Blackjack ties can be beneficial or a source of frustration when playing Blackjack online. What it all comes down to is how to settle a tie in Blackjack.

How is this possible, and why does it happen?

Join us as we explore all the different ways in which you can tie when playing Blackjack at online casinos. We’ll explore tie side-bets, Blackjack tie meaning, and several variants where the rules change when gambling online.

If you want to learn more about online Blackjack ties, read on.

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Blackjack ties explained

When playing online Blackjack, it is possible to land a Blackjack tie with the dealer. This means that you both hold the same hand. One is no more valuable than the other. Ordinarily, especially in single deck Blackjack games, a Blackjack casino tie will see the hand push. This is casino terminology which means that your bets are returned in the event of a tie.

Of course, when playing Blackjack, the probability of a tie is quite low. This means that some software providers have decided to make it an attractive side-bet for Blackjack players. In other games, Blackjack bettors may be given other advantages, such as seeing the dealer’s cards.

To compensate for that, the dealer may win ties instead of pushes. In conventional European, Classic Blackjack online gambling games, or Blackjack hit or stand games, a Blackjack push tie is to be expected in the event of a tied hand.

Ties in Blackjack side-bets

As touched on, some Blackjack games are prepared to offer you the chance to bet on ties. However, these wagers only take place as Blackjack tie side-bets. For instance, it is possible for you to place an extra bet (often $1) in Blackjack on the dealer and the player ends up tied.

The Blackjack tie odds of winning aren’t great, at 8.75%. Therefore, the Blackjack tie wager side-bet often pays around 10:1 if you win, but the probability of it happening is so low that tied side-bets aren’t worth your time. Other side-bets, such as the Blackjack 5-Card Rule, Perfect Pairs, or 21+3, may be more advantageous than tied bets, as they offer much larger payouts for relatively the same level of risk.

Further Information

If you insist on betting with tied side-bets, then look at the Blackjack High Tie rules. This is a separate variant offering side-bets on specific tied hands. For instance, you can get prizes worth up to 50:1 for tied 17s, rewards of 45:1, 50;1, 25:1, and 125:1 for tied 18s, 19s, 20s, and 21s (Blackjacks), respectively.

While these payouts are most certainly impressive, the odds of this happening are even less than the 8.75% associated with “any tied” hand, so that is worth keeping in mind.

The rules of Blackjack ties

There are many Blackjack variants out there, and each has its own rules regarding tied hands. In most cases, tied hands will result in a push.

Further Information

Hrespect the rulesowever, as soon as variants start tinkering with house edges and odds, the rules regarding Blackjack tiebreakers come into play.

Blackjack tie terms may change to favor you or the dealer. To better understand this, we should look at some Blackjack tie rules in variants and explain how Blackjack tie winners may come about.

Here are other Blackjack articles you might enjoy: 

  • Progressive Blackjack: Featuring a jackpot side-bet, Progressive Blackjack utilizes a standard push rule for tied hands.
  • No Bust Blackjack: In No Bust Blackjack, tied hands will push if they are less than a Natural. If they are higher than a Natural, the hands could push, the player could win or lose, based on a third-card or the No Bust rules of the game.
  • Double Exposure Blackjack: Because you can see the dealer’s cards, you have an advantage in Double Exposure Blackjack. Therefore, the dealer wins all ties in this game, and Blackjack only pays even money.
  • Double Deck Blackjack: In Double Deck Blackjack, any ties that occur will see the player keep their original bet, meaning that standard push rules are in play here.
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack: Almost all multi-hand Blackjack games utilize standard push rules, ensuring that players’ bets are returned in the event of a tie.
  • Spanish 21: When comparing Spanish 21 vs Blackjack, it is important to note that there is no push on 21s. All tied 21-point hands are won by the player. Spanish 21 makes up for that using a disadvantaged deck.
  • Rummy Blackjack: You won’t find ties or pushes at all when playing rummy Blackjack. This is one of the few blackjack games to be structured like this.

Naturally, it is appealing to throw wagers on Spanish 21 and games where you can win the tie. It may seem obvious to avoid Double Exposure, where the dealer wins all ties.

However, these are offset by rule changes, which give you advantages in other areas (seeing the dealer’s cards and Blackjack paying even money in Double Exposure) and 48-card decks with no “ten” cards thrown in, making it trickier to land Blackjack in Spanish 21.

We wouldn’t say that there is such a thing as the “best Blackjack tie” game. It is up to you to decide what works best for you.

Using Blackjack tie strategies online

Blackjack tie strategy is a set of rules that some players attempt to use to play Blackjack with tie bets. Ensuring that you’re going to end up with a tie is a lot tougher than merely trying to beat the dealer, but it pays considerably more if lady luck is with you.

As mentioned, Blackjack tie gambling odds aren’t great, so using strategy is always risky. There is no such thing as a bona fide Blackjack cheat sheet here.

If you are interested in learning about Blackjack ties, there are strategy charts out there to help you make the best move, based on what’s on display on the table. The most used one is the Tie Side Bet Strategy Chart, and it is based on the All Ties Pay 10:1 rule. Other Blackjack strategy charts exist for Blackjack games with alternative side-bet rules.

Things to avoid when playing Blackjack

Before you dive into playing Blackjack with tied bets, it is worth going over some of the most basic tips and things to avoid. Here is what you need to know:

♣ Never make your move at the same time as the dealer. Try and wait to see how they go about their move. It may influence you to make one move or another.

♦ If you are placing side-bets, never play the Martingale System or any other Blackjack betting system. It can’t take side-bets into the equation.

♣ If you’re aiming for a tied hand, never draw to any hand that can easily go bust. Playing for a tied hand is already a great risk, and you’re risking too much if you can bust a hand.

♦ Make sure you learn the rules and differences between poker vs blackjack if you want to play with other side-bets alongside tied hands.

♣ Don’t try to play with Blackjack hand signals when aiming for tied bets. Always do things verbally, as one mistake with a hand gesture could see your game messed up.

♦ Where possible, try and use Blackjack tie bet strategy to put yourself in the best position to win. You can find these strategy charts online.

Pros and Cons of Blackjack ties

  • Blackjack tie strategy charts can be used to play
  • Several variants let you win tied bets in Blackjack
  • Tied hands are not very common, at just 8% or thereabouts
  • Most Blackjack variants result in a push for tied hands
  • Stay away from tied side-bets, as they aren’t worth the risk
  • Some variants see the dealer win tied hands

Frequently asked questions about Blackjack ties

That depends on the Blackjack game you are playing. Some variants let either you or the dealer win tied hands, but most result in a push – your bet being paid back.
Again, that depends. In most cases, nobody will win, and your bets are returned. If there is a side-bet involved, you could win the tie side-bet and still lose the game.
No. In conventional Blackjack games, this will be the case, but in variants where the house edge and odds have been tinkered with, it can be a case of anything goes.
This is a side-bet that there will be a tied hand featuring values of seventeen or higher.
Normally, no. Being able to do so would give the Blackjack bettor far too much of an advantage over the house.

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The result of a Blackjack tie could see you win, the dealer win, or a push. Similarly, you could walk away with a Blackjack side-bet win on a tie but still lose the main game if the dealer wins ties.

Ultimately, what happens with a tie depends entirely on the Blackjack table game variant you are playing. However, if you want to explore some of those options and check out top places to play, you’ll find everything you’re looking for right here at our website.