No bust blackjack may seem strange to many blackjack lovers, but it is one of the most interesting blackjack strategies you can employ.

The no bust is easy to understand but comes with an additional on top of the ordinary blackjack rules.

In this guide, we tackle the no-bust blackjack rules in detail. That means by the end of this write up you should know how to play no bust blackjack effectively as well as an answer: what does bust mean in Blackjack?

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History of blackjack

Most black researchers agree that the game probably began in French casinos about the 17th century. However, this is still under debate. In France, the blackjack cards were known as “Vingt-et-Un,” which means “Twenty-one.” It is believed that the cards were obtained from Chemin de Fer, a popular game at that time.

However, it is worth noting that a theory exists that points the origin of blackjack to the Romans. This theory is accepted because Romans were true gamblers, and they played this game using wooden blocks with different numbers rather than paper cards. 

Vingt-et-Un had various versions, and its popularity expanded to North America. Actually, it reached the shores of North America in 1800, thanks to the French colonialists. The game did not spread further but developed in France during the 19th century. In America, the game evolved. 

What is no bust in blackjack?

Besides knowing what blackjack no bust means, you must precisely answer, does no bust blackjack work? That’s a getaway to knowing how to make money playing Blackjack.

That said, no bust blackjack is one of the most powerful blackjack strategies to employ. The strategy injects a No Bust element by adding rules that allow players to win on busted totals as long as their hand is lower than the dealer’s busted hand

Note that California no bust blackjack is a regional variant with its own rules. Precisely, if you have a busting hand, i.e., 12 to 16, stay and hope that the dealer busts. If the dealer hits and busts, then you will win, majorly because you are still in the game:

  • Bust: when a dealer’s hand total is beyond 21
  • Hit: when a player requests an extra card from the dealer

While some players bust on totals beyond 15, it makes very little sense. The probability of the dealer busting is 33.15%. This leaves you with a 66.85% chance of losing by fear. If you request an additional card at 15, your chances of busting and losing are about 58.58%.

While the no-bust blackjack system seems enjoyable, it can be frustrating in the end, especially if you are a novice. In this case, try a basic strategy such as the martingale betting strategy, which significantly lowers the blackjack house edge than the bust strategy. If you play this in real money land-based or online casinos, your money will last. 

The main rules of no bust blackjack

Before starting to play California blackjack, it is best to understand the conventional blackjack casino games. This will ultimately prepare you for the no-bust 21st-century blackjack. Nonetheless,  to understand the no bust blackjack rules, here are the essential aspects:

Deck & Card Values in No Bust Blackjack

The Blackjack no bust formula is similar to the conventional blackjack system.

Typically, the game uses the ordinary 52 card deck of playing cards alongside a single joker card. This results in a 53 deck card. To make the game more efficient, most casinos use a  six-deck shoe.

Typically, the joker is a wild card, which can hold any value, including the one higher than 11. Suppose you have a joker card and combine it with a 2 through to K; its total is automatically 21. In this case, you will be forced to stand. If you have been dealt a card with value 2 and a joker card, the joker will act like a 19 value card; thus, creating a total of 21. 

All other cards in the no bust blackjack hold their typical values. That means that cards 2 through to 9 have their usual face value/numerical rank. On the other hand, face cards – J, Q, and K,  and 10s have a value of 10. Aces can have 1 or 11, depending on the current total. 

The best hand in no bust blackjack

In this blackjack variant, several hands outrank the conventional Blackjack. As a result, this online casino strategy blackjack mixes up things to give the best results. Naturals make the best possible hands in this game strategy. Naturals can have the following combinations:

  • Two Aces
  • Two Jokers
  • One Ace and One Joker

“Pat” Hands

Here, when you have a card alongside a 10 value card, the total is still 21. However, unlike in ordinary Blackjack, the pat hand cannot outrank the other 21 totals. Suppose you land an ace and a king for 21, and the dealer hits 14 up to a 21; your win will not be automatic. The bet you placed is returned as a push. 

How to play no bust blackjack?

You can play the game better when you understand the blackjack bust cards. In the above section, we have fully answered the question: what are bust cards in Blackjack? Therefore, in this section, we will tell you how to play the game and, after that, give you no bust blackjack tips

Player vs. Dealer’s Hand

The Blackjack no bust game behaves just like ordinary Blackjack. That is to say; players must place the mandatory wager. Besides, the game starts with the dealer distributing two cards to each player.

Typically, the dealer, also called the croupier, will deal a single card face down, first to himself (the hole card), and the next card is dealt face up (upcard). This allows the players to examine the cards. Nonetheless, the dealer/croupier cannot check their whole card. 

The Dealer and a Joker Card

If the dealer’s upcard is a joker, the dealer will immediately turn over their down card to reveal its value to the table. Here, the joker serves as a wild card; thus, giving the dealer an automatic 21 total. 

In such a scenario, players will not be permitted to draw an additional card or hit. Therefore, any cards that do not total 21 are automatic losers. 

Surrender or Continue

Players have two options – they can opt to continue playing or surrender their wager. If they choose to surrender a wager, the players are entitled to receive only half of their ante wagers. That implies that the surrender option leads to forfeiture of half their ante wager. However, surrender is no longer an option when the dealer shows the joker as their upcard. So, it is vital to know precisely when to surrender in blackjack

Nevertheless, if a croupier turns over a joker as their own card, all players having card totals of less than 21 lose only the ante wager. However, any subsequent stakes that have been made by splitting or doubling down are returned as a push. 

It is worth noting that in the California 5 card no bust blackjack, the basic dealer actions require that the croupier hit on soft 17s.

Player Options

Can players opt for the no-bust blackjack variant at the Hollywood Park Casino? Blackjack no bust players have an option of doubling down and splitting as in the standard game. Instances when to double down in blackjack, include when there are favorable totals following a split. If you receive a paired card (2-card), after a split, you have an option to re-split those cards up to three times. 

However, it is advisable for players to adhere to the general rules governing doubling down and splitting. There, each action you initiate will demand an additional wager equal to your ante bet.

The “No Bust” Aspect: What It Means 

No bust simply implies that if your card totals happen to be more than 21 and therefore go bust, you will not lose that hand automatically. Also, when the dealer goes bust, all gamblers with busted totals lower than the dealer’s busted hand will get their bets back as a push. 

Contrastingly, if you and the dealer bust but your busted total is more significant than what the croupier has, you lose your bet to the house. 

Pay-outs & Player Banking

If you strictly are playing California no bust blackjack, the minimum wager at the table is $10. On the other hand, the maximum is $600. For each $100 bet amount you place at the table, the house charges a fee/commission of 1%.

Remember, in the No Bust California Blackjack, one player at the table will act as a banker. He/she payout wins. Therefore, the game uses the player banking structure. 

The best strategies for no bust blackjack

While playing this type of blackjack, ensure that you have the right chart. Using the correct chart is a sure online casino strategy blackjack players can bank on, especially for the American roulette.

The chart comes with its strategy, which, when you follow, you will create game conditions offering an overall house edge of 0.56%. Nonetheless, here is what to keep in mind:

  • Check out the commission fee: experts agree that no bust blackjack is not for recreational gamblers. Unless you do not have $100 per hand, the rounding utilized on the commission fee will make you pay more than what you are to pay.
  • Banking on the game: always take that option when it presents itself. However, you should be having a bankroll necessary to do it.
  • If you are playing the California version, the game is a high-limit blackjack version, and you will probably find it in a high roller casino only. Therefore, avoid this game unless you have a huge bankroll to cover the uncertainties.
  • Take a risk to have a bigger total in the case where the dealer has a strong starting hand, such as 9 or 10.
  • Have more money on the table because you will have an easy time when doubling down or splitting. In the end, it is more likely that you might win the hand; thus, improving your win rate.

Recommended payment methods in 2023 for no bust blackjack

Whether you are betting online or land-based casinos, some banking methods work well for most blackjack players. Here are the methods:

Cryptocurrencies: though a recent payment method, cryptocurrencies are gaining traction in the gambling field. Common cryptocurrencies you can use are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Therefore, you can register on any Dogecoin blackjack casino or Bitcoin casino to begin gambling.

E-wallets: all online casinos use one or more forms of eWallets, the most common being PayPal casino, Skrill casino, Trustly, and Neteller casino. The biggest advantage of this method is that payments are instant, secure, and attract no to a small transaction fee.

Cards: bank cards have always been part of the gambling sector since time immemorial. The bank cards that you most probably will use are:

  • Credit cards: this is a card issued by the bank/ financial institution and allows you to borrow money for use. The condition is that you will pay the money the borrowed money and the interest within a specified period. If your card is loaded with money, you can use it to top up your gambling account on an online casino. This is also a secure method, and deposits are instant.
  • Debit card: a debit card is connected to your bank account; therefore, when you use it to fund your gambling account, it will deduct the money from your bank account. Debit cards are easy to obtain, secure, and very convenient. Besides, deposits are instant, but withdrawals might take up to 7 days. 
  • Pre-paid cards: like the rest, you can use a prepaid card to top up your betting account. Typically, you will buy a card loaded with cash and use that card to spend the entire amount. These cards support different currencies and are a great option to limit your gambling money: for example, PaySafeCard. 

Direct bank transfers: you can also fund your gambling account direct from your bank account. Similarly, you can send money from your gambling account to your bank. 

Our top tips & tricks about no bust blackjack


Blackjack is one of the best casino games to make money if you understand how it works. In this game, you play against the dealer. While the game is fun, it is not very simple. Here are some tips for applying to increase your winning chances.

  • Blackjack money management – always be careful when spending out your wagers. You might consider starting with low wagers and increasing as you master the game if you are a beginner. 
  • Learn the basics and the correct basic strategy – understand the basics of the game, including different aspects of playing and even blackjack hand signals, and only use a safe online casino. The basic strategy chart might be helpful to grasp the correct basic strategy.
  • Opt for fewer decks – with a smaller number of decks, the house edge decreases. However, this is only true if rules are consistent. For instance, if a double-deck has similar rules to 6 decks, then the no-bust blackjack odds in the double-deck are better than those of the 6 decks. 
  • Always seek the best table rule. Typically, you want the dealer to stand on soft 17. 

No bust blackjack live dealer experience

For the best live gambling experience, always choose the best live casinos. In such a  live casino online, you will get clarity when you choose to play live dealer games, whether it is mobile blackjack games or PC games. That is to say, the quality of a live dealer game depends on the software that an online casino is using, but wait, for more valuable info you can also read our article about live blackjack mobile.

Frequently asked questions about no bust blackjack

In the no bust blackjack, naturals is the best hand you can have as a player. This hand can result from a combination of two aces, two jokers, and one ace and one joker.
Yes. It is possible to play no bust on your mobile as it is one of the best mobile blackjack games. However, the casino site must support mobile gambling.
The no-bust blackjack is called California no-bust blackjack as it is a blackjack variant that developed in California.
Yes. There is a trial version that lets you familiarize yourself with the game. However, for blackjack real money games, you must invest and adhere to terms and conditions to win cash.
Though a popular variant developed in California, the no bust blackjack is not on all casino sites. However, many casino sites offer various titles and games.

Choose the best blackjack variant for you!

Every new online casino tries to offer different versions of Blackjack –  European blackjack and American blackjack. However, the emerging variants are equally interesting and give you the best wins. Online blackjack Canada variants, for instance, are pretty similar to other American variants but a little different from online casino Europe

Regardless of the blackjack variant, strive to win more and lose less. Use systems like Zen count blackjack, practice various blackjack tips and tricks, and use the correct blackjack chart. By the way, do you take insurance in Blackjack