Baccarat is an immensely popular card game and it is played in both land-based and online casinos.

For professional Baccarat players, the game is appealing because it carries one of the lowest house edges.

In this guide we look at the systems that work, suggest the patterns that Baccarat players use to help you with your gambling.

If you want to learn how to win at baccarat and how to place the best Baccarat bets, then keep reading.

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What it takes to become a professional Baccarat player?

Before you aspire to join the professional online Baccarat players, you need to learn the basics.

The house edge is always in place and the odds are stacked against you, so must learn how to stay afloat.

Begin by learning the rules and practicing the game in the safe environment of the demo version. Tinker with the bets and monitor your gambling sessions to see how you perform in the long run. Online live Baccarat is only available on real money, but you can play against the algorithms for as long as you like.

Bankroll management is also essential, as you must wager only the amount you can afford to lose. Even though you enjoy the best odds at the Baccarat table, you are still the underdog.

In this guide, we also look at the stories of famous players such as Tommy Renzoni, Phil Ivey, and Kerry Packer. You will learn how to be a good Baccarat player but also how to avoid the main obstacles. These high rollers had no problem competing at high-stakes but some of them ran into fatal troubles.

Be inspired by the best professional Baccarat players

The goal might be to become one of the professional online Baccarat players, but you need to take it one step at a time. Let’s start by introducing you to a select group of profitable professional Baccarat players who made history playing the game. Keep in mind that not all the stories have a happy ending; playing Baccarat proved to be deadly for some of them.

Tommy Rezoni

Tommy Renzoni was one of the best professional Baccarat players who became famous for bringing the game to Las Vegas. He learned it in Cuba and convinced the Sands Hotel to add it to their collection. The game became immensely popular in Sin City and attracted other players who could afford to bet larger amounts. The ease of learning how to play Baccarat and the simplicity of Baccarat terms turned the game into a huge success. Tommy has made a huge contribution to bringing live Baccarat to Vegas.

Akio Kashiwagi

Akio Kashiwagi was a famous real estate investor from Tokyo who ran the Kashiwagi Shoji Company. His story was shrouded in secrecy, but he was known as a professional gambler who could afford to bet six-digit amounts on one hand. He spent a lot of time in Atlantic City and wagered huge amounts at the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino. Akio was supposed to pay Trump more than $4 million at the time he was killed in Japan by an unknown assailant with a samurai sword.

Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey is better known as the Tiger Woods of poker and one of the best players in the game. He felt comfortable at the Baccarat table where he wagered huge amounts and won a lot. One of the things that he’s best known among professional Baccarat players is edge sorting. Phil found a way to exploit the subtle differences on the backs of the cards and won a lot of money in London casinos. He was not paid on the grounds of using professional Baccarat players edge-sorting and lost the appeal in court.

Kerry Packer

Kerry Packer is one of the professional casino Baccarat players who wagered huge amounts in London casinos. In spite of the low house with professional Baccarat players, he still suffered a huge loss of nearly AU$28 million. On the other hand, he won millions of dollars frequently in the UK and the US, including a massive payout of AU$33 million in Vegas. Kerry Packer was known for his bad beat Baccarat sessions, losing millions of dollars in some of the most luxurious casinos in the world.

Can you beat Baccarat?

Any casino game is beatable if you are lucky, but you are more likely to win if you play a game with a low house edge. Playing professional Baccarat already sets you on the right track as this is one of the most profitable casino games. Having said this, the house edge is there to give the casino advantage, so you must get creative to be successful. These are some of the things that can help to level the playing field:


♦ Edge sorting – as stated above, this is the ability to spot imperfections on the back of the cards. If you can identify them, you can use this Baccarat pattern to increase or decrease the stakes. It can also help you with the Baccarat side bets, so there are several ways to win. Phil Ivey used it and he would’ve gotten away with it hadn’t he tricked the dealer into using a certain set of cards.

♣ Hole carding – this is an even more effective way to win, but you require the complicity of a dealer. Essentially, you will be trying to know the cards against of time, which is illegal so we don’t advise you. You won’t be able to do it online at mini Baccarat or regular tables, and it will not work for mobile Baccarat either. It is a concept that works in theory but we don’t endorse it.

♦ Play the numbers – the safest way to do it is to place the best bet, on the banker or the player. Avoid the tie bet because of the terrible odds and always go for the wagers that have the lowest house edge. This is the best strategy for professional Baccarat players and works at all games.

♣ Choose the right games – if you exercise proper Baccarat bankroll management and bet within your means, you have a better chance in the long run. Choosing the right game, such as no commission Baccarat is also essential to maximize the odds of winning. This will allow you to maximize the profits you make while paying as little commission as possible.

How do casinos maintain the house edge?

Baccarat is a game of chance, but one that still carries a very low house edge. Even if the return to the player is around 99%, in the long run, it is the 1% that makes the casino winner. Regardless of how advanced a system for professional Baccarat players, the house edge always makes the difference. That’s why many people try to find a way around it and some even resort to cheating to prevail.

Edge sorting is something that the casinos are aware of and go to great lengths to prevent. If they have even the slightest suspicion that you are working the system, they will expand you from the premises. Finding bad dealers is equally difficult and it is against the law to engage in such activities. That’s why professional casino Baccarat players are not advised to go down this path.

Even though Baccarat looks like the best game because of the house edge, the latter can’t be ignored.

❗️ You need to be aware of the fact that the odds are stacked against you and that there’s a good chance to be defeated in the long run. With the right approach, impeccable bankroll management, and by using bonuses offered by the casino, you can improve the odds. Just be patient and constantly assess the risks.

Some interesting pieces on online gambling

How to become a professional baccarat player

We’re inching closer to the end of our article, so now that you know how to choose an online casino, we will try to summarize the things that professional online Baccarat players do. There is no guarantee that these will make you a winning player, but they will definitely increase the odds of succeed:

  • Always bet the banker – this is the bet that has the lowest house edge, so it makes perfect sense to focus on it all the time. Don’t worry about being a mood killer, because the goal is to make a profit. If you choose to bet on the player, the house will be slightly higher, but not crushing.
  • Never bet on a tie – don’t let the allure of the potential big payouts deceive you because this bet carries a low house edge. In the long run, you will end up losing far more often and the occasional profits won’t be enough to compensate for the losses.
  • Wait one round after a lost banker bet – this is something that professional online Baccarat players do often. There are plenty of tables open all the time, so you can afford to monitor several tables simultaneously. There is no waiting time and the odds are increased.
  • Accept the possibility of a loss – this is part of the game and professional Baccarat players know that losing is inevitable. Don’t chase losses and stick to your strategy, while employing the same impeccable bankroll management. This is what keeps you afloat in the long run.

Pros and cons of playing Baccarat like a pro

  • Enjoy a game with a tiny house edge
  • Rely less on luck and more on skill
  • Move up the limits and play at high-stakes
  • Try the high roller experience at the casino
  • You risk losing larger amounts

Frequently asked questions

None of them are still playing and many are no longer alive but there are other professionals.
The best ones with a lot during good sessions, but losing is always a part of the game.
If you successfully use one of the strategies listed above, you can beat the house edge.
Professional Baccarat players card counting is not truly effective, especially at online casinos.
There is no silver bullet and the house edge is invincible but you can greatly decrease it.

Join the exclusive group of professional Baccarat players

The allure of becoming one of the professional casino Baccarat players is definitely out there. You can join the exclusive group by applying the rules listed above and by employing solid bankroll management. Other advanced strategies such as edge-sorting and hole carding look great on paper but don’t really work in the real life. Instead, focus on finding the games that pay the best, take advantage of casino bonuses, and play within your means to have a better chance of winning.