If you are a fan of roulette, then you must have searched for roulette PayPal casinos at some point in your life. It is one of the most exciting games in online casinos. When you are an avid gambler, you need a quick and convenient method of payment. PayPal brings the ease of gambling in these casinos.

Our Best Roulette PayPal Casino Picks

Whether you are playing European roulette online real money, or the classic American roulette, the right casino can make the gameplay extremely enjoyable. Online roulette real money PayPal is the easiest way to have account security and have a lot of fun at the same place.

Skol Casino
Make five deposits and start playing with €1.300 + 250 bonus spins! Skol casino offers a different bonus every day of the week! 

  • 1st deposit bonus: 100% up to €300 + 100 Free Spins
  • 2nd deposit bonus: 75% up to €300 + 75 Free Spins
  • 3rd deposit bonus: 50% up to €300 + 50 Free Spins
  • 4th deposit bonus: 25% up to €300 + 25 Free Spins
  • 5th deposit bonus: 100% up to €100
  • Wagering requirements: 35x
  • Minimum deposit required: €10

Top online casinos using Paypal


Casino Name


Paypal available


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Up to €1300 + 250 Free Spins
United Kingdom
Rating 9.34 out of 10
100% up to 200€
Rating 8.84 out of 10
Up to 500 Free Spins
Rating 8.76 out of 10
Up To €1500 + 150 free spins
Rating 8.70 out of 10
100% up to €200
Rating 8.55 out of 10
100% up to €150 + 150 Free Spins
Rating 8.50 out of 10

Do Casinos Take Payment Through PayPal?

Payment through PayPal can be super quick and convenient. It a popular payment method; you probably already use it anyway. The deposits and withdrawals are pretty much instant, and it is accepted in most online and mobile casinos. We have handpicked some of the best casinos that accept PayPal, and have great roulette games.

How Do I Add PayPal To My Lucky Slots?

Great news for slot fans. If your casino accepts PayPal, which it probably does due to it being a super common payment method, you can simply choose to deposit roulettes casino real money. And then, all you have to do is start playing your slot game. The balance will be instantly available in your account, so you never have to wait to play your favorite game.

  • Slot Roulette
  • Slot Vs Roulette

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    Slot Vs. Roulette

What Games Can You Play For Real Money?

Online casino roulette PayPal is one of the most fun games you can play for real money. If online roulette is not your style, there are slots, baccarat, poker, bingo, and a million other games you can play. Just make sure you are playing with real money instead of in practice mode, where you can play as much as you like, but can’t win any money.

Can I Play In A Casino With PayPal?

Yes! PayPal is one of the most popular payment methods. It is so convenient that casinos accept it widely across all countries. Read our review to understand how to sign up for PayPal and start playing!

Further Information

PayPal roulette casinos are super popular. Roulette is a game of chance and skill. You might get stuck trying to land a pocket, and practice never hurts. PayPal makes sure when you deposit your money, it appears in the casino account immediately. Roulette PayPal is an unbeatable combination in a casino.

Can You Gamble With PayPal Credit?

Looking to play roulette online for real money? PayPal Credit lets you play whenever you want, wherever you want. The money is instantly deposited into your account, which means you never have to stop playing. You can use the deposited money to play anything, not just roulette. Roulette casino PayPal has lots of other games as well. Find what suits your style.

How to Use PayPal as a Payment Method

Martingale roulette is a popular game that brings hordes of players to casinos every day. And experience players admit that PayPal is superior in terms of ease of execution over other eWallet any day of the week. This is why you should have PayPal. If you already don’t, here’s how you can register and start using PayPal today.

A PayPal casino will give many welcome bonuses. If you have a no deposit bonus in a casino, you can play for a while. But after a while, you might want to start playing with real money. Here is what you need for that.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, read the review to find out how to register for one. When you have linked the PayPal account, you can add money to your casino. Mobile Roulette or normal, you need real money to win real money.

Simply head off to the cashier section of the site and you will find the option to withdraw. And for depositing, you need to have money in the bank account that is linked to the PayPal account.

After this, you simply have to enter the amount you want to add or take out. Remember to adhere to the minimum limit for the casino, or you won’t be able to process a transaction.

On deposit, the money will be available in your account instantly.

PayPal Deposit/ Withdrawal Times


If Slot roulette or bonus roulette is your thing, you will need to add money frequently to keep playing. You will also need to withdraw your winnings every week, and you need it to happen instantly.

The transactions, however, on online gambling real money PayPal happen pretty much instantly. When you are withdrawing money, it could take some time to process depending on the casino’s restrictions.

How Do I Sign-Up To Play Using PayPal?

If you are thinking of how to recover lost money in casino, the only answer is to practice before you play. Remember that all casinos will allow you to play some games in practice mode. And then you can consult the online roulette guide to ensure that you play your best.

For that, you need a PayPal account and you need a casino account. The PayPal account can be used for any other vendors too. Not just casino vendors. To sign-up on PayPal, you have to head off to the official website and register. All you need for that is your email address and the operative bank account on the site.

Then when you are playing at the casino, head off to the cashier section, and use PayPal as the payment method.

  • Bonus Roulette
  • Bonus Roulette

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    Bonus Roulette

Finding The Best Casinos To Play Roulette PayPal

How to win at online roulette must be something that crosses your mind daily. The first rule of thumb is to find a casino that operates under strict licensing. Which will mean you get the fair chance you deserve and have lots of fun. We have already herded up some great PayPal casinos since not all casinos accept PayPal.

How do we know these are the best places to play online live roulette? Because we have carefully read and curated reviews from lots of experienced players. We have looked at the games, especially roulette options, as well as the level of security and comfort you can have. Rest assured, we have picked the best of the bunch to ensure you get everything you need to have the best experience.

American Roulette vs. European Roulette

The American roulette differs slightly from the European roulette. The American wheel has two wheels for a single and double 0s. That means they have 38 pockets. Whereas the European one has only a single 0 and pockets from 1 to 36. The zero pockets are green.

Also, the roulette wheels may not be in the same order. But this is a super minor detail.

What are PayPal advantages and disadvantages of playing in a casino?

  • Most people already use it.
  • Connect with your choice of the bank account.
  • Don’t have to save your details in the casinos.
  • Extremely safe and secure.
  • Not every casino offers PayPal as a payment option.

Are Paypal Payments Safe?

PayPal has state of the art buyer protection and security measures that keeps you protected from all scam and fraud. They also ban casinos or companies that don’t have a decent reputation. So, if you see the casino you are playing at does not have PayPal, it could be due to some security issues on their end. If you fall prey to unauthorized purchases or identity theft, you are protected for that too.

Alternatives to PayPal

Neteller big logo


A premier e-wallet accepted in most major casinos. They offer lots of security, quick deposits, and withdrawals, and operate from lots of countries. The operative countries are Sweden, Mexico, Hungary, and many more.
skrill big logo


Skrill is another widely accepted eWallet that is accepted across most countries in the world. They are easy, convenient, and you don’t have to save your details in the casino.
Visa big logo


All top of the line casinos accepts visa. They do charge for the transactions, and the charges will be listed at the casino page itself. Unless the casino decides to waive off the transaction fee. They can be accessed from any country in the world. The only downside is that you have to save your details in the casino.
mastercard big logo


Another secure payment method. They have lots of support and FAQ for anyone who needs help to understand anything about casino transactions. The credit or debit cards you use are probably MasterCard enabled already. So, you can simply use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

PayPal is a payment service that can be used to top-up your casino account and withdraw your winnings. Pick a recommended casino from above, make your first deposit with PayPal, and start gambling.
PayPal does not offer any games. There are some money games that can be played with PayPal, but the legality of them depends on whether they are licensed or not – this has nothing to do with PayPal.
PayPal will wait for 90 days and if you still don’t pay your debt, your account will be transferred to a debt collection agency. This means you now owe to the agency directly.
You don’t have to have a credit card for using PayPal, which is the beauty of the system. You can add your bank account and validate it to get the money deducted from this account.
The good news is that, in most cases, there are no additional fees when you make transactions through PayPal. However, PayPal reserves the right to charge fees. If you're playing from a European country, you won't have to pay any fees, but for other countries, you might have to pay 3.4% + $0.30.

Come Spin The Roulette And Start Winning

PayPal is a marvel of modern technology and it gives you the shield you need to fight against online scammers and frauds. You can have all you want in terms of gameplay because you can have instant transactions with PayPal.

If you have a visa or MasterCard enabled credit card, you can also choose to add the same in the account to use credit. Their charges are minimal, and they are accepted across all major casinos. In short, PayPal is probably the best way you can securely play in an online casino. So what are you waiting for?