Spots are basically the numbers you select in multi 20 card Keno Strategy. If some or all the numbers match the ones that are drawn, they are called a catch. Again, a punter has to bet the same amount on each card to play with.

Suppose a punter plays with 4 cards with 15 selections on them and the bet is $1 per card and he manages to catch 3 out of the 15 numbers on the first ticket, 8 on the 2nd, and 4 on the fourth. There were no catches on the third card. Then, he has to check out the winnings in the paytable. However, for 20 dollar minimum deposit casino sites, the bet per card has to be more. 

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What is Multi Card Keno?

20 card keno strategy  is similar to single card keno games in terms of difficulty level. Standard keno is played with one card per round whereas multi card keno can be played with up to 20 cards. The main difference from single card keno is that punters can choose up to 7 cards marking 15 different numbers on each card. A larger percentage of the keno board can be covered which increases winning chances. To start off, one has to choose the amount he wants to bet on each card and the number of cards which can be between 1-7. Each number has 1-80 and a gambler has to choose 1-15 different numbers for each card.

Upon deciding these, the game begins. After 20 numbers are drawn, one wins depending on how many numbers have matched per card. They are usually awarded when a  9-10 number ticket bearing all numbers are hit. Punters usually play between 3-9 numbers on an average in 20 card keno online free games where slot machines with bonus games are available too. Punters can play the most popular slots for free too.

20 Card Keno Strategy - details on how to play

How to win at 20 card keno can be explained via some basic rules. While selecting numbers in multi-card keno, they are referred to as a Spot. If a punter wants to play 5 numbers, it is called 5 Spot. Matching numbers is known as Catch. After deciding upon how many cards to play, choose the numbers for play at new online casino 2021  where multiple slots tournaments are conducted too. The more numbers you play, there lies better chance to match 20 card keno patterns that win for a higher payout.

After selecting the betting amount per card, 20 numbers will be randomly drawn where the more you match, the more you win like in the high limit slot strategy. Suppose 4 cards are played using 15 numbers and per card wagering is $1, card number 1 will have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, and 15 and for card number 2 there will be 16-30, for card 3, 31-45 , for card 4 46-60.

Suppose for the draw the numbers drawn are:

2,8,13,17,18,20,22,24,25,29,30,46,49,50,59,63,67,72,75,80. Based on the amounts of numbers matched, the payout table pays you a percentage of your wager. The payout table as per our example for 20 card keno combinations would look like: 

Card number 1 : 3/15

Card number 2 : 8/15

Card number 3 : 0/15

Card number 4: 4/15

Based on the $1 bet and payout table , the winnings on 20 card keno board would look like : 

Card #1- $1.00 X 0.5 = $0.50

Card #2- $1.00 X 15 = $15.00

Card #3- $1.00 X 0 = $0.00

Card #4 – $1.00 X 0.5 = $0.50

The winnings would then be $12 ( $0.50+ $15 + $0 + $0.50 = $16 – $4 original bet = $12 ) .

Strategies for Multi Card Keno

Spot bets are a 20 card Keno Strategy pattern that works best with 20 cards. The objective is to make multiple sets of numbers across all the cards played with. Suppose in 2 card keno, the following sets are made : 3 sets of 6 spots, 4 sets of 3 spots, 4 sets of 4 spots, 4 sets of 5 spots, 7 sets of 7 spots, and 2 sets of 8 spots. All cards are covered with different sets of numbers ensuring that duplicate numbers on different cards are not marked. The aim of spots is to generate frequent smaller winnings that would pull through more drawings eventually leading to winning at 20 card keno. Sets are a popular strategy in free  20 card keno.

Its objective is to cover as many numbers as possible without repeating them at the best paying casino. The first thing that has to be done is to decide whether one wants 2 numbers or 3 per set. Then, one has to make 6 different sets of numbers containing either two or three numbers each. Therefore, it turns out that one is playing 3 out of the 6 sets of numbers on each card making a total of 20 distinct combinations in 20 card keno games. 

Don’t change your numbers after every draw: This is one of the most common strategies for 20 card keno charts. Sticking to the same set of numbers irrespective of a win or loss is important because it is proven that frequency number changes increase the house edge of the best casino games to make money in 2021. The winning numbers are randomly drawn and the players who are keno enthusiasts have confirmed that this strategy does work in the long run and the chosen set of numbers works in your favor. 

Don’t forget the importance of luck: Multi-card keno is a luck-based game. Even if one might have the best playing technique, he might generate small or no winnings at all. Certain days are beneficial for the punter whereas the next day might be bad to crack 20 card keno jackpots like in the baccarat system. Luck comes and goes and thus gambling must be enjoyed without bothering about how to recover lost money in casinos since losses cannot be chased. 

Tips and Tricks for players

Further Information

Checking for casinos with good promotions, online slots guide 2021, rewards, and customer service is important too. These credible casinos are the best places to apply your 20 Card Keno Strategy Online

  • Keno numbers fall in clusters: Clusters occur when every Keno draw selects the numbers randomly and these patterns or lines occur when there is a connection or touch between the winning numbers. Using clusters for selecting numbers can be done in multiple ways and is a popular method in online casino wagering
  • Playing no more than eight cards: Choosing fewer than 8 cards helps in covering a larger percentage of the keno board which boosts winnings chances and 20 card keno payouts at online casino games guide 2021
  • Reset the numbers as much as possible: Always ensure that the numbers from the previous match are erased. 
  • Put the cluster patterns on eight cards instead of a four-card game: Working with 20 numbers split among 20 cards is a difficult task in the 20 Card Keno Strategy. Thus, looking for combinations of numbers repeated often in the last draws helps. 

Strategies for playing Keno

Keno has been popularised over the centuries and comes in different variations. Multi-card keno strategy guide 2021 includes playing with lucky numbers (phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, etc). Master the technique for precisely choosing the numbers and looking for patterns has an overall impact on the outcome of the game. Double your bet until you win is not available like in blackjack games. Best casino strategies for keno are: 

Choosing casinos with better payouts: Keno has variable payouts and thus one game might have multiple payouts for the same groupings as the other. Many casino machines offer different payouts in 20 card keno online

Play for free: Free keno comes across many platforms by gambling establishments and online casino Europe. It is a good option for newbies to have an idea about the gameplay before proceeding into real investments. 

Select between four and eight numbers: The ideal choice in keno is between four to eight numbers because this range maximizes payout odds at 20 card keno strategy real money. Numbers below this range reduce winning chances and decrease best payouts casino whereas higher numbers would need to march at least five numbers for a win. 

Choose consecutive numbers or the cold ones: After playing a few successive rounds of keno, one can notice that some figures appear at a greater frequency as per the free 20 card Keno Strategy. Thus, making a choice based on the frequency of the numbers is important. Cold numbers are the ones that hardly appear whereas most appearing ones are hot which are applicable for the 20 card keno video strategy too. 

Play at a reliable casino: Reliable and legitimate casinos run on Random Number Generator which ensures fair play and random outcomes. How to win at online roulette has a much different concept than keno since outside bets play a significant role.

FAQ about 20 card Keno strategy

The most often drawn numbers on keno include 23,34,72,1 and 4. The maximum number of draws is 20 but no one has hit 10 out of 20 numbers since it is not possible. Guessing 15 numbers is a hard task itself.
To have the best odds in keno, one has to keep in mind that the payout multiplier number decreases as the picks increase. To have a greater chance of winning, one must strike a balance between the payout and risk where the ideal choice stands between 4-8 numbers.
Each country has its own most hit keno number. For example, in NZ, the most hit number is 27 drawn in 25.74 % cases. In Hungary, the numbers that hit the most are 47 and 66. Washington, US has 75,29,53 as the commonly hit numbers.
No particular strategy exists that will guarantee a win in a game of Keno. Since this is a game of chance, the punter cannot influence the outcome of the winning numbers drawn. Thus, like most casino games, it is luck-based.
Yes, keno patterns mostly involve the way in which numbers are extracted in different sessions, and places are repeated. Keep checking for the repeat of numbers as they offer a bigger winning chance. Some patterns include the twenty-card keno pattern, multi-card keno pattern.
Licensed and trustworthy casinos offer random keno numbers using an RNG chip and a control chip that decides how the game has to be played. Hence unfair practice is a rare possibility at these reputed sites.

In A Nutshell

Playing all the available cards in multi-card keno increases the wager by a factor of the number of cards a punter chooses from the one-card keno. Certain varieties of multi-card keno allow 1-7 cards whereas some allow 20 cards at once. The stakes rise as more numbers are chosen. The more you match, the more you win basically. Multi-card Keno games have a limited choice as compared to single card keno games but they can be found at well-equipped and legal online gaming hubs and casinos.