Blackjack is a game where only one hit card is allowed and the punters can choose to play for a poker hand.

Mobile blackjack games are also popular now where players decide to either stand on the two-card hand or choose to take a hit card.

However, being careful about blackjack 3 card payouts is important because all bets are at risk when a hit is taken. If one goes over 21, all the bets of Poker Play and Blackjack are taken.

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How To Play 3 Card Blackjack?

Three card blackjack begins when a punter places a Blackjack bet along with the optional Poker bet. The dealer deals the cards according to the regular 3 card blackjack strategy where two cards face up to each player, a card facing up and one card facing down.

The punter decides to stand or hit. While placing the optional Play Poker bet, the 2 initial cards or 3 cards if a hit is taken, are being played for the Poker Play table. Players can only split the Aces and not re-split. According to the blackjack tournament strategy, punters cannot place any additional Poker play bets on the split hand.

The original hand of the Poker Play bet shall be in play and doubling down is not permitted. The dealer chooses one hit card with the value of 15 or less and stands with 16 or higher.

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Rules Regarding how to make money playing Blackjack

  • A 52 card single deck is used in 3 card blackjack 
  • Punters make an Ante Wager with an optional Ace plus side bet
  • The dealer gives 3 cards to the punter and himself where player cards are dealt face down and they can look at it
  • Hands are scored and can be composed using either 2 or all 3 cards
  • After checking the cards, the punter might fold or raise. If he folds, he forfeits his Ante wager. 
  • If raised, the punter must make a Raise wager which shall be equal to the Ante Wager
  • The dealer turns over his 2 face-down cards and must have 17 or more points to open
  • If the dealer fails to open, the punter hold a blackjack and paid 1 to 1 on the Ante which would result in the Raise to push
  • If the dealer opens, the punter fails to obtain a blackjack, and the higher hand wins 
  • The Ace Plus side bet pays according to the player’s hand

Odds Of Three Card Blackjack

The authentic 21+3 side bet is a 9:1 payout for a winning hand which makes the house edge around 3.24%. The overall house edge might vary from casino to casino but strategies to win remain the same. Other variations of 3 card blackjack side bets have house edges from around 2.78-13.39%.

Return to Player (RTP) of this wager is 95.38% and the standard house edge is 4.62%.

Strategies That Work

3 card blackjack showdown with the dealer ends only in three possible ways. Firstly, if the punter has two cards forming a Natural 21 or Blackjack, the hand is always paid even money on both the Play Bet And Ante bet. It does not make any difference regarding what the dealer holds and qualifies since the player wins even money even if blackjack is shown by the dealer.

Secondly, if the handheld by the dealer fails to qualify, all of the Ante bets of the punter wins even money whereas the Play bets are considered as a push with the wagers returned. Thirdly, when the hand of the dealer qualifies, the best one wins. The win by the punter pays more money on both the Play and Ante bets. If the dealer wins, the wagers are forfeited by the punter. Other ties excluding blackjack result in a push with neither a winner nor a loser with all bets returned.

Three card blackjack is one of the best casino games to make money along with European Blackjack which is offered at casinos with multiple payment options like Dogecoin blackjack and offers an optional side bet known as the Ace Plus Bonus. 

It pays a bonus of at least 1 to 1 whenever an Ace is contained by the player’s hand. The punter must take advantage of this by wagering at least one unit in the Ace Plus assigned betting circle before dealing the next hand. 

For blackjack money management, bigger bonuses are paid out for the hands at a higher rank : 3 to 1 for an Ace plus and 10 through King with any card, 5 to 1 for Ace Plus with any pair of 10s with Kings, 15 to 1 for a pair of Ace, 25 to 1 for a pair of Ace plus a card 10 through King and 100 to 1 for 3 Aces. 

Pros And Cons

  • The supplemental stake offers a rewarding proposition in terms of payouts
  • Offers lower house edge as compared to other casino games
  • Card counters do not have to wait for longer durations for a favorable count
  • These bets might churn out a huge amount that might even be higher than the stake
  • Purely based on chance and luck, no skills are involved
  • House edge can be higher than 6-8 deck blackjack

Tips And Tricks

Blackjack offers relatively good odds for punters. To help the rookies understand when to surrender in blackjack, memorizing the right way to stand, split, hit and double down in blackjack is important. This cuts the house edge from 1-2% to 0.5%. Primary tricks for blackjack  include:

  • To stand when the punter’s hand is 12-16 while the dealer has 2-6
  • Hitting when the dealer has a  7-Ace and the punter has 12-16
  • Splitting Aces and 8s
  • Doubling 11 vs the dealer’s  double Aces 6 or 2-10 Hit
  • To answer do you take insurance in blackjack, one must avoid using insurance because it tends to increase the house edge for high limit blackjack 
  • Checking the dealer’s up card 
  • Avoid sitting in the first base seat
  • Starting with smaller amounts to abide by the online casino strategy blackjack 


When a punter hits A,2,4 and gets an A, it is a soft 18 and one stands unless the dealer shows a 9,10 or A. Strategies state that one has to stand with soft 18 or more, except hit soft 18 when a 9,10 or Ace is shown by the dealer.
For the consecutive cards with the same suit in a straight flush, the probability of achieving it is 0.002172 and pays 40 to 1.
The main strategy to make at the Play Wager for a bet for three-card blackjack is when one Queen-6-4 or better includes a high card which is an Ace or a King. It is also determined by how high the other two cards are and whenever the hand is Q-7 or better.
Three card blackjack is the best possible hand with a combination of Ace with 10 or a face card which is a 21. When Ace is counted as an 11, it is known as Natural. This cannot be beaten unless the dealer has the same Push. In such a case; the player receives the bet back.


Blackjack has become one of the most popular card games at both brick-and-mortar casinos and online. Multiple strategies help punters to achieve their desired goal and make long-term profits.

Online blackjack offers multiple payment options like e-wallets: Neteller, Skrill, credit and debit cards, crypto payments like bitcoin and dogecoin. These are increasing the online player base making the game a huge success.