Blackjack has always stood out as one of the most popular live dealer casino games in the live casino online scene.

By the time you’re done with this reading, you’ll have definite answers to your ‘what is live Blackjack?’ and ‘how does live Blackjack work?’ questions as well as a healthy bag of tricks and tips for live Blackjack and live Blackjack strategy.

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What is live Blackjack and how does it work

To understand what live Blackjack is all about, we need to first grasp the concept of the Blackjack game. Blackjack is a gambling online card game in which players try to acquire real cards with a face value totaling 21 and no more.

With recent advancements in technology, you don’t need to be physically present in a land-based casino to enjoy this delightful gaming experience. You can virtually participate in a live Blackjack online casino where a real-life Blackjack dealer works with a physical Blackjack card set on a table in a real location in real-time.

With top-notch streaming technology and lightning-fast internet, you get to play as though you were there physically and interact with the dealer, fellow playmates- ask questions, win big and have fun via the live chat feature. This is a general overview of what live blackjack is about.

Things to know before you start playing online casino live Blackjack

Before you start playing live Blackjack for real money, here are a couple of live Blackjack casino basic strategies as well as a general idea of when to surrender in Blackjack:

  • The goal in Blackjack is to score 21 or get as close to that mark as possible without going over to do this, you must beat the dealer’s score.
  • Basic Blackjack starts with a deck of 52 regularly shuffled playing cards with no jokers. At the start of each hand, the player and the dealer are both dealt two cards in the live dealer Blackjack game.
  • The player is free to take another card otherwise known as ‘hit’ or decide against that I.e ‘stand’ if they think they have good cards that can win for them.
  • Pay attention to card values: Numbers 2 upwards to 10 are worth their face value while all picture cards, J, Q, and K, count as 10.
  • The term Blackjack is also used to describe a hand within the game that is an ace, drawn with any ten-point card. It is the most valuable hand.
  • The whole idea of discerning when to surrender in Blackjack isn’t necessary as the option to surrender in live Blackjack is not even available.
  • The casino always wins one way or the other, this is what is known as House edge. It involves a small percentage of all wagers that the casino expects to win.

These are some more of the peculiarities and rules you should be check carefully before you venture into live Blackjack games.

How to choose the best live Blackjack casinos?

To start playing, you need to choose a good online casino with live Blackjack. The role that picking a top live Blackjack online casino has on the overall experience cannot be overemphasized. From the security you enjoy to the strong bonus promotions and promotional offers, it is definitely worth paying attention to. Here are some criteria to look out for to find the best online casinos :


  •  Look out for casinos that have at least Malta and Gibraltar Casino licenses. It means they are quite reliable and secure online casino providers to do business with. A paucity of licensing is a red flag for any live Blackjack casino.

Competent Customer Service

  •  The customer, they say, is king. If you find a Blackjack casino on the top gaming casino list that has horrible customer support, it is an indictment of their general quality as well as an avoidable source of headache in future interactions.

Payment services

  •  A common trend among the best live casino sites is that they offer the most secure, fastest, and easiest to use modes of payment. Apart from giving their customers peace of mind, customers get treated to an atmosphere of good Blackjack money management.


  •  The princes of the pack usually boast of a wider range of devices with which you can access the online live dealer Blackjack From mobile live casino Blackjack software applications and mobile website speciations to online casinos that can be accessed on iPad. These mobile versions help to facilitate on-the-go usage.

How to bet on live dealer Blackjack

Some types of bets that are available include :

Step 1
Visit a live dealer Blackjack casino site of your choice and select an empty seat after doing the necessary registration.
Step 2
Once the current hand finishes, you decide how much to bet by clicking on your chosen chip denomination, then click again on your betting pocket to take the bet from your casino account balance.
Step 3
The dealer then deals the cards from the deck and each player then chooses their move one after the other. When it’s your turn, you may choose to stand, hit, double down, or split if you have a pair.
Step 4
If you are the lucky winner, your winnings will be credited to your account instantly, but if you’re not so lucky, you can go on to the next hand to try again.

Here are steps on how to bet on live dealer Blackjack:

  • Bet Behind: Some Live Blackjack online tables allow players to bet behind any seat on the blackjack table, this may be done as an initial bet in the period while you’re waiting for an empty seat or it could simply be a general gambling preference.
  • Perfect Pairs: Here, players are offered the option to make a totally different online casino wagering on the outcome that their two cards will be paired. It may come in these varieties:
  • Rank and suit match
  • Suit color match
  • Only rank match
  • 21+3 bets: These are optional wagers based on the player’s own two cards plus the dealer’s up-card.

Live Blackjack variation games

It is important to also note that there are quite a number of variations in the way live Blackjack is played across different casinos, here are the major ones and their rule variations and peculiarities:

  • The classic live Blackjack: This Is definitely the most popular Blackjack variant out there. On a classic Blackjack table, you have a 52- card deck created to determine the winner- anyone with more points than the live dealer at the end of the round. None of the Blackjack players is to exceed 21 points and in the case of that happening, the round is lost. This takes care of the questions as to ‘how many decks do casinos use in Blackjack?
  • Party Blackjack: It is quite similar to classical Blackjack in terms of rules and regulations but this version takes a detour in that there are as many as two to three live dealers in the game. A player’s round scores are however still drawn against a single party online Blackjack live dealer
  • The Pre Decision Blackjack: If you’re looking for speed, this is the version of Blackjack to play. It is marked by the absence of a need for Blackjack players to wait for their turns to decide on a move to make. This variant is also known for the high rewards that come with its quick round succession.
  • The VIP Blackjack: This high roller casino version varies from the classical Blackjack in how high the players can bet on the live Blackjack game. It isn’t called VIP for no reason. However, for online Blackjack casinos, there is a betting limit on how high players can wager while some other casinos only open participation to VIP club members of their online casinos.
  • The Atlantic City Live Blackjack: The highlight of this live Blackjack variant is that, unlike the classical Blackjack game, once a player gets his initial two cards, he is free to exit the round instantly.
  • Infinite Blackjack: Here, there is only Ine seat and any number of players can take it at the same time.

Strategies to apply in live Blackjack online games

Here are some pieces of online Blackjack strategy you can employ to win big in live Blackjack online live dealer games:

Optimum Blackjack Strategy

  • This is a basic strategy christened by Roger Baldwin. It is based on a mathematically coherent approach found on a chart lsu that elaborates what moves a player should take in different situations based on the kind of cards they are dealt.

Card Counting

  •  This strategy helps players ascertain whether the next hand will give an advantage to him or the dealer. When it is well done, a significant advantage can be won by the player over the house when you play live Blackjack online for money. Basically, what happens is that the player keeps tabs on cards by ascribing a value to each card and then judging based on how many high and low-value cards the dealer deals. 

Side Bets

  •  These are additional bets placed to win more by beating the odds. They are mostly independent of the main game and they include Perfect Pairs, 21+3, Over/Under 13, and Insurance. On an overall scale, they are placed based on a guess of which upcard the player or dealer will receive per time.

Live Blackjack online vs land-based casinos

In comparing live Blackjack online to your brick and mortar casino, it’s helpful to note that they each have their weaknesses and strengths, some of them are:

  • Land-based casinos tend to offer a more social and exciting experience in general compared to their live online counterpart.
  • Land-based casinos also tend to behave stricter rules in comparison with a more casino player-friendly approach typical of the live Blackjack casinos
  • You can pay for far lower stakes when you gamble online than in the land-based casinos I.e lower minimum bets.
  • Counting cards is generally easier at land-based casinos than live Blackjack online casinos
  • In general, average Blackjack players tend to do much better in live Blackjack online casinos.

Live Blackjack online bonuses

Live dealer Blackjack bonuses are an exciting part of live gambling. Most online casinos offer lucrative welcome offers such as no minimum deposit casinos and special bonuses to invite gamblers to wager on these online platforms.

Other interesting articles on this topic:

The live Blackjack mobile offer

It is safe to say that If you would like to play live Blackjack online freely on the go, you are covered. What you need to do is to check in an online casino whether a mobile version of the website or a special online casino app is available for players. If the casino can play mobile Blackjack games which may be an app or website, the players are free to play Blackjack on a smartphone or tablet.

Tips and tricks of how to win the live Blackjack game

Some tidbits of information may play a massive role in your overall success in Blackjack casino gaming. Here is how to win at online live Blackjack :


  • Try to split if you have a set of aces or an 8s pair so you can play with two hands. In splitting a pair of aces, you have an increased chance of Blackjack with a new online casino card. Having two 8s puts you in a precarious position where you might easily exceed 21. It’s just better to split it.
  • Don’t split 10 or 6 pairs as a pair of 10s is desirable to hold and splitting a pair of 6s gives you the worst hand of 16 points.
  • Decide carefully if you would like to take out insurance.
  • Make good choices on whether to stand or hit by constantly comparing your card values to those of the dealer.
  • Choose the Blackjack variant that suits you the best: You will know the one that’s best suited to you when you read the adapted rules and peculiarities before you start playing, you will also require some level of self-awareness to know what works for you and what does not. Just pay attention to all these signs.
  • Always remember to play responsibly: Gambling responsibility has never hurt anyone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of playing live Blackjack online

  • Player’s ability to directly influence the game
  • Availability on mobile platforms
  • With expertise and game understanding, you get better outcomes
  • Easily deployable strategies for better outcomes
  • Wide variety of game types
  • Wide variety of betting options
  • It is not as exciting as a land-based casino
  • It is far more difficult to practice card counting here

Frequently asked questions about live Blackjack

No, online live Blackjack is not rigged. There are a couple of measures put in place by reputable live blackjack online casinos to discourage rigging and unwholesome practices.
The odds for winning live Blackjack are Suited Trips at 100:1, Straight Flush at 40:1, Three of a Kind at 30:1, Straight at 10:1, Flush at 5:1.
Sure, you can win real casino money playing live online Blackjack just like you can at land-based casinos.
Yes, you can beat the dealer over and over in live online Blackjack just as you can in land-based casinos. You beat the dealer if you have more points than them at the end of the round.
Yes, you can play Blackjack on mobile live casino applications as well as Blackjack live casino sites on mobile devices and tablets.

Ready to play? Then the dealer is ready to serve!

We’ve come a long way from times when we could only have land-based casinos, modern technology has given us this ultimate convenience of being able to play the lovely game of Blackjack wherever we may be on the earth and win big, just as we would in a physical casino. What an exciting time to be alive.