential winnings, but you also take greater chances. This applies to all types of slot machines, but also games of skills such as Aviator. A smart Aviator casino game strategy is to bet a tiny portion of your bankroll each round.
  • Use free bets to gamble – the transition from the free Aviator game to real money can be easier if you use free bets and bonuses. You can find these at the best casinos with Aviator, whether you are a new player or an existing member. Use them to make money without risking any.


  • Progressive betting systems – incorporating them in your Aviator strategy for real money can mean increasing or decreasing the stakes progressively based on previous results. Popular solutions that work for table games, as well as online slots such as the martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, and many other systems, could be considered. Just remember not to chase losses too aggressively.

Pros and Cons of playing Aviator

  • Enjoy one of the most popular online casino games
  • You stay in control of every round you play
  • Accessible on desktop computers and in a mobile casino
  • Scalable winnings based on your bankroll and expectations
  • Excellent results with the right Aviator strategy for real money
  • Aviator game has high volatility and risks
  • Aviator game casino list is not available everywhere

Frequently Asked Questions about Aviator:

The Aviator game features are unique and you are given more control than in any of the new slots.
When betting on Aviator the most effective strategy is to take profits soon and hedge against the risks.
It is easy to learn what is Aviator and apply the Aviator betting tips even if you are an absolute beginner.
The game can be found on the top game casino list at major operators and you can bet up to $100.
The Aviator game strategy with two bets can help you hedge against the risk of one bet losing.

The sky is the limit in Spribe’s Aviator game

You now know a great deal about the game from our Aviator strategy guide and can try the game for free or for real money. There are many casinos where to apply a strategy for Aviator to maximize the odds of winning.

The game still depends on chance even though it gives you a higher degree of control, so you need to adjust the strategy for Aviator game accordingly. Bankroll management is still essential in the long run, but if you do everything by the book you have a good chance to make a profit with Spribe’s Aviator.