One thought that has definitely crossed the minds of almost every casino player is the possibility that casino games, including blackjack games, were rigged and it is a very understandable sentiment as no one would want to participate in a game predetermined to favor a certain party.

This feeling gets even more relatable given the relatively high risk of running into bad luck of losing streaks. Not to worry much as we’re here to settle these concerns once and for all, stick with us as we answer the pertinent question ‘is online blackjack fair?’

Is blackjack rigged?

The short answer is that it is theoretically possible to rig an online blackjack game but it is highly unlikely that you’re playing a rigged online blackjack.

First and foremost, you have to understand that all casinos, whether they be online casinos or land-based casinos have a little something called ‘house edge’, so if you’re asking ‘are online casinos fair?’ Well, here’s your answer.

The most honest online casinos have the system organized in a way to give the house a slight advantage to make profits, it still passes as a fair game. This edge is also very tiny and even if it were slightly bigger, it does not in any way hamper your winning chances

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Who is inspecting and certifies online casinos and their blackjack games?

Basically, these games are not owned by the online casinos but are created by casino software developers to either be leased or licensed by these casinos. The integrity of the software developers is put to the question regularly by rigorous scrutiny and testing by the highest industry standards- Malta Gaming Association(MGA) as well as the United Kingdom Gambling Association(UKGA). These developers also work in accordance with the laws and regulations of gambling authorities in the countries where they are created and deployed.

Again, these casinos and developers work hand in hand with independent laboratories like eCOGRA and TST to ascertain the security as well as fair game status of these casino games.

If the games are found to be rigged, the reputation of the gaming software developer suffers almost irrecoverably, casino reviews will be all over the place highlighting the shady business going on in those gambling sites that are rigged, Secondly, in the short run live dealers practicing online gambling fraud will smile to the bank, but after a while, there will be a general.

Dissatisfaction from the customer base and the number of people playing blackjack online for fun will plummet. In reality, there isn’t much of an advantage to dirty dealing in blackjack online.

Are some online blackjack software rigged? How to Choose the Fair Ones?

Having stated that most online blackjack dealers are safe online casinos, there still exists some rogue software providers and casinos but  here are some general criteria to help you choose the ones that give a fair game:


  • Choose the most certified casinos and software developers
  • Go for the live dealers and online gaming providers that have the best reputation for transparency
  • Ensure that the dealers have good reviews with customers recording decent winnings before jumping in, fair dealers get more winnings
  • Finally, fair blackjack software developers and casinos are clear about their random number generator features in the blackjack game as well as the house edge percentage and how it works. Only fair dealers are upfront about all this information

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What are the odds of winning at blackjack?

Online Blackjack Casinos give one of the best rewards of winning in the market with an RTP as high as 99.5% where the average among online casino games is somewhere around 96%. So playing blackjack is definitely profitable but on the other hand, your actual chances of winning individual hands are only about 42%.

The reason the RTP is that high is the payback that comes from side online casino bonus payouts from natural blackjack and doubling down or splitting them. The high RTP puts the game on the top games casino list. Basically how much you can cash out at a casino here is higher than the average.

This then means that you’re playing in a very volatile set-up when you play blackjack online for money. It is because of this that it is quite easy to enter a dreadful losing streak and think that the odds of winning blackjack are stacked against you and wonder if online Blackjack is legit.

But before you go on and conclude that online gambling is rigged, let’s take a look at the impact that having an online Blackjack strategy as well as online casino tricks up one’s sleeve will have in the long run.

Does having a solid blackjack strategy increase my winning odds?

It is safe to view blackjack online casino games as a game of strategy, you need to learn some basic tips on how to deal online blackjack. Usually, there are guides, charts, and trainers on sites all over the internet  that provide helpful materials on the best online blackjack strategies

Strategy is one thing you’ll be rewarded for as you’ll have the how to beat online blackjack on hand.

Understand Your Losing Edge in Blackjack

Your losing edge is simply the house edge. How much do you lose on each blackjack game you are wagering on or how much do casinos make from blackjack. Generally, the rate on blackjack is much lower than that of other casino games like poker, poker vs blackjack and Baccarat.

In understanding that the house will always chop off a portion of your deposit, the way to go about it to minimize your losses would be to deploy the best casino strategies in your gameplay. Also, with a knowledge of the house edge, you can determine how much you’re losing hourly on the game. It is also important to note that gambling sites tend to offer varying house edge percentages on different games. Knowing this will be immensely helpful in your journey to learn how to make money on blackjack casinos.

The bottom line for navigating house edges is this: There is a level of blackjack money management strategy and common sense to maximize your winnings by limiting your losing edge but it begins with being aware of the losing edge you are beginning with. This understanding of rate variability with the way your gameplay will also help in showing how to make money from casino bonuses.

Do blackjack dealers count cards?

It isn’t impossible, but it is highly unlikely. Secondly, there isn’t much of an incentive to card counting in Blackjack.

Although it has happened once before in 2017, that a BetOnline user noticed her blackjack live dealer was cheating, technically, this could be viewed as an online blackjack fraud problem. The point remains that it was a freak incident and heavy corrective and punitive measures were taken to deal with that situation. This aside, you can generally be almost 100% certain that card counting won’t be a cause for concern in your gambling.

Then how come the same people keep winning at blackjack?

Like it was stated earlier, winning in blackjack has a whole lot more to do with strategy and following some common-sense principles. And this is exactly why it would seem like that same person keeps winning in the game of online blackjack. It has more to do with the fact that they have internalized and practiced a winning strategy in playing the game than mere luck or even cheating.

Experienced players tend to rate blackjack as to be one of the best casino games to make money.

Rumours about online blackjack rigged

Definitely, rumors will be out there about the possibility of online blackjack being rigged but the majority of them hold no water. Only one case has been documented so far.

A cheating complaint was filed by a BetOnline/GGT user of live blackjack, it turns out that the live dealer was second dealing, taking the second card on the deck instead of the first, the dealer won round 18 vs 17, upon investigation, the claims were found to be true and as a result, BetOnline switched live blackjack dealers from GGT to VIsionary Igaming.

How do you know if an online blackjack site is rigged?

No one likes to be cheated, this is why it is important to look out for red flags when selecting blackjack online sites to play from: These are some signs that an online casino is rigged:

Further Information

  • They tend to be sketchy about their testing, certifications and licensing because they most likely do not have them. It is more than likely that they are a rogue operator offering rigged games
  • They have poor and scathing online reviews, this usually gives them up as purveyors of scammy games.
  • Refusal to pay out is a dead giveaway for rigged casinos
  • Finally, dealers who refuse to respond to players’ questions and concerns, hoarding information is a classic sign of dubious intent and such dealers and casinos should be avoided by all means

Tips to protect yourself from a rigged online blackjack casino

Self-preservation and security are integral. In the world of blackjack, lots of ideas exist about how to minimise risk. Here are some highly recommended tips that will turn out as lifesavers in protecting you from rigged blackjack casinos:


  • Choose the games that offer high paying options: check for and go with the real money online blackjack dealers that offer the best payout casinos, promotions and online blackjack bonus; this way, you don’t feel cheated when you win, as the RTP compensates for whatever unlucky prior runs
  • Learning proper strategy: as stated earlier, strategy is highly rewarded in online blackjack, a proper blackjack strategy will also keep you aware of what is happening and all the odds being moved about. Now, do you take insurance in blackjack? The only way to answer this is if you understand the intricacies of blackjack. You’re also more likely to detect inconsistencies when you have a working plan
  • Learn the calculation aspect of the game: When you learn the simple bankroll calculation, the whole process becomes clearer and you’re better able to detect rigging when playing on gambling sites. Bankroll calculations have more applications than just being able to nerd friends out at a blackjack party

Why should you trust online blackjack games?

Generally, you would want to trust online blackjack games because of these reasons:

  • The use of random number generation in the blackjack software ensure equal chances for anyone to win
  • Certification, licensing and regular testing from credible parties as well as independent laboratories reveal a clean bill of health for operators.
  • There’s little or no incentive for these live dealers to cheat in the long run as it kills their customer interest

On the other hand, you would want to be skeptical about online casino blackjack and mobile casino blackjack operators when:

  • They hold back important information regarding licensing and certification as well as poor customer response services
  • They have terrible online reviews all over the place
  • They offer the worst RTPs in online blackjack in 2023

Frequently Asked Questions if online blackjack is rigged

Definitely, several electronic blackjack operators are not rigged. So if you’re wondering ‘are online casinos trustworthy?’ There are enough popular outfits to convince you positively. In short, Blackjack casinos are some of the best live casinos you'll play in .
Basically, licensing and certification bodies and independent gaming labs are best equipped to determine if live dealer blackjack is rigged.
The major factor that lends credence to this assumption that blackjack is rigged against you Is the relatively lower chances of winning a hand(about 42%) of winning in blackjack online as well as the high volatility involved may lead to longer losing spells.
Blackjack can only be rigged in some of the most extreme of situations, one of which is a live blackjack game where the online blackjack with live dealer was second dealing in an isolated rigging episode in 2017.

In Summary

Pay attention, do your due diligence when selecting blackjack dealers and casinos, but you can rest assured for the most part that you are most likely not getting scammed. Put all your ‘do online casinos cheat’ concerns to rest by applying the facts and principles we have explored in this article