The banking method used by the very best online casinos in Russia, Georgia, and indeed most of the former Soviet Union nations has such a wide receiver because of the security and speed that it provides gamblers to deposit money and withdraw bonus winnings.

Amid rather strict online casino wagering restrictions in Russia, Yandex money provides the necessary anonymity to carry out hassle-free transactions between customers and online casinos.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what Yandex Money casinos are all about, what makes them ideal and how to make the best profit while using this payment method.

Best online casinos with Yandex Money payments in 2023


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What is Yandex Money casino?

Essentially, Yandex Money is an e-payment system that offers a robust multi-platform option for Yandex money deposit placement. Payments can be made via e-wallets, online banking, and designated cash payment acceptance points, the latter being the most cryptic of all.

Gamblers all over Eastern Europe will tell you that there aren’t many online payment service providers that hold a torch to Yandex. It is also common knowledge that the Yandex online casinos have the widest variety of transaction processing methods as well as very compatible mobile applications.

What first began as a joint venture with the colossal Yandex search engine in the year 2002 has come into its own, it is currently the second-largest electronic payment system in Russia with 92% of the populace familiar with the brand and 44% regular users, Yoomoney casinos as it is now called boasts of as much as fifteen thousand new online casino accounts openings daily.

As a whole, Yandex money casinos boast of a mobile casino app, Mastercard principal membership status, as well as Yandex e-wallets, Yandex checkout, business to business services(b2b), and apple, payment authorization.

General information about Yandex payment method

While we now know that deposits can be made on Yandex payment without owning an account, facilitating low-profile Yandex money casino transactions in a restrictive climate.

Like other methods, deposits are instant. The fees, however, are on the high side, varying with the deposit method– at flat cost if you’re funding the account with a Sberbank ATM, 1% commission with a debit or credit card, and 3% via web money or QIWI.

For now, it enjoys the biggest patronage in its native Russian market with over 44% of the populace claiming to have used the payment and instant money withdrawal method.

How to create free Yandex Money International virtual Mastercard in 2023

As stated earlier, Yandex Money attained Mastercard principal membership status in 2015, we found it delightful that you don’t have to be registered or own a bank account to qualify for this service- here’s a guide, you simply need to follow these steps:

  • With your browser (preferably Google Chrome), click on this URL link. Ensure automatic translation is enabled on your browser.
  • After the website is opened, click on “create a wallet” to go to the open a wallet registration page.
  • Enter the “login username” of your choice, a strong “password” and enter an “email address” you will like to use for notifications about payments. Ensure your country code is included in your phone number g +1(xxx)xxx-xxxx).
  • Click on start, a wallet confirmation code will be sent to your phone number, enter the code, and click on start a wallet. You should be redirected to a page with a message saying “Your wallet is almost created”.
  • While waiting for your account to be created, check your email address and click on Yandex. passport link to confirm your email address, and go to your newly created Yandex money wallet page.
  • To create your virtual card at the top of the website navigation click on “bank cards” and click on “virtual” to go to the Information page.
  • Scroll down and click on “learn more” and click on “get a card” you will be redirected to a page where you will have to get a new Text message password for your card, it will be sent to your phone number. Enter the password.
  • Congrats, you’re all done. You now have an international Mastercard.

These steps highlighted above show you how to use Yandex money.

How to deposit at online casinos with Yandex Money?

The next question that comes to your mind upon finding out about this amazing opportunity to make payments for your online gambling is “how?”. Lucky you, because here we are to adequately answer this question with these simple steps:

Step 1
Go to your casino cashier page and navigate to the Casino Deposit section,
Step 2
Select the payment option from where you will be taken to the Yandex website.
Step 3
Log in, then select how much to deposit. You will also need to select the payment method of your desire and pay.
Step 4
Upon confirmation of payment, the funds are transferred immediately to your casino account.

If you wish to use a Mastercard, simply select the relevant deposit option and then provide the requested details. If the transaction is successful, the funds will be credited to your casino account instantly.

YooMoney safety and security

Depositing using this Yandex money is safe because you’ll don’t need to input your card details at any online casino, so they can’t be harvested by third-party sites or phishing scams. Security is also guaranteed by anonymity for the Russian players.

For the transactions to be processed without an account, the hyper-secure payment method of one-time passwords(OTPs), wallet alarms, and Yandex money protection are used instead. There is also the fraud detector feature that was added to pick up and protect against account hacks, wallet scams, and theft.

How to find the best casinos accepting Yandex?

There are quite a number of top game casino list makers  that accept Yandex money, while most of them are of a superior class, here are some criteria that can be used to screen for the very best, following these guidelines, we can assure you that you won’t lose your way:

Reputation: Watch out for the reputation that the casino has managed to amass for itself over the years. If a customer gets distasteful service at a casino site, they are sure to register their displeasure on the reviews for that site. In a situation where a casino keeps getting bad Yandex money casino reviews, it’s a no-no. But where there are lots of glowing reviews over time, the customers get satisfied. This is a cardinal rule that should not be contravened.

Game selections: A classical pointer to the excellence of a casino is how wide their online casino game selection pool is. Sites with different game selection pools provide a better chance of bonus wins in the long run due to specialization.

Deposit methods: The compatibility of deposit methods accepted online with your personal preferences is a vital selection criterion. The more options a casino has, the merrier. Also, you want to go for the fastest Yandex money casino sites in terms of deposit and withdrawal speed

Customer Support is a clear-cut mark of a high-value casino among the Yandex money casino list, pay attention to how many methods by which the customer service can be reached as well as the speed with which they respond to concerns and complaints.

Certification: Certification from reputable gambling market investigators doesn’t lie. Before you get invested in a casino, ensure that they are certified by the necessary regulatory bodies, to avoid getting your fingers burnt.

Promos: The high roller casinos accepting Yandex are there because they provide their customers with the most generous promotions and Yandex money casino bonuses. While this is the case, promos and Yandex money casino free spins should not be a primary screening criterion but should take backstage to weightier matters like reputation and security. It could also be used to break the tie when you’re conflicted between two equally awesome casinos.

Top 4 Tips and tricks for the best Yandex money casino

Want to win real Yandex Money online at casinos using Yandex money? These tips and tricks in the house will definitely give you an edge when next you find yourself gaming  at your favorite Yandex casino:


  • Choose Yandex casino game sites with a wide selection of games: The more the variety of online casino games you can get from one casino, the more likely it is that you will find one that you’ll be great at, increasing your chances of winning significantly.
  • Choose casinos that offer free spins and deposit bonuses: This is as obvious as day, the more casino reload bonuses that a casino site can give, the higher your chances of winning.
  • Follow and pay attention to the Yandex casino review: Giving time to assess the experience of other customers., gives you a good idea of what to expect, saving you from having to suffer at the hands of problematic online casino games
  • Always work on a financial plan and budget: It is always easy to lose yourself in playing games, it is always better to have a stated budget before starting to consciously mitigate losses.

Alternative payment methods for Yandex online casinos

At this point, it is clear enough that live casinos that accept Yandex money  are somewhat exclusive to Russian citizens, Georgia regions in Eastern Europe, you might be in an area with no coverage or strong legal restrictions, the  Russian online casino that you wish to play at might just not work with Yandex, here are some others to consider:

e-wallets: e-wallets like Skrill casinos and Neteller casinos are a viable alternative to Yandex. They are particularly fast and secure

Credit and debit cards: Visa Casino and Mastercard casinos are very well recognized by most if not all Russian and Ukrainian online casinos and they are an excellent option to have with you.

Crypto: Online casinos are becoming increasingly welcome to the idea of funding your Yandex casino gambling wallet with Bitcoin casino and Ethereum. Although, a good number of online casinos haven’t yet warmed up to this mode of payment yet.

Prepaid cards: Cards like Paysafe casinos, Entropay casinos, and EcoCard have proven over time to be not only the safest and reliable option for brick and mortar casinos but also for live casinos online.

Newest alternative payment methods to YooMoney

Pros and cons about Yandex money transactions

  • Account-free operations
  • Safe and secure payment and withdrawal transactions
  • Bypassing stringent local restrictions and regulations to make payments
  • Highly Responsive customer care service with laid down rules for conflict resolution
  • Rapid deposit and withdrawal time
  • Generous casino registration bonuses and promotions due to how popular the payment system is.
  • The relatively heavier transaction fees imposed on customers
  • It is limited in its scope of operation to Eastern Europe so UK customers cannot make use of their services

Frequently asked questions about casinos that accept YooMoney

Yes, wew Yandex casinos are safe to play. The level of security that Yandex payment services provide is top-notch however, it is good practice to screen the site for certifications from reputable institutions, reputation and game selection variety.
Yes, Yandex Money has mobile casino software provider solutions for iOS, Android and even Windows phones. The verification of Yandex Money deposit in mobile casino uses SMS-code service so the entire procedure can be done on one single device.
Yes, winnings can be withdrawn just as deposits can be made. To claim Yandex money withdrawals, you will need to supply your wallet ID and wait for a money transfer notification. The process may take up to 5 days and can be withdrawn at the ATM with the Yandex money card.
For the most part, the customer service is highly responsive with 24/7 coverage over toll-free phone lines, email and even live chat features. A fraud detector system also exists to protect customers.
Yes, a multitude of them exist in fact, it is noteworthy that customers are more likely to get juicier bonuses with Yandex than other regular payment gateways.

Yandex Money casinos: the Russian gambler’s best friend

Without an iota of doubt, it can be said that no online casino payment platform takes care of the average Eastern European’s game-funding needs as well as Yandex casinos do: from convenient account-free transactions to bypassing heavy restrictions to absolutely safe and secure payment and withdrawal, the list is exhaustive.

They are the punter’s darling, not just sentimentally, Yandex money is worth all the hype. You can check out this one-of-a-kind payment system by playing at any of our recommended Yandex money casinos.