With the best csgo roulette strategy, you can minimize your losses and increase profits. Roulette has been around for centuries. But many players have not mastered any roulette winning strategy. In this write-up, we look at the top strategies available for csgo roulette. Since these simple roulette strategies vary in the level of difficulty, anyone can use them provided they understand what they mean.

But first, if you want a better gambling experience, ensure that you create a gambling account on the best csgo roulette sites. Such gambling sites must have promo codes, and stable and fair roulette games and other casino games.

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What is CSGO roulette?

Cs:go roulette is a gambling type where players use skins in cs:go to gamble. Ideally, they trade these skins for virtual coins. Note that the csgo skins are betting currency and not real money. When you play CS:GO, the reward is new skins deposited as coins to cs go roulette sites. But before you start betting, explore the system provided in steam – you need a steam account.

How does CSGO roulette work?

The rule of csgo roulette is pretty similar to those of standard roulette. However, the cs:go roulette is very much simplified. This version has only 15 numbers on the table, and you cannot place a bet on individual numbers. Instead, you can only bet on colours – red, black and green. 

The numbers 1 -7 are red, 8 – 14 are black, and 0 is green. The payout rate for the green number is x14 and not x36. Any successful bet on red or black payout twice. However, the house edge is 5%. 

If wager on red, your chances of winning are 7/15 = 0,4666 = 46.66%, and a successful win will double your stake. 

To get the amount you can win, here is a quick example:

Multiply 46.66 x 2 = 93.3%. This implies that if you wager 100 units in CS:GO roulette sites, you expect to win 93.3 units. The remainder is profit to the house –  a house edge of 6.7%.

How to bet on CSGO roulette

Playing roulette csgo is pretty similar to playing standard online roulette, whether desktop or mobile roulette.

  • Open an account on ordinary or high roller casino sites and claim the bonus roulette site offers to get free coins. Remember, you can play low stakes roulette.
  • Deposit your betting sites using your favorite method.
  • Place a bet(s) using skins or real money on either red, black or green. So, any number within a choice colour can win. If your bet is successful, you win based on the payout rate; if not, you lose.



For example, if you place a $50 bet on black and it is successful, you are paid double, i.e., $100. However, considering the house edge, your payout is:

(8/15) x 2 x 50 = 53.33

What Are the Best Csgo Roulette Strategies?

While there is no perfect strategy for roulette cs go, all the available strategies work pretty well if you use them properly. The best csgo roulette strategy is not universal – rather, it depends on your gambling experience, gut instinct and luck. Here is a list of csgo roulette strategy to try:

Martingale/ Double Up CS: Go Roulette Strategy

This is the most common csgo roulette gambling strategy, thanks to its simplicity. The idea behind this top csgo roulette strategy is increasing the bets after a loss -consecutive losses. But after you win, revert to the original amount. In martingale roulette strategy, you continue doubling after loses.

Martingale roulette strategy potentially raises your chances of winning in a short time – you bet big to win small. But you’ll have more winning sessions than losing ones. This is the best roulette black or red strategy.

D’Alembert CSGO Roulette Strategy

This is another powerful strategy for csgo roulette that doesn’t require doubling bets. Ideally, in this csgo roulette betting strategy, you do not double up after a loss – you only add one unit after a loss and one unit after a win. Thus, it is considered the safest roulette csgo betting strategy.







The Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

This is another safe csgo Russian roulette. The  Fibonacci strategy is based on the Fibonacci numbers, i.e., a sequence of numbers, which is the sum of the two numbers before it: 1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21.

This strategy roulette strategy on works for even numbers. You can only proceed to the following number after your first win, and you always start with a minimum bet. after winning, increase by one, two, three, five, etc.

Labouchere Roulette Strategy

The Labouchere strategy is super-complicated; thus, not ideal for starters. To place a bet, determine your betting line – it informs you how much to bet. If your betting line is longer, you’ll bet longer. 

Other csgo roulette strategies include the James Bond strategy and the Reverse Martingale. Also, depending on the variant, you can practice the csgo wild roulette strategy or csgo roulette green strategy. Still, you can practice the strat roulette strategy and roulette attack strategy

Popular Types of CSGO Roulette


The standard cs go roulette types are:

Classic Slider 

This version is the original CS:GO roulette. It features squares that move until a slider stops on a single number. 

50x Wheel

The 50x wheel is more entertaining but has a few betting options. It features 50 squares in four different colours. Its payouts are 2x, 3x, 5x and 50x. When the payout is higher, the squares of a particular colour are fewer. This means you have low winning chances -so, you’ll need a cs go strat roulette list to find the best strategy. 


This variation is the most entertaining. The game combines Classic Slider roulette and CSGO Crash. Instead of numbers, it displays multipliers, but rounds are similar to Crash. 

If you like faster play, you can try the rapid roulette for an immersive roulette experience.

How to Make Profit from CSGO Skin Roulette

Csgo became popular after the introduction of the csgo skins. A large number of csgo gambling sites offer csgo roulette. But winning at this casino game requires mastering the fundamental strategies.

Also, many roulette sites allow you to play for free coins. But you’ll need to use the promo codes offered. The bonus codes also may give you a free balance, a free CS:GO skins or a balance box.

Make profit via:

Tip 1:
Sell skins for cash.
Tip 2:
Win prizes and cash via CSGO 1 vs 1s.
Step 3:
Csgo tournaments.

Tips and Tricks about CSGO Roulette Strategy

Every roulette player must know how to make profit on csgo to survive in the game for long. So, your gambling must be intentional. You can use various tools to help you win—for instance, the csgoroll predictor, roulette strategy simulator and csgo roulette predictor. Remember that roulette csgo can be the best casino game to make money if you master its details.

Other important tips are:

Tip 1:
Play in a leisurely fashion - for fun.
Tip 2:
Play at roulette sites with many game variations – the games must be stable.
Tip 3:
Place multiple roulette corner bet and increase the number of bets.
Tip 4:
Understand the odds vs risks.
Tip 5:
Bet sensibly – manage your money well.
Tip 6:
Apply some roulette betting strategies.
Tip 7:
Start by free play to know the system well.

PROS and CONS about CSGO roulette strategy

  • Very easy to play- simplified rules
  • Promo codes and bonuses to minimize betting risk
  • Very few betting options

FAQ about CSGO roulette strategy

Martingale strategy is a widely known and successful strategy for its simplicity. It is suitable for outside bets, i.e., those with 50% winning chances.
Csgo roulette has been around since 2013, and it cannot be attributed to one person as it has several developers.
Since most csgo roulette betting sites are mobile-ready, you can easily play on your phone. Some gambling sites offer a mobile live casino, making the experience more immersive.
Yes. Csgo roulette is very legit, provided you are betting on a fully licensed betting site. You may be wondering: are online casino rigged? Scam sites are rigged. Avoid them.
Yes. You can bet on the skins and make quick and easy money. The amount to win depends on the type of skin. Wager consistently and skillfully to win.

Any Powerful Strategy Roulette CSGO Players Can Use?

Perhaps the most powerful strategy is mastering the game or using a roulette algorithm. This will help know when to place bigger bets and when to quit. It’s true, that Martingale, Fibonacci, and James Bond are powerful strategies. Let’s not forget the 666 roulette strategy either, but using them without knowing the game can be catastrophic.

Use the strat roulette dust2 to generate some strategy. With a handy strat cs go list alongside top strategies available for CSGO roulette, you’ll make real money profit.