Evolution Lightning Blackjack is an original game inspired by the classic but with a unique twist to make it more appealing to casual and veteran punters alike. In this guide, we explain how lightning blackjack works and try to figure out if this is the best casino game to make money.

Please keep reading to learn the Lightning Blackjack rules, how it compares with the classic, as well as poker vs blackjack insights.

You will determine how many decks casinos use in blackjack and put your concerns to rest if you wonder if Lightning Blackjack is rigged.

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What is Lightning Blackjack?

Evolution Lightning blackjack stays true to its name and you can only play it at casinos powered by the prestigious software developer. Lightning blackjack Evolution Gaming uses the same rules as the standard but throws in multipliers that enhance payouts. There is no limit to how many players can participate in the same round and the graphics are the best live casino operators can deliver.

lightning blackjackPlayers will have to pay a 100% Lightning Fee at the beginning of each game round and this is visible in the user interface.

The rules are the same as in European blackjack and you can bet a tiny sum, or pursue VIP expectations at high-limit blackjack tables.

In any case, you will need to learn how to play Lightning blackjack and how to use blackjack optimal strategy to maximize your chances to win.


The rules of Lightning Blackjack 📝

Anyone who has played the classic game and knows the blackjack hit or stand mechanics, as well as the basic rules will feel comfortable at a Lightning blackjack real money table. That’s because the two games are identical, hosted by a real dealer and played with eight decks of 52 cards each. All the cards from 2 to 10 will have the value inscribed, while face cards are all 10 and Aces count for 1 and 11.

There is no limit to how many people can play live dealer Lightning blackjack which is an advantage compared to no-bust blackjack and three-card blackjack. At the beginning of the game, players will pay the lightning fee that is identical to the first bet, and in return, they have the chance to get a multiplier for the next hand. To qualify for the multiplier, you need to win the previous hand, so that your next winnings can be increased by a factor of x2 to x25.

Players who have just learned when to double down in blackjack and when to surrender in blackjack can use this knowledge at an online casino with Lightning blackjack. If you split your hand, the multiplier will be applied to one of the hands, while insurers will forfeit the multiplier. You can hit or stand whenever and the rules are the same on computer or iOS and Android mobile devices.

How to play Lightning Blackjack in 2023

The Lightning blackjack strategy chart can help you navigate the stormy waters of the game if you played for the first time in 2023. The live dealer for Lightning blackjack will give you two cards facing down and you’ll see his upper card after placing the bet and the lightning fee. Depending on your hand total, you can hit or stand and the goal is to come as close as possible to 21 without going bust. Blackjack pays 3:2 and insurance 2:1, while the stakes are returned in case of a tie.

While the standard blackjack percentage chart can help you, you need to exercise proper blackjack money management to succeed in the long run. The Lightning blackjack house edge is less than 1%, assuming you use optimal strategy, as suggested by the blackjack cheat sheet. To activate the multiplier of up to 25x the Lightning blackjack stake you need to win two consecutive games. To break even, the second win needs to have a multiplier of at least 4x, as you can read in any Lightning blackjack review.

The best types of bets available for Lightning Blackjack

The rules of Lightning Blackjack online are identical to those used in a classic game, so the perfect strategy blackjack applies. We recommend learning how to play blackjack without money by using the free games available on our list of sites. After you understand how blackjack work and get familiar with different types of blackjack, you can try the best Lightning Blackjack live casino version. These are some of the best bets you can place when playing this game

Always Split Aces and 8s

Any blackjack cheat calculator will recommend the split aces and 8s because this gives you an advantage at blackjack live tables. Try the system in the Lightning blackjack demo to realize the advantage before playing for real money.

Double down on hard 11

Unless the dealer is showing an ace, the best Lightning blackjack game is to double down on hard 11. You only get one more card, but the odds of winning over a long time are great and this applies to the classic as well as the lighting card game.

Never take insurance

The answer to do you take insurance in blackjack is never! This is particularly true in Lightning blackjack on mobile as you also lose the multiplier. This is the first thing people learn after blackjack card meanings and what not to hit on in blackjack.

Strategies available for Lightning Blackjack

Is there a trick to blackjack and can you use top Lightning blackjack strategies to get an edge over the casino? While there are no silver bullets that will help you beat the house in the long run and no blackjack solver, some strategies are proven to deliver better results. You can try them in Lightning blackjack free play before switching to real money so you use them with a higher level of confidence.

money bag imageThe basic blackjack strategy should be used when trying Evolution Lightning blackjack since only the multiplier differs. As stated above, you should always split 8s and aces and double down on the hard 11 to maximize the odds of winning. Common sense Lightning blackjack tips advised never to split a pair of 5s and 10s and never take insurance since this is a long-term losing bet.


Lightning blackjack free games will also highlight the advantages of always hitting on 12 and 13 if the dealer has cards of the same value. It pays off to add more money to the table when the dealer has a 16, as there is a high likelihood for it to go bust. A blackjack basic strategy chart can help you make the right decision every hand, by simply looking up the hands in the corresponding table.

Further Information

Card counting is a strategy that doesn’t work in blackjack lightning when you play the game online. On one hand, the game uses eight decks, so it is difficult to keep track of all the cards, on the other they are randomly shuffled. It is a ruinous mistake to base your decision on pretenses and bet larger amounts hoping for cards that never come.

Pros and Cons of Lightning Blackjack

  • Spices up the classic blackjack routine
  • Offers the possibility of multiplied winnings
  • Rules are identical to classic blackjack games
  • Standard strategy and tips apply
  • Only available at Evolution Lightning casinos

FAQ about Blackjack Lightning

The minimum multiplier is x2 and the maximum one is 25 times the bet over the previous round.
Evolution Lightning blackjack is available on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.
The only difference is the multiplier, which is based on the stakes of the previous winning round.
The average return to the player is more than 99%, assuming players use the optimal strategy.
The multiplier is randomly awarded and it maximizes winnings by a factor of x2 up to x25.
The game is only played against real croupiers, so a live dealer is always present at the stables.

Enjoy a great twist on the traditional game of Blackjack

Lightning blackjack is a fun game to play by anyone who knows the classic game and wants to try something different. You don’t need any previous experience because the rules are the same and the only thing different is the multiplier.

The return to player is great and the learning curve nonexistent, so the transition to this special version of blackjack is silky smooth. You can also find bonuses for Blackjack Lightning at some casinos, so you are rewarded for broadening your horizons.

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