Can you become a professional slot player? The answer is yes – it is really possible to play slots for a living. Being a professional gambler also works for slot machines: Your goal is to get the maximum return with the minimum amount of investment. However, while it is possible, being a professional slot player is not as easy as you think: There are many things to know and consider such as how to make money from online casino bonuses. If playing slot machines is your dream career, make sure to read this guide. It contains everything you need to know, including game suggestions, the best pro-slot casinos, and tips & tricks. Let’s learn how to become a professional slot machine player: Is it really a good career option or just a pointless job?

Best Online Casinos For The Professional Slot Machine Player: Our Picks

If you want to know how to become a professional gambler, know that the first thing you need to learn is finding the best online casino for the job. You need to play the best slots with the best bonuses: Only a couple of online casinos can offer both. To save you the trouble, we already picked them – you can see our recommendations below.

KawBet Casino
KawBet Logo Small
Win Up To 7 BTC With Your First Deposit

KawBet offers a match rate for your first four deposits: Each and every time, your deposit will be matched by a different rate and you will have a chance to win up to 7 BTC in total. Considering that even a single BTC is worth thousands of dollars, this is a very generous offer: You should not miss out. You must wager the bonus 40 times but you can complete the requirement also at the sports betting section: The choice is yours.

Spin It Casino
SpinIt logo small
Get 1.000 USD And 200 Free Spins

You read that right: You can really win a welcome bonus of 1.000 USD and 200 free spins at Spin It casino. You just need to make four deposits and use a different code each and every time: WSPINIT1, WSPINIT2, WSPINIT3, WSPINIT4. The match rate is 100% and the total bonus can be as high as 1.000 USD after making all deposits. You will also get 200 free spins – this is the best way to start your professional slot machine player career.

William Hill Casino
william hill logo
100% Bonus, Up To A Maximum Of £300

If you are wondering how to become a professional slot player, take a look at the promotions of William Hill. The first one is a match bonus for new members: It will match the first deposit amount by 100% and up to 300 GBP. But there is more: After becoming a member, you will get a 5 GBP bonus every time you make a 10 GBP deposit. Deposit 10, play with 15 – simple and effective. Don’t forget to take a look at the slot tournaments too, William Hill organizes them on a regular basis.

We have dozens of more casino sites to play the best casino games to make money: No matter where you are or what you are looking for, we can find and recommend an online casino to you.

Playing Slots For A Living: Is It Possible?

If you are wondering can you be a professional slot machine player or not, the answer is yes: Slot machines can be played professionally like any other form of gambling. A professional slot machine player is a person who does this for a living. Unlike others, he/she is not playing for fun: The only goal is gaining a regular income through slots. And this is more than possible: If you pick the right games and know what to do, you can also become a professional slot player. There are many opportunities you can use: Slots tournaments, free spin bonuses, slots with high-RTP rates… In short, playing slots for a living is possible and there are already lots of gambler slot machine players out there who do this. However, this is not as fun as you think: Slot games are based entirely on chance and being a professional slot player can be a very stressful job. Many people trying to learn how to gamble for a living prefer other casino games for this reason. We will talk about this more below – for now, let’s continue with the best games for professional slot machine players.

  • Slot Tournament
  • Slot Tournaments

    We have mentioned Slot Tournaments, why not read more about it?

    Slots Tournament

Pro-Slots For The Professional Slot Player: Which Games To Play

Your goal as a professional slot player is to get the maximum return with the minimum investment. So, you must try to get the highest number of spins with the lowest budget. In other words, you should focus on games with a low cost per spin, such as the Book of Ra. Or, you should try your chances on slots with lots of bonus rounds, such as Immortal Romance. Games like Book of Ra will give you the most spins and the longer you spin; the more chances you get to score a win. Games like Immortal Romance, on the other hand, will give you lots of bonus rounds with cash prizes, which you can win for free. We recommend using a combination of both.

  • Book Of Ra
  • Book Of Ra

    Light a torch, climb down the steps of an ancient pyramid, and look for a long-lost treasure: This is the promise of all slot machines with an ancient Egypt theme.

    Book Of Ra Slot
  • immortal romance slot
  • Immortal Romance

    Immortal Romance slot by Microgaming is, in fact, probably the most popular vampire-themed slot. And if you are thinking about playing this game, you should read our Immortal Romance slot machine review first.

    Immortal Romance Slot

How To Gamble For A Living: Professional Slot Player Tips

In order to learn how to be a professional slot player, we recommend the following tips and tricks:

Step 1
Create a bankroll and stick with it. Remember that you are a businessman and what you are doing is business – you are not playing for fun. You need to make an investment for any business and this means creating a bankroll to play slot machines. And no matter what happens (win or lose) you should stick with that budget. Once again, you are not just gambling anymore: This is a business and you must act like it.
Step 2
Stay away from progressive jackpot slot machines such as Mega Moolah. Yes, they pay big but there is a reason for that: The payout is big because too many people have already lost. With each losing bet, the jackpot pool keeps increasing. Such games have too low RTP rates and you should stay away from them. Prefer advantage slot machines, such as classic fruit slots.
Step 3
Playing slot machines with bonus games will always be a good option. The bonus game can be anything but it is usually a free spin round. In any case, you get a chance to win a cash prize without spending a penny – this is the best way to gamble on slot machines.
Step 4
Play with bonuses. If you want to learn how to become a professional slot player, you must start using online casino bonuses to your advantage. Casino sites are full of promotions that award free spins and by using those spins, you can win a free cash reward, literally. Check the current online casino promotions on a regular basis and pick the ones that give you the most free spins.

Tactics And Strategies: How To Beat The Slots

Learning how to be a professional slot player requires many other things, and the most important one is knowing that there are no “guarantees”. There is no definitive answer to how to beat slots question: We can answer the how to play slots question easily, but learning to beat them is a completely different matter. Unlike card and table games, you cannot increase your winning odds by using certain tactics or strategies. The results of a spin are completely random and there is no way of predicting them. A professional slot machine player knows that there is no sure way of beating the slots. But he/she also knows that:


  • Picking pro slots with the highest RTP rates is the best strategy. People who gamble for a living always check the RTP rate: It shows how much you will lose in the long run. As can be guessed, you should pick slot games with high (95% and above) RTP percentages.
  • Reading an online slots guide is the best tactic. Read a guide, try the demo versions of newly released slot machines, read casino reviews to learn their features, and always practice: These are the best tactics you can use.

People Who Gamble For A Living Do Not Pick Slot Machines

Due to their randomness, playing slots for a living is not easy – the majority of professional gamblers stay away from slot machines. This is because:

  • Your personal experience does not matter. A professional poker player always has an advantage over a beginner. Simply put, he/she has a better chance of winning. Slot players, on the other hand, are “equal”: beginners and veterans have the same winning chance and it is impossible to increase this by using tactics and strategies.
  • The payouts are not that good. As explained above, you cannot play progressive jackpot slots because they cost too much and offer low RTP rates. Your best option is to play penny slots to get the maximum number of spins with the minimum investment amount. Even video slots (i.e. Vikings Go Berzerk) may be too costly: A professional online slot player can get the best results with the simplest games. Thing is, these games don’t pay much – you will never win as big as a poker player, for example.

No matter how many professional slot player tips we give, we cannot change the facts: If you want to know how to become a professional gambler, the first thing you need to learn is that playing card and table games will be a much better option. You can become a professional slot player, yes, but your earnings will never be too high and the luck factor will always remain a big problem.

Best Withdrawal Methods For The Professional Online Slot Player

Play the slot machine, withdraw the prize: This is the best part of being a professional online slot player. And when it is time to make a withdraw, you will want to complete it as soon as possible.

For this reason, you must pick the payment casino method correctly – some banking options are faster & safer than others. People playing slot machines usually prefer e-wallet services for their financial transactions and we recommend the same thing.

We believe that they are the best option for fast and secure withdrawals, such as best Neteller casino online . If you are playing slots for a living, we recommend using one of the e-wallet services below, all of them being available at Zimpler casino sites (or PugglePay casino sites, if you prefer) :

Neteller big logo


Established in 1999, Neteller is one of the oldest e-money transfer services in the world. It is used on lots of online casinos and preferred by people who gamble for a living. Neteller transactions are free of charge, fast, and safe.
skrill big logo


Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a part of the Paysafe Group since 2015, and a sister company to Neteller. It offers the same features as Neteller but supports more currencies and countries. It should be your second default option.
Paypal big logo


If you prefer to pay with an e-wallet service, you already know that PayPal is one of the most popular online casino payments methods. It is available literally anywhere (there are hundreds of PayPal casino sites) and supports more than 40 currencies.
zimpler big logo


Nothing beats mobile wallets when it comes to simplicity and security: Sending and receiving money to and from online casinos with your mobile phone is the most efficient way of handling gambling transactions, and Zimpler is truly a simple mobile wallet

Play The Best Pro Slots At The Best Casinos

Well, after reading this article you learned the meaning of a professional slot player and how to become one. But more importantly, you learned that playing slots is not an ideal option for a living –  there are simply too many variables. Instead of playing slots for a living, you should play them for fun and casual profit. And we already gave you the list of best online casinos to play pro-slots: Pick anyone you like, grab your bonus, and start spinning the reels today!