EZ bust blackjack is one of the many varieties of the game that have the merit of keeping players on the edge of their seats. If you enjoy card games in general and blackjack in particular, you will benefit greatly from reading our guide about this new version.

You will learn what is EZ bust blackjack, where you can find it, and how to play EZ bust blackjack for free or try real money EZ bust blackjack.

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What is EZ Bust in Blackjack?

So, what is EZ Bust Blackjack?

This is a shining example where the name speaks for itself, as there is only one blackjack EZ burn rule to keep in mind. Cards are dealt in the same fashion and once the dealer reveals his up card, players can bet on whether he busts or not. You don’t have to go through an EZ bust blackjack demo or real extensive EZ bust blackjack tips and tricks to understand it. As long as the croupier has a hand total of 22 or more, you are paid even money, even if your own hand goes above the threshold.

The rules available for Blackjack EZ Bust

The strategies for EZ bust blackjack are the same as those used for the standard version of the game. However, since this is a 21-bust card game, the emphasis is on whether the dealer goes above 21 or not. You can only place the bet after the croupier reveals his up card and only in those instances when the card ranges from 2 to 6. These are the cards that have the best blackjack odds for going bust anyway, so this doesn’t feel like a limitation when trying EZ bust blackjack on mobile.

How to bet on EZ Bust Blackjack?

Now that you know the EZ bust blackjack meaning and the easy rules of blackjack, it is time to learn how to place the bets. This is the best casino game to make money and with the right blackjack money management, you can offset the low house edge. It all begins with players choosing the stakes before they receive two cards facing up and the dealer gets his up card.

At this stage of the game, you can activate the EZ bust blackjack rule if his card ranges from 2 to 6 and wager on the croupier to go bust. If this happens, you are paid the same amount as your bet even if your hand goes above 21 and you lose the main wager. The game then proceeds normally, and you hit or stand based on the hand totals and what the dealer is showing.

That’s why in addition to the EZ bust blackjack explanations, you should also know when to surrender in blackjack and when to double down in blackjack. A blackjack cheat sheet can come in handy when playing online, by advising the best course of action based on different hand totals.

The best strategies for EZ Bust in Blackjack in 2023

Live dealer blackjack with or without the EZ bet is more effective when the optimal strategy is used. One of the online casino myths is that EZ bust blackjack card counting works and can help you improve the odds of winning.

Strategies are not that effective either, in Zen count blackjack or other versions, but they can give players a feeling of predictability.

Double or nothing bets are popular for EZ bust blackjack live dealer, as they work similarly to a martingale.

You can double your bet until you win, hoping that the croupier will go bust after repeatedly showing up cards from 2 to 6. Since the buster blackjack payout is even money, there is a risk of hitting the ceiling before the bust blackjack happens, so you should keep that in mind.

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How odds are calculated in Blackjack EZ Bust?

You can play EZ bust blackjack free online to learn more about the odds and how the EZ bust blackjack side bet works. You can find it at a live casino online and since blackjack is one of the games featured at any top game casino list, the bet EZ dealer bust blackjack mechanic can be tested in many places. The odds of winning differ depending on the dealer’s up card, with significant variations even though only five bets are possible.

Further Information

The dealer will go bust only 35% of the time when he shows a 2, and the number increases to 37% and 40% for 3 and 4. The most likely outcome for these blackjack bonus bets to pay at bust tables is if the dealer has a 5 or 6. In these cases, the percentage is increased to 43% and 44%, so this is when you should place your bets at any online casino if you’re interested in gambling with an edge.

Other similar bets like EZ Bust in Blackjack

Does no bust blackjack work for you or do you prefer to stick to the classic types of blackjack and more common variants of blackjack side bets? In any case, there are several similar bets like EZ bust that you can find at high roller casino sites and safe online casino operators. These are the top three main blackjack side bets that you can easily use at the best blackjack live casino tables:

Insurance – if the dealer has an Ace facing up, you can purchase insurers, which pays 2:1 if the dealer has a blank check. The odds are not that good, so we don’t like this option.

Perfect pairs – you can find this side bet in Super 4 blackjack, Blackjack Pick up 7, and other blackjack betting types. It pays 5:1 if you get cards of the same value by different suits and colors or 12:1 if they have the same value and color. Identical cards pay the best at 25:1.

21+3 – is a side bet that pays five distinct combinations, starting at 5:1 for a flush, 10:1 for a straight, and 30:1 43 of a kind. The straight flush pays 40:1 and the suited triple pays 100:1, with the players’ two cards and the upcard at the dealer being used in the combination.

PROS and CONS of EZ Bust Blackjack

  • Spices things up for players
  • Gives an extra option for a side bet
  • Popular at many blackjack tables
  • Compatible with other blackjack side bets
  • House edge is high for blackjack game
  • Not available at any Europeam online casinos

FAQ about Blackjack EZ Bust

The house edge is better if you bet on the bust when the dealer has 5 or 6.
This is a blackjack side bet where you wager on whether the dealer goes above 21 or not.
You lose the bet, but still have a chance to win the side bets, as they are independent of the result.
You still need luck to make money when using this side bet in the popular card game.
The bet is gaining traction, but it is still not available in many online blackjack varieties.

Spice things up with EZ Bust Blackjack

EZ bust blackjack can provide the much-needed variety for fans of the popular card game. The house edge is decent and the odds of winning justify this side bet, although there is still a fair degree of volatility. Incorporate the EZ bust blackjack mechanic in your overarching strategy and you can make the game more exciting while increasing the odds of winning.