Craps is one of the most popular dice games in casinos around the world and comes in various modes for one to play. Flourished from a western European game, popular in the early streets and formerly called hazard, this game has come a long way to be globally acclaimed and embraced. 

Craps invites various forms of betting, amongst which is the crowd favorite, ‘don’t pass bet craps’ – the mesmerizing piece of a game.  With the almighty in heaven’s high dower, and all his splendour in a roll of a dice, you have arrived just to the right place. Because we have all you need to know about don’t pass bet craps –

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Don’t Pass Bet Craps

The don’t pass craps bet works just the opposite way the pass bet does. And unlike the pass bets the don’t pass bets are not contract bets and can be taken down at any time. The don’t pass bet can only be made before the come-out roll, when the puck is still in the off position. In the don’t pass bet the come-out roll of a 7 or an 11 would determine a loser, while the come-out roll of a 2 or a 3 bring a sure win.

Each win at a don’t pass bet will amount to an even money payment. On the table layout in some casinos the come-out roll of a 12 is considered a push. A push is actually a tie. However, in some other casinos, the come-out roll of actually a 2 would be called for a tie or a push. In either case, the numbers that would serve as push would be initially marked on the table layout, and bettors would be beforehand informed. 

The biggest disadvantage of playing don’t pass bet craps is that there are eight ways to roll a loss, and only three ways to roll a win. If one can make pass the come-out roll to establish a point, the odds of winning comes in their favour as the number 7 is most likely to be rolled.

When a point is established, no other number can affect the game apart from a 7 and the specific point number. In don’t pass bet craps, the come-out roll of a 7 prior to the come-out roll of the established number is a win, and likewise, the come-out roll of the established point number prior to the come-out roll of a 7 is a direct loss. 

The don’t pass craps bet has only a house edge of 1.37 percentage, and just like the pass line you are allowed to add free odds bet to lower the overall house edge even more. You place additional money right beside your craps flat bet and you get paid with the true odds.

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Possible Outcomes of The Don’t Pass Bet Craps

Here are the possible outcomes that you have to deal with while playing the don’t pass bet craps – 

  • 2 or 3: A come-out roll of either a 2 or a 3 will enunciate a straight win.
  • 7 or 11: A come-out roll of a 7 or an 11 will always result in a loss.
  • 2 or 12: In some casinos as per their table layout, the come-out roll of either a 2 or a 12 would be taken for a push and the game would be held at a tie.
  • 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10: A come-out roll of any of these numbers would establish a point, in which case the player would have to roll a 7 prior to hitting the established number. Any other value at this stage would by no means affect the game.

The Don’t Pass Odds Bet

As mentioned earlier, one can lower the house edge by adding odds and get paid with the true odds. Let’s take a look at what exactly we mean by that:

  • 4 and 10: You have a 2 to 1 advantage that the 7 will show up before the 4 or 10, which is to say, you would need to lay or put two units to win back one unit from the bet. For example, on a $60 bet, you would have to lay $120 as odds to win back an additional $60.
  • 5 and 9: You get a 3 to2 advantage at this bet. For a $60 bet, you would have to lay $90 as odds to win back $60 worth of money.
  • 6 and 8: You are allowed a 6 to 5 advantage. For a $60 bet here, you would have to lay 6/5*($60) = $72 as odds to win back $60 worth of money.

That is how the don’t pass odds payout is calculated. Also research on payouts for a don’t pass line odds bet in craps for more info.

Importance of Betting Patterns in Craps

For one to succeed and always keep a reasonable amount of money at hand, one must realize the important patterns of betting in craps. A mighty observation, the study of the game, and good maths – that’s basically all you need.

Here’s how a considerable study of the betting patterns in craps should help you in a game,

  • Helps you understand the risks in a game.
  • Helps you progress in a much more educated manner.
  • Helps you avoid bets that you are very much likely to lose.
  • Helps you realize the kind of situation you are most probably in.
  • Helps you take advantage of games that are likely to yield good profit.
  • Your ability to predict a bet becomes more and more transparent.
  • Your knowledge and so your confidence soars.

Pros and Cons

  • Your chances of winning at don’t pass is much higher than that of pass.
  • It carries a house edge of only 1.37%.
  • Don’t pass odds helps you lower the house edge even more.
  • Since it is not amongst the contract bets, it can be taken down or even altered at any time.
  • There are more ways to roll a loss than a win when the game is still fresh and a point is yet to be established.
  • Since the odds allow you to benefit even higher, a bad come-out roll would likewise result in quite an impactful loss.
  • Do check out craps bet pass and don’t pass; craps and don’t pass bet sheet; craps don’t pass odds bet; don’t pass odds payout; craps money management; craps tournament strategy; come line craps; craps pass line bet.

Tips and Tricks on How to Play the “Don’t Pass Bet Craps”


On the first roll, the probability of winning craps using a don't pass line bet is 4/36. To strengthen your knowledge try and find out why craps is illegal in California.
When you place your chips on the don’t pass line on a table layout, you participate in a don’t pass bet. You can only take part once the puck is in the off position.
When you play in the exact opposite manner of how you would have played in pass it becomes don’t pass. As opposed to the pass bet, a 2 or 3 is a winner, where a 7 or 11 is called for a loser.
Sure, you can take down a don’t pass bet. This is the advantage of playing a don’t pass bet, you can alter your bet at any time you feel like doing so. Learn about the don't pass line and don’t pass odds payout.
Of course, it is possible to increase a don’t pass bet at any given time. That is the specialty of don’t pass bet. Since it is not a contract bet, it can be altered at any time.
It does! Not only does it increase the amount of money you are likely to win but it also brings down the house edge.


So, there you go! This is all you need to know before you roll that one damn dice. Keep your eyes open, and your sentiments curbed – and with the law of nature, you shall come victorious. Don’t hate the game, and don’t you dare hate the player.