Whether you like to play on a desktop or mobile casino, blackjack is the best high roller game you can try your chances: High stakes blackjack games are famous for a reason.

The stakes can go very high and you can increase your winning odds by using the right strategy: High roller blackjack games offer the best competitive gambling experience you can find.

And, in this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about them: Let’s start with a list of the best online casinos to play high limit blackjack. In this way, you will better learn how to make money playing blackjack.

Our Picks To Play High Limit Blackjack Games In 2021

Whether you want to play high limit blackjack games or high limit slots, these online casinos will offer the best bonuses and games to you. We picked them according to our high standards and guarantee that they will offer you the best high roller gambling experience possible.

Our Top Casinos With High Limit Blackjack Picks

Mr. Play Casino
Mr.Play Logo Small
The guy with the mustache gives you a 100% match bonus (up to 200 EUR) at the start. Making two more deposits will give you 80 free spins too. Use these bonuses to jump-start your gambling balance and use your winnings at high limit blackjack games!
Betsson Casino
betsson small logo
Your welcome package at Betsson casino contains 101 free spins and a 100% match bonus, up to 100 EUR. Make a 10 EUR deposit to unlock this bonus and wager it 35 times to keep all of your winnings forever. Betsson casino also offers rake bonuses to serious card players – they are the best bonus to play high stakes blackjack.
Leo Vegas Casino
LeoVegas small logo
The welcome bonus of Leo Vegas is truly royal: You will get 300 free spins and up to 1.600 EUR for your first four deposits. And the wagering rate is only 35x: Use this bonus to win at high roller blackjack games and complete the requirement almost instantly!

You can read detailed reviews of these casinos on our website too and learn more. Our review section also contains more recommendations for playing high stakes blackjack.

How To Play High Stakes Blackjack: Rules And Probabilities

The rules of no limit blackjack games are the same – the only thing different is the prize amount. So, to summarize them, this is how you play high limit blackjack:

  • The game is played between a dealer and a player. Up to 5 players can play against the same dealer. So high stakes blackjack requires at least 2, maximum 6 players.
  • At the start of the game, the dealer takes two cards for himself and gives to card to the player(s).
  • Your goal is to reach 21 points or a point total higher than the dealer. Aces are worth 11, picture cards are worth 10, and all other cards are worth their face value.
  • You can get as many cards as you like by saying “hit”. But if you don’t want any more cards, you must say “stand”. In any case, you must not surpass 21 points or you will lose the game.

These are the basic rules of the game and mobile blackjack games are played exactly like this too. As can be guessed from this explanation, the starting hands are quite important. So, what are your odds of getting specific point totals with the first two cards? Check the table below.



Natural Blackjack (21 Points)
20 Points
19 Points
18 Points
17 Points

When combined, you have a 27.60% chance to get 20, 19, or 18 points with your first two cards. At the start, you are more likely to get 20 points than you’re likely to get 19, 18, or 17 points.

Basic High Limit Blackjack Strategy

The basic online blackjack strategy can be used for high limit blackjack games too. Once again, the only thing different is the prize money: The rules and the winning chances are exactly the same. This means all the usual strategies will also work for high stakes blackjack. In this regard, we recommend the following:

  • Learn the best starting hands. A natural blackjack is obviously the best high limit blackjack hand but there are other good hands too: Getting a hard or soft 20, a soft 18, and the hard 11 are very good combinations that offer many opportunities.
  • Learn the worst hands too. Getting a hard 16 if the dealer has 10 is the worst hand you can get. The same thing can be said for getting a hard 16 against a dealer 9.
  • Stand at 17. Dealers usually stand at 17 for a reason: It is the sweet spot. If you are not sure what to do, standing at 17 is your best move.
  • Do not split every pair. Do not split 5s and 10s. But always split 7s and 8s.
  • Use a bonus. Take advantage of a high roller bonus to play high limit blackjack. Such bonuses will give you an additional gambling balance literally for free.

Deposit Options For High Limit Online Blackjack

Playing high roller casino games requires a big budget, and to get a big budget, you need flawless transactions but as high roller slots pay better and by extension so do high stakes blackjack games. In other words, you need to use the right payment method to fund your gambling balance such as bitcoin high limit casino games. We recommend using the following payment methods for playing high stakes blackjack games and Canadian Blackjack, too:

  • Visa Casino
  • Visa

    The most popular credit card provider in the world. VISA transactions will be fast and almost free: You can even earn bonus points.

    Visa Casino Guide
  • MasterCard

    The next best thing after VISA. However, we recommend using it for deposits only. MasterCard is known to cause problems with withdrawals related to gambling.

    MasterCard Casino
  • Paypal big logo
  • PayPal

    The largest e-wallet service provider in the world and also the fastest one: PayPal should be your default choice, as long as it is supported.

    Online Casino Paypal
  • Neteller big logo
  • Neteller

    You may not find PayPal at every high roller blackjack casino but you will find Neteller literally everywhere. The best alternative to PayPal.

    Neteller Casino
  • skrill big logo
  • Skrill

    And Skrill is the best alternative to Neteller. Both services are owned by the same company, so there are almost no differences between them.

    Skrill Casino

Pros And Cons Of High Roller Blackjack Games

  • You can win very big payouts
  • You can effectively increase your winning chance by using the right strategies
  • This may be the best competitive gambling experience you can get
  • You really need to know what you are doing
  • Stakes can be very high for most of the players

Try Your Chance At High Limit Blackjack Tables Today!

Pick one of our recommended high roller casino sites, make your deposit, and choose a high limit blackjack table: You are ready to make history! Blackjack is the only casino game that offers an RTP rate of 99.72%, so with optimal gameplay, you can really win all the games you play. In short, this will be a very fun and profitable adventure: See you at high stakes blackjack tables!