What are the main differences when comparing poker vs blackjack? Should you opt to play poker or blackjack games over the other? You’re set to find out in this guide. If you want to learn about the differences between blackjack and poker, discover where blackjack is considered poker, and pick up a bit of knowledge about pokers vs blackjack odds, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the difference and similarities between the two games and showcase why one may be better than the other, whether you wish to play online poker in the UK, online blackjack in Canada, or any game, anywhere.

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Poker vs blackjack odds explained simply

Naturally, there are significant differences in the blackjack vs poker odds. After all, one game (blackjack) has just two payouts, while poker “can” have several. Ultimately, the difference between the games’ odds depends on the variants you are playing. For instance, Stats Blackjack vs Texas Hold’em Poker will showcase entirely different odds to Criss Cross Poker vs Classic Blackjack.

Poker odds are, traditionally, worse than those in a basic game, say European Blackjack, for instance. However, 3 Card Poker vs Blackjack odds are a touch more favorable. Because Three Card Poker has far fewer hand combos, Three Card Poker vs Blackjack odds are more comparable, at roughly 96.7% to 98%-99%.

Jump over to video poker vs blackjack odds, and things are even more similar. In fact, some video poker games (with the right rule variants) can see you get the house edge right down to that sweet 1% spot where it is usually found in blackjack. Blackjack vs video poker odds are then near identical.

Landing wins with poker odds is more skilled based

Texas Hold’em poker games are some of the most skilled games you can find online. However, not all poker games are as complicated. In fact, Three Card Poker is one of the simpler ones you can try your hand at. However, even then, you’re going to need basic poker skills and knowledge of the hands to pull off a victory (unless you do so by fluke), and that just won’t be the case with unlimited blackjack. Sure, there is an element of knowing what you’re doing with blackjack too, but the luck element is higher. When it comes to Three Card Poker vs Blackjack, plus other comparative games, you need far more skills to win with poker.

Once the dealing in blackjack (vs poker) is complete, you’ll notice that there are just a handful of moves to think about. The dealer’s upturned card, whether you will hit or stand, take insurance, and (if you can) double down or split. That’s it. After that decision, your hand is in the hands of the gambling gods.

By contrast, most poker games require a bit more from you. The poker dealer vs blackjack dealer has more options to tinker with (assuming they are playing). Each poker variant will have its own rules for additional betting, community cards, and hand structure. For instance, 4 Card Poker rules vs Classic Blackjack rules may be more similar than, say, European Blackjack vs Texas Hold’em, but you still need far more skill to land a win in either poker game versus both blackjack titles.

Sure, you can use strategies to play blackjack online. However, you don’t need to stretch further than Basic Strategy. When it comes to internet poker, you’re going to need plenty of additional skills and systems to succeed with these online casino games.

Which game is more profitable?

When discussing blackjack vs video poker profitability, it is worth considering two things. Firstly, the amount you can win when playing poker is far more than anything you will win playing blackjack. However, your odds of landing a win are greatly improved in blackjack, compared to most table poker games. It is, therefore, not easy to compare them fairly.

In terms of blackjack vs poker winnings, we’d say that you can win far more by choosing to play poker and coming away with even a two-pair. However, for some players, the best casino games to make money on are those that pay regularly, and then that would be blackjack. Is blackjack profitable, you ask? Yes, but only over the very, very long-term, or if you risk immense sums on the turn of a card in a single hand.

What skills do I need to win blackjack?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. You do need “some skills” to win at blackjack. Sure, you can pull off a fluke, but it’s still best to learn a thing or two. When playing blackjack vs poker, you will typically need to know what the best decision is to make, given the visible cards on the table. Fortunately, this has been made easy to play blackjack over poker. A Basic Strategy chart is all you need. This will easily tell you all the potential moves you can make, and it can be used to play blackjack games at top online betting sites and the best live casinos out there.

Why blackjack may be more advantageous than poker

The odds of 3 Card Poker vs Blackjack aren’t too shabby at all; we won’t lie. That said, though, we like the odds of playing with three card blackjack games a little better. If you really want to level the playing field and see a tussle on your hands, then video blackjack vs video poker is the way to go. You can’t be “beaten” by the dealer or opposing players in video poker, so it’s quite advantageous.

However, we still recommend blackjack because it is far simpler to get to grips with. All you need to know is not to go over 21 and print off a Basic Strategy chart, and you’re good to go. Again, just don’t expect epic wins.

Which games should I choose to play?

Now that you know a bit about blackjack dealers vs poker dealers, perhaps it is time to play? Whether you prefer poker or blackjack, there are great games you can try. Some of these are live dealers, and others are mobile blackjack games. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Lightning Blackjack
  • Classic Blackjack
  • Jacks or Better Video Poker
  • Three Card Poker
  • Caribbean Stud Poker
  • Blackjack: Double Exposure
  • Red Dog Poker

The pros and cons of playing blackjack

  • You’ve got a better chance of winning than with poker
  • A more straightforward game for newbies to play
  • Many variants exist out there for you to try
  • It is cheap and affordable, even with side-bets
  • It is cheap and affordable, even with side-bets
  • Winnings are worth a lot less than with poker games

FAQs: Your questions about blackjack vs poker answered

Oh, yes. Some people often ask, “is blackjack a form of poker?” and falsely assume that it is an easier version. They are totally different games, and poker is a lot more complicated to play.
Yes. There are reasons to suggest that video poker and maybe even Three Card Poker may have comparable odds, but blackjack will always be easier to play than any poker game as there is less to remember.
No, but you can use Basic Strategy to play blackjack and poker strategies to exist. These only point you in the right direction and aren’t cheats. Is video blackjack rigged? No, and neither are table poker games.
They do, especially as live dealer tournaments. Not only can you find them online, but you can also check out our guide to blackjack tournament strategy right here.

Play blackjack and poker games online at the best casinos today

If you think you know everything you need to know, then why not put your blackjack vs poker knowledge to the test? Head over to our recommended casinos, and you can find a quality selection of sites offering blackjack or poker games, or both. Explore them at your leisure and play some titles for free with demo games at our top casinos today.