Baccarat side bets inject an interest dimension to the already simple baccarat game to make it more exciting. The extra component that the side casino bets baccarat also offers multiple ways to win big while playing the game. In Baccarat, players only make one decision in each betting round.

However, understanding the baccarat basic strategy is vital. Note; baccarat rules and strategy go hand in hand; if you don’t get them right, this top game casino list might get pretty dull for you. 

Maneuver tactics and critical thinking are essential when selecting these side bets. And, since Baccarat is among the high roller casino games, casino software developers ensure that they develop compelling products.

Best Casinos For Playing Baccarat Side Bets (2021 updated list)


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What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a chance-based game, where players are dealt 2 or 3 cards, and the total value is determined. The winner has a value close to 9. Players bet on two hands – the bank or the player. With an excellent baccarat strategy, you might win big.

The rules of Baccarat to keep in mind include: 

  • Player and Banker stand if their total is 8 or 9 – natural win
  • A player receives a 3rd card if the total is 0 – 5. Else, he/she stands. 
  • If the player stands, the Banker hits on a total of 0 – 5
  • The tie bet pays 8:1

Baccarat side bets explained

A baccarat side bet is simply a bonus bet. Players can bet on Banker, Player, or Tie wins in a betting round. The stakes are placed at the start of a betting round alongside regular bets or stand-alone bets. 

Baccarat side bet payout varies with the types. Thus, combining a baccarat best side bets and the best baccarat side bets strategy might yield fulfilling results.

The common Baccarat side bets

Baccarat is the best casino game to make money. But you must know how to play online Baccarat casino alongside its side bets. That means applying baccarat side bet rules. The common baccarat casino side bets include:

All Red / All Black

The Player’s hand has either black cards – spades and clubs, or Red cards – hearts or diamonds. An ‘all red bet’ pays 22:1  while an ‘all black’ pays 24:1. It’s common in live casinos online

Bellagio Match

This side bet is for a three of a kind, i.e., three cards of a similar rank. The baccarat payouts are 75:1 for the player and 68:1 for the Banker. 

Super 6

It’s betting on a banker to win on a total of six, and the payout is 12:1. However, these baccarat side bets house edge 29.98%.

Three-card 6

It’s a bet on either the Banker or the player getting a three-card total of six, and the payout is 100:1. Else, if one does, the payout is 8:1. These baccarat side bets house edge is 13.37%.

Royal Match

It’s a side bet in which the Banker or player receives a king and a queen as the first two cards. For different suits, the payout is 30:1 while the suited queen and king 75:1. The house edge is 2.13%.

Big and Small / 4-5-6

This is a side bet on each hand’s total amount (player and Banker).  4 cards pay 3:2, 5-card and six-card totals pay 2:1. 

Perfect Pair

It’s a bet on the player or Banker’s opening hand being of the same rank. If they are of the same grade, the payout is 25:1; however, a different suit pays 5:1. 

Egalite Baccarat Side Bet 

It’s a side bet placed on a range of specific ties on a betting round on both Banker and player. 8 or 9 pays  80:1, 0 pays 150:1, while 2 pays 225:1. 

Lucky 8

The luck 8 is a side bet on an outcome – hand or Banker, being exactly 8. The correct prediction pays 4:1, with the player having 13.65% house edge and the Banker has a 16.60% house edge. 

Unlucky 8 

This is a bet to lose if the player or Banker’s hand total is 8. The payout is 8:1.

Same Suit Opening

This side bet is wagered on the opening hand being of the same suit  – player or Banker. Its payout is 2.87:1 for the player and 2.86:1 for the Banker.

Suited three-card 8

It’s a side bet on either the player or the Banker getting the same suit three-card totaling to 8. The payout is 25:1 for either hand. However, if both are successful, it pays 200:1. 

Panda 8

This baccarat side bet is on the player on a total of 8 for three cards. The payout is 25:1.

Dragon Bonus

This is one of the mini-baccarat side bets. The mini-baccarat dragon bonus allows placing a bet regardless of another player placing a wager on any hand. And players can place simultaneous wagers. The odds baccarat side bets pay are:

  • Natural win 1:1
  • 9 points 30:1
  • 8 points 10:1
  • 7 points 6:1
  • 6 points 4:1
  • 5 points 2:1
  • 4 points 1:1

Are side bets bad in baccarat?

Every punter should understand; what are the side bets in Baccarat? The answer to this will help decide on the right bets.  Remember, Baccarat has a significant house edge. However, the baccarat side bet payout is enormous. 

So, are side bets worth it? Players can enhance enjoyment but may not boost your winning chances. Therefore, assess your winning opportunities before settling on Baccarat best side bets. The side bets are exciting, especially for players who like multiple bets per betting round. Still, they offer better payouts than standard bets.

How can I bet on Baccarat?

Understanding the baccarat pattern can help ease the betting process. Otherwise, the croupier does almost everything – place bets and let the cards decide your fate. But here is how to play Baccarat:

Step 1
Place your wager using chips on a specific hand – Player, Bank, or Tie.
Step 2
The dealer gives two cards to the player, and the Banker faces up. Add the two cards' value—a hand with a value close to 9 wins. If the value exceeds 9, discard the leading digit.
Step 3
You can also take a third card - For the player, if the total is 0 – 5, and for the Banker, the total is 0 – 3 or according to the favorable odds.

All baccarat versions are somewhat similar. Whether it’s three-card Baccarat, bad bet baccarat, mini Baccarat, no commission baccarat, or baccarat Banque, the rules of Baccarat are standard.

What is the best baccarat side bet?

Baccarat is a game of chance; thus, no side bet entirely fits the tag ‘best.’ You need to assess your chances of winning by looking at baccarat side bets house edge versus the payout rate. 

Besides, your experience and the ability to master baccarat side bet rules and strategies are essential. So, master the game to choose the best side bets.

What is the best baccarat strategy overall?

The baccarat system isn’t complicated – always bet on black. However, applying some strategies might help you beat the house. The best strategies include:

  • Baccarat attack strategy – is a variant of the Martingale that calls for increasing wager only when winning and when you begin losing, fall back to lower wagering amounts. 
  • Martingale baccarat strategy – in this strategy, you’ll keep doubling your bet amount until you win. The win recoups your previous losses. 
  • 1324 baccarat strategy  – 1324 baccarat strategy review is one of the most popular strategies as it works for players of all experience. Increase your bet in a particular fashion – begin with 1 unit, then three units, lower to 2 units, and increase to 4 units. 
  • Baccarat card counting – the baccarat side bets card counting is effective, especially for an 8-deck shoe and when the shoe is new. You can easily track the cards.

Besides, you can try the baccarat squeeze to make the game more interesting. Squeeze Baccarat to keep you in control. However, only a punter with the biggest bet can squeeze the cards. Or, they can nominate another person to squeeze the cards. Also, try some crap strategies that work.

  • Easy to place the side bets
  • Betting doesn't need strategies
  • A wide range of side bets giving betting flexibility
  • Players begin on equal footing
  • The wide array of side can be confusing to players

Baccarat side bets FAQ:

The Banker is a better option to wager on because of the low house edge - 1.06% compared to the player's 1.24%. So, it wins more times than it loses - 45.86%, compared to players 44.62%. Tie bets push mostly, giving the bank 50.86%.
There isn't a sure way to win because Baccarat is purely a game of chance. Nevertheless, bankroll management and mastering baccarat rules, alongside few strategies like Martingale, might help secure big wins.
The patterns in side bets baccarat offers are dictated by the odds baccarat side bets pay. So, it's vital to check the payout patterns and rules to play well
Over a dozen baccarat side bets exist - players can place their wagers together with the main bets. Some side bets are exclusively for online baccarat casino. So you won't find them on land-based casinos.
Some baccarat side bets allow players to bet on both the Banker and the player – for instance, the combined value bet.
Yes, the martingale betting system is an example of a progressive betting strategy. This strategy lets you double your wagers until you win.
Baccarat side bets are online casino games available globally. Even online casinos Europe offers allow playing Baccarat. However, you only should place a bet on a licensed casino as they provide standardized games.

Why are side bets are important in Baccarat?

The worth of betting on baccarat side bets depends on many factors. However, beating baccarat side bets requires a keen eye. Punters need to assess the baccarat odds carefully. Most baccarat payout odds vary with the complexity.

This might be overwhelming for a beginner. It might be beneficial to seek a baccarat guide or baccarat trainer to help you navigate through the complex strategies and sophisticated features of new online casinos.