There are plenty of games you can play at a casino site: online slots, card games, table games, scratch cards, even casual platform titles that can be played for fun. Each of them will require a different budget to play: Some games can be played for a penny and some for hundreds of dollars. If you are ready to raise the stakes, you will be rewarded accordingly: This is the primary feature of high roller casino games.

If you are serious about winning and planning to make a fortune from gambling, high roller games will be your best option. However, you need guidance: Playing a $500 top dollar slot machine may sound like a good idea because it will pay thousands of dollars. But it can also be a bad idea because if you make the wrong choices, your losses will be quite big too. In short, you need guidance and that’s why we are here for. In this article, we will talk about high roller casino table games and what to expect from them. Plus, we will give you a list of all the best online casinos that include high roller table games. Let’s start and dive into the world of elite gamblers: Are you ready to become one?

What Are High Roller Games?

These are not “different” games if you are wondering. There is no additional game category that is called “high roller casino games”. These are regular casino games but they have two main differences from the rest:

  • They cost very high to play. You may need to spend 1.000 USD/EUR just to be able to join a single game session. In other words, their minimum bet limits, or the entry fees, will be considerably higher than other games.
  • You might find yourself wondering if “Do High Limit Slots Pay Better?“, they will. In general, the payout values of casino games are determined by their betting limits. So, playing a penny slot game, for example, will award pennies even when you’re playing at the best penny slot machines to play, it won’t make much of a difference – you get what you invest. But playing a $100 slot machine will pay much more since you will be risking more money. In short, yes, you need a bigger budget for playing high roller games, but you will be rewarded accordingly.

In general, card and table games fall into the category of high roller casino games. This is because high-rollers are mostly professional gamblers, and prefer games where it is possible to increase the winning chance by using a strategy. So, when someone says “high-roller”, the first thing that comes to mind will be the high roller casino table games. But know that any casino game can be a high roller game, as long as you are ready to spend big bucks. In this regard, even a $25 slot machine can be considered a high-roller game, due to the fact that most slot games require a single dollar to play.

Best Sites To Play High Roller Casino Table Games

Before going any further, let’s give some practical examples to high roller casinos. You need an online casino to play high roller games, but not all casino sites are suitable for this job. A high-roller player should be getting VIP treatment and the best bonuses possible, so picking the correct online casino is pf crucial importance if you are ready to play with big numbers.

In this regard, we have picked the following casino sites for you: They have the best high roller bonuses and best VIP Clubs you can find. But more importantly, they are legit, safe, and fair casino sites: These are the most important things for high rollers. Note that the sites below offer the option of high roller casino game download, which means you don’t need to use a browser if you want, you can simply download a program to play. But they are also instant play casino sites, which means it is possible to use them as a mobile casino and use any device to play.

Best High Roller Casino Games - Our Picks

Big5 Casino
Register today at Big5Casino to benefit from this amazing welcome bonus:

  • Get a 100% up to €500 on your first deposit with a minimum deposit of  €20
  • Get an additional 500 Free Spins when you deposit €55+
  • The free spins are released in bundles of 50 free spins per day, over the course of 10 days
  • Wagering requirements: 30x
Spin Samurai Casino
Get the amazing welcome package at Spin Samurai Casino: Up to €800 + 75 Free Spins!

  • 1st deposit: 60% up to €100
  • 2nd deposit: 50% up to €200 + 25 Free Spins
  • 3rd deposit: 40% up to €500 + 50 Free Spins
  • wagering requirements: 45x
MrLuck Casino
Make three deposits and start playing with up to 1200% bonus + 100 Wager Free Spins!

  • First deposit is 500% up to €100
  • Second deposit is 400% up to €120 + 50 Free Spins (no wagering)
  • Third deposit is 300% up to €120 + 50 Free Spins (no wagering)
  • Wagering requirements: x30
Betwinner Casino
Betwinner logo small

Register with Betwinner today and receive an exlusive welcome bonus of up to €390!

  • Use the promo code: ANALYZE
  • Minimum deposit required: €1
  • Wagering requirements: 28x
  • Bonus is not available for customers with cryptocurrency accounts

There are, of course, other casino sites that are suitable for playing high roller table games too, these are not your only options. Thanks to our geo-targeted review system, we can find you lots of other high roller casinos and the best online casino bonus offers: Just take a look at our reviews section to see all the other casino sites we can recommend to you.

What Is The Reason For Playing High Roller Casino Games?

There are two main reasons to play high roller games: adrenaline and big payouts. The first one is obvious – risking big amounts of money hoping to win much bigger than your investment is the definition of gambling: You are taking heavy risks. This gives you a thrill that cannot be matched by anything else. Most of the high-rollers are adrenaline addicts and playing a high stakes game is like jumping from a plane: It is an exciting thing to do. Playing with small amounts can never give you the same enthusiasm.

The second one is also obvious: You can literally become a millionaire if you are lucky enough. The stakes in a high limit blackjack game, for example, can easily rise to hundreds of thousands of dollars in no time. And, like every other player on the table, you have a chance of winning that prize. High roller casino games pay more and for most of the players, this reason is enough to play them.

What Kind Of Wagers Are Needed For Playing High Roller Games?

This is actually different at every online casino. There is no “fixed” betting limit in order to play high roller games: This amount can be 100 USD at some sites, and 1.000 USD at others. In general, however, we can draw the line at 100 USD per round/spin. If you are ready to spend this much on a game, you are a high-roller too and you are playing high roller games. In this regard, there is no maximum limit: There are game tables which require spending 10.000 USD/EUR to join, and we all know rumors about high roller casino games where millions of dollars change hands each night. 100 USD/EUR can be the minimum bet amount for playing high roller table games, but there is no maximum limit: You can spend as much as you want in a high roller casino.

Good To Know!

Further Information

Online casinos are the better choice to play high roller casino table games. In a land-based casino, you need a really big amount of money in order to be considered a high-roller: Even spending a couple of thousand dollars won’t be enough. In online casinos, however, that will make you a high-roller and allow you to get an invite for the VIP Club. Plus, you will be getting lots of bonuses which will give you an advantage. Prefer online casino sites to play high roller games.

Which High Roller Casino Games You Should Focus On

There is no single answer to this question but the best answer is “focus on the games you are good at”. If you don’t like playing roulette, for example, don’t start playing it just because you think it will pay more. Every player is good at a different kind of game, and the first rule is to pick a game you like to play. You can even choose high limit slot machines: They are also a good choice for high rollers too. (In this regard, let us remind you that we have a very nice high limit slots strategy guide you can use and an online slots guide to dive even deeper into this.)

In general, however, card and table games will be your best options. This is because while these are games of chance too, it is possible to increase your odds by using some strategies. Counting cards, for example, will give you an edge in blackjack. Reading the body language of your opponents will let you know when it is the best time to make a bluff. Or, knowing the odds and probabilities will let you make better betting decisions while playing high limit roulette. It is better to choose a game that can be the subject of tournaments, as these events can pay millions of dollars. For example, several poker tournaments are organized each year, and all the professional gamblers compete in them. In short, we will recommend three high roller games to focus on:

  • Poker (Texas Holdem will be the best variant)
  • Blackjack (stick with the classic version, do not play variants with bonus bets)
  • Roulette (European or French roulette – do not play the American variant)

By using the correct strategies, you can increase your winning chances in these games and they all have several tournaments & events that are organized on a global level. That’s why we think that these will be your best options. However, as mentioned above, the best game will be the one you are good at.

Pro Tip For You


If the regular high roller casino games are not “high enough” for you, check the live casino games section. These games are played against a real dealer and everything on the screen happens in real time. You won’t be finding slot machines in this section, for obvious reasons, but all kinds of high roller table games will be there: poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat… Live casino games can include very high table limits, and there are even VIP game rooms that can be joined only by invitation.

Top Casino With High Roller Games List


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Is It Worth To Play High Roller Table Games?

  • Very big payouts
  • Lots of game varieties: slot, card or table
  • The chance to join global tournaments
  • VIP treatment at online casinos
  • Special bonuses and faster withdrawals
  • The chance to compete against real professionals
  • They can be quite costly to play
  • When you lose, it will be big too


Yes, high roller casino games are not for everybody: You need a bigger budget to play and an additional budget to cover you when you lose. But you will get lots of benefits too: Online casinos will love you and offer all kinds of advantages: exclusive bonuses, special online payment casino methods such as bitcoin at bitcoin high limit casino games and limits, invitations to real world events and VIP tables, and personal assistants that are ready to help you 7/24, on the clock. Playing high roller games can be costly but you will get lots of things in return. And we are ready to help you to find the best online casinos to play high roller casino table games: We already have dozens of casino sites that are suitable for high roller table games, which offer the real VIP treatment to high rollers. Pick any one of them and start to play today: Welcome to the world of elite gamblers!