This post looks at the Unlimited Blackjack version. Blackjack remains one of the most exciting casino games of all time. Apart from having a friendly house edge and a reasonable RTP, it comes in several variants allowing players of all levels to enjoy the game. 

In this post, we define this blackjack variant, state its rules, and give you the blueprint for playing the game. Additionally, we will tell you the top sites with unlimited Blackjack.

So, scroll down for details. 

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What is unlimited blackjack?

Unlimited Blackjack is a European blackjack variant in which an unlimited number of players can wager the same hand. Typically, as many as the available number of players can sit on the same table, and each player bets on the same hand. 

Considering its format, unlimited blackjack rules slightly differ from the rules of the classic 7-seater blackjack. For instance, the game automatically splits some pairs and allows you to play with both or one hand. Players can double down and receive only a single additional card. As a result, players can only split cards of equal value. 

Unlimited blackjack online game is found on online casino sites that use Ezugi software. 

What are the rules for blackjack unlimited?

Suppose you are familiar with classic Blackjack, the rules of this blackjack variant as easy to follow. In this unlimited blackjack review, we will show you how to play. Remember, it is the best casino game to make money.

Here are the rules:

  • It uses an 8-standard deck
  • Dealer stands on soft 17
  • Players can double split, i.e., they can double after splitting bets 
  • You cannot surrender. when to surrender in Blackjack, you fold a blackjack hand before drawing new cards
  • Dealer glances at Blackjack with an ace up to but not a 10
  • Players lose all the wager money if a dealer gets a blackjack started with 10.
  • A player can split two hands only 
  • When you split an ace, you get one card per hand. 
  • Pairs 2s, 3s,6s, 7s, 8s, and aces automatically split. A player may choose to play one or both hands after the split. You can never split pairs 4, 5, 9, and 10. 

The game offers insurance against the dealer’s Blackjack – the blackjack insurance money costs half of your original wager, and the payout is 2:1. There are two unlimited blackjack side bets; each bet offers many opportunities to allow a larger payout.  

How to play unlimited blackjack

Playing this blackjack variant is easy; players must adhere to the rules to win a bet. So, how does unlimited Blackjack work? The idea behind this game is to have many players on the same table, which speeds up the process of playing the unlimited Blackjack live version. 

Here is the general procedure for playing the game:

  • An unlimited number of players sit at the table.
  • Players make bets and place wagers before the game begins using chips. Also, they can make bets during the game. 
  • The croupier continuously deals cards to the players provided someone chooses to hit or the hand busts. Each player is dealt two cards, and the value of each card corresponds to their number, but an ace is 1 or 10. 
  • The aim is to get a hand totaling 21 points or something close, but it should not exceed 21.
  • If a player decides to stand, they will not be dealt any more cards to that hand. These cards that do not count are shown in grey.
  • If a player splits a pair, they will be asked if they want to play one or both hands. The play has only up to 5 seconds to decide and act. If a player fails to act on time, the game chooses for the player the next action. 
  • Players cannot surrender, not even if they try zen count blackjack.

Note that you’ll be playing on a standard deck of 52 cards, and the game requires a minimum of two people. 

The best betting options available for unlimited blackjack

Most blackjack game providers are improving the different aspects of the game to encourage many people to play Blackjack. This includes giving better margins and improving the betting options. If you play unlimited Blackjack online, you’ll be treated to a selection of side bets.

These betting options require a smaller wager but have a higher payout than the standard even-money wager. Here are the bets:


The 21+3 bet is based on the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s and the dealer’s Upcard. A player will win if three cards result in straight, three-of-a-kind, flush or straight flush. The payout for this bet was originally 9:1 for each winning hand (house edge: 3.24%). However, modern-day tables are more volatile and have higher house edges.

blackjack aces

Perfect pairs

The perfect pair bet allows players to choose whether to pair the two cards initially or not. Usually, players place this card alongside their first bet since it relates to the first two cards dealt. 

The available pairings include matched colors, matched suits, or matched ranks. Each pairing has a specific payout, typically from 5:1 to 25:1 (perfect pairs). Theoretically, RTP is 95.82% for perfect pairs. 

Honey bonus

The Honey Bonus is similar to the 21+3 bet – you can only win if the dealer’s Upcard and your first two cards are for a 3-card Poker hand. Remember, the two differ because you also win when your two initial cards make up Blackjack of the same suit. However, the three-of-a-kind will have a reduced payout (20:1) rather than 30:1. 

Top strategies for blackjack unlimited

Check out hand tips and tricks for unlimited Blackjack in this section. 

Hit a hard 12 when the dealer’s upcard is 2 or 3

You are in luck if you have any number advantage over a dealer. Additionally, a value pair 12 has a slight chance of busting. Therefore, adding a card can give you a win over the dealer. 

Typically, a dealer has a long way from a low upcard. Therefore, maximize your advantage and increase your chances of busting a card can the dealer or having a higher value at the end of the round.  

Above all, ensure that you play your online casino games in a safe online casino.

Split a pair of 8s

When you have a pair of 8s, that is a reasonable stance as it gives you a solid 16. However, you may need to split it because hitting on natural 16 has a good chance of a bust – anything beyond 5 will bust the hand. 

Also, sticking with a 16 is risky, so when you split the two 8s, your chances of receiving a hand close to 21 are higher. 

pair of 8s

Hit on a soft 18 (ace-7) if the dealers upcard is higher than 9

If the dealer has a high upcard, 18 is not an automatic win because the dealer’s chances of reaching 21 are higher with a stronger upcard. While this is a risky blackjack tournament strategy, taking a chance and hitting before the dealer gets a strong hand value. 

How odds are calculated in unlimited blackjack?

You can use the unlimited blackjack calculator to determine the odds and the payout. However, it is essential to understand your probability of winning a game before engaging in it. Usually, the probability is expressed in odds format. This becomes more helpful when comparing odds to payout. 

For instance, perfect pair pays 25:1. This means that if you get a perfect pair, the dealer pays 25 times, but if you are wrong, you pay the dealer 1. So, if you wager $10, you get $250 if you get a perfect pair. If not, you lose your $10.

Live dealer experience for blackjack unlimited in 2023

There are lots of sites offering
unlimited Blackjack with live dealer versions. The live dealer blackjack option allows you to play with a live dealer using your computer or smartphone. 

While this option is more engaging and immersive, you should select a live dealer games provider with stable software. 

Blackjack strategy

Pros and cons of unlimited blackjack

  • It does not need a maximum number of players
  • The game is much faster, especially when playing live dealer games
  • Players see the same cards but make independent decisions
  • A multi-hand games
  • Players have a chance to surrender
  • Requires a unique strategy to win

FAQ about unlimited blackjack

Yes, you can play this form of blackjack using your phone if you are on a mobile-ready site. Additionally, some software providers have developed a single-player offline game, which you can download an unlimited blackjack app and install on your phone. This will help you play for free unlimited blackjack.
There are no special unlimited blackjack bonuses. However, the game comes with fun side bets such as 21+3, which you will make significant money if you use the right way.
Blackjack unlimited is produced by several companies. However, most sites offering this using software are from ezugi company. This company specializes in creating mobile games and live dealer games, including blackjack. So, you'll get many mobile blackjack games version.
You can play blackjack unlimited on gambling sites running on ezugi software.
While there are several strategies, the six-card charlie is the best – you accumulate six cards without exceeding 21. This gives you a win even if the dealer gets 21.
The return to player value for unlimited blackjack is 99.47% - with the side bets paying between 95.90% and 94.12%.

Get unlimited opportunities with unlimited blackjack

The open nature of Blackjack unlimited brings several opportunities for players to exploit. However, you must know how to play the game to win. You can begin with the unlimited blackjack demo version online. This version will offer you unlimited blackjack practice online to prepare you for unlimited Blackjack for real money.