Gamblers have been trying to “break” casino games for almost a hundred years. The majority of players are sure that every casino game has a “system” and finding it will “guarantee” a winning. Players who think more logically are aware that every casino game is based on mathematical rules and know that using strategies based on the same rules can really increase their chances of winning. For example, baccarat squeeze or baccarat card counting is such a strategy: Since the number of cards in a deck is fixed, the chance of winning, even if limited, can be increased by comparing the cards on the table with the cards remaining in the deck. We explained this and many similar tactics in our baccarat strategy guide, we suggest you take a look.

The problem is that not every online casino game is suitable for using a strategy: Sometimes there are no real tactics you can use because some games are entirely based on chance. For example, there is no such thing as a “keno strategy or 20 Card Keno Strategy” as it is not really possible to increase your chances of winning in this game. While there is a strategy for almost all card games, this is not the case for table games – only some of them contain appropriate rules for using a tactic/system.

Fortunately, roulette is such a game: You can really increase your chances of winning using the right strategies. In this context, Martingale is known as one of the most popular roulette strategies and has been used by gamblers for over a hundred years. But, does the martingale roulette system really work? Should you use the Martingale strategy? More importantly, how does the Martingale system roulette work? Below you can find answers to all these questions and much more. We have reviewed the Martingale roulette strategy for you in full detail.

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About Martingale Roulette System: What Is It, Really?

If you believe the urban myth, Martingale roulette is invented by a gambler/mathematician named “Martingale” during the 19th century. The truth is, roulette Martingale is actually a combination of betting strategies that first appeared during the 18th century France. Believe it or not, Martingale strategy roulette was designed to use in “heads/tails” games. The idea was simple:

  • There are only two possibilities (head or tails)
  • Pick one and keep betting on it. Each time you lose, double the bet amount until you win.
  • The probability law says that your pick will win sooner or later, there are only two possibilities after all. And when you win, you will win enough to cover all of your losses, because you kept doubling the bet amount.

It is almost “guaranteed”, right? Martingale strategy is not exclusive to roulette: This progressive betting system can be used in any game. For example, there is a Martingale baccarat strategy. Some players use it even for blackjack and its variants (including Canadian Blackjack): There are some Spanish 21 and Spanish 21 card counting tactics out there that are based on the same progressive betting rules. In other words, gamblers use the Martingale system for any casino game out there because a) it is simple, and, b) it simply works. Come chose any game from our online casino games guide and try to see if the martingale system works for you.


Well, no. Turns out, rising the bet size exponentially is not a good idea, if you don’t have deep pockets. And by deep, we mean really deep: Roulette Martingale requires a very big budget to work and even then, it is not that good. But we will explain this in more detail and answer does martingale work roulette question below. For now, let’s continue by analyzing the Martingale strategy roulette and give actual examples to it.

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Using Martingale Roulette Strategy: A Step-By-Step Guide

Ok, we explained the basics of Martingale theory roulette above: Basically, after every loss, you will double the bet amount. However, this is not the only rule: You also need to use specific bet types for roulette Martingale to work. So, we have two rules:

  • After losing a bet, double the bet amount. Keep doing this until you score a win.
  • Always place your money on outside bets.

So, why outside bets? If you are not familiar with the term, outside bets in roulette are odd/even, red/black, 1/18, and 19/36. Mathematically, these bets offer the highest odds: Your chance of winning an outside bet is nearly 48% (in the European variant). You can, of course, use inside bets too: Roulette Martingale system can work with any bet type. However, since your chances of winning an inside bet is very low when compared to outside bets, scoring a win will take much longer – sticking with the outside bets is a much better idea.

Well, we are ready to start using the Martingale system roulette: Let’s give an actual example and find out how it works. In this example, we will start playing with 1 EUR and place it on a red/black bet. You can apply the same principle to any bet amount and any outside bet.

Step 1
We place 1 EUR to red/black and lose.
Step 2
For the second round, we double the amount and place 2 EUR on red/black.
Step 3
If we lose, we place 4 EUR on red/black for the third round.
Step 4
The bet amount rises to 8 EUR in the fourth round.
Step 5
In the fifth round, we will place 16 EUR and…

Well, we are sure you get the idea: The bet type (red/black) never changes but we keep doubling the bet amount. Basically, we multiply the last amount with 2 and use the result as our current bet. Have you ever heard the tale of the rice grain and the chessboard? The bet amount will grow very quickly and this is the main problem with Martingale strategy roulette. To give you an idea, we will place 8.192 EUR on the table after 14 bets.

Martingale system roulette is not as complex as the 1324 Baccarat Strategy Review, for example. Such strategies require increasing and decreasing bet amounts according to the win/loss ratio. Martingale roulette is much simpler: Just keep doubling the bet amount until you score a win. In this regard, it is similar to the Baccarat attack strategy. It is not important that the bet amount reaches very high figures in a short amount of time: You will win sooner or later if you keep playing the same bet, and your payout will be big enough to cover all your losses. So, just keep doubling the bet amount: You will be rich at the end!

Thing is, this is just “gambler’s fallacy”: Martingale online roulette system does not work. Moreover, it can be quite dangerous.

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So, Does Martingale Roulette Work?

Nope, it does not. There are two reasons for this:

It does not decrease the house edge of roulette. It does not change the winning odds of a specific bet. Martingale roulette is just based on the idea of “you will win sooner or later”.
Even if your pockets are deep enough to back you up until you score a win, the profit margin is very low: It is not worth the effort.

Let’s explain these reasons in detail. The expected outcome of any casino game is “negative” in the long run, that’s how casinos work and make money. (Check our “are online casinos rigged?” guide for more info about this.) This means the casino will always win in the long run: The house edge percentage will stay the same. Martingale strategy roulette does not change this fact – it just says “you will win sooner or later”. While this is technically true, there is no way of knowing when you will start winning, exactly. Let’s say you have only 1.000 EUR to spend on roulette. This is a good budget, right? If you start playing with 1 EUR and use roulette Martingale, you must score a win in 10 spins. Otherwise, you will blow all of your bankroll – the bet amount will reach 1.023 EUR at the tenth game. Sure, if you score a win at the ninth spin, for example, you will cover your losses and make a little profit, but Martingale roulette does not guarantee to win at a specific game/spin. It just says “you will win sooner or later” – this can happen in the third or hundredth spin, there is no way of knowing.

In any case, let’s say you have time and enough budget to last until you score a win. Are you sure it will be worth the effort? Outside bets pay 1:1 – this is a low figure. Let’s say you started to play with 1 EUR, lost 10 games in a row, and placed 1.023 EUR for the 11th game. And let’s say you win it. Do you know what your profit will be? 1 EUR. Yes, 1 EUR for all that effort – Martingale system roulette is simply not worth it.

You Can Go Bankrupt In Minutes By Using The Martingale Strategy


If you are thinking about using Martingale roulette, make sure that you have the budget to back you up until you score a winning. Just like the high limit slots strategy, roulette Martingale is not suitable for beginners or low-rollers. If you recently began to play roulette or simply have a low budget to play, stay away from Martingale strategy roulette: This system will cause you to go bankrupt and suffer financial losses you cannot afford.

Alternatives To Roulette Martingale

The main alternative to Martingale roulette is a “controlled” Martingale system. Let’s explain a bit: Usually known as “anti-Martingale” strategy, this betting tactic requires decreasing the bet amount after losing a certain amount of money and increasing it again after scoring a win. Anti-Martingale is a common name, by the way, this type of “controlled increase” strategies are known with other names too. While they don’t have the penalty of exponentially increasing bet amounts, they still don’t work. Once again, all these alternatives are based on the “you will win sooner or later” idea and do not change any actual roulette odds. We recommend staying away from all roulette Martingale variants: None of them work.

You Can Find A Better Strategy Than Martingale Roulette

You definitely can – check out our baccarat system guide, for example, we explained how you can use odds in your favor in it. Or, take a look at our any other roulette guides: We analyzed every other roulette strategy out there and found out they work or not. There are much better strategies than Martingale roulette and you can really increase your odds in this game. Don’t take the risk of blowing all of your bankroll and stay away from roulette Martingale – focus on other roulette strategies that work.