Russia is quite a big country: In fact, it is the largest country in the world. It is also one of the most populous ones, which forms the world’s sixth largest purchasing power parity. In other words, this is a country with lots of money, which its citizens are ready to spend on lots of things, gambling included. However, due to local laws, this may be quite problematic: Russia is not that friendly towards gamblers. Nevertheless, you can still play at top online casino Russia sites if you know what to do, and get lots of advantageous bonuses. In this article, we will talk about these issues and more – simply put, we will list the top online casinos in Russia and show you how to play at them. Moreover, we will select the best online casino in Russia according to the needs and expectations of the players in this country. Welcome to the most comprehensive guide about Russia online casinos: Let’s start.

The Legality Of Online Gambling Industry In Russia

Online gambling in Russia has a sad history. Up until 2009, it was like Wild West: There were no legal regulations about gambling and the whole country was filled with gambling clubs. It was possible to see a betting parlor or a small land-based casino in every corner. In fact, according to statistics, there were 70.000 slot machines and 58 brick-and-mortar casinos in Russia in 2002. Sadly, the government decided that they were a threat against the youth and banned all of them in one night, in 2009. They also assigned four regions for gambling: Altai, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad, and Primorsky. The government stated that brick-and-mortar casinos can only be opened in these regions and under no circumstances, online casino Russia sites are allowed. So, as of 2021:

  • Online gambling law in Russia is the Gaming Act and it clearly forbids all forms of gambling (land-based or online) in the country, with the exception of those four regions.
  • The legal online gambling age Russia is 18 in these regions. Gambling is still illegal in other regions of Russia for those aged 18 and older.
  • There is still a debate going on for casino Russia online poker games: Some politicians claim that they are a game of skill and should be allowed. However, they are banned too at the moment.
  • The government actively censors all offshore casino sites and forbids local banks from accepting gambling related payments.

So, unfortunately, we cannot say that “yes, playing in the online casino in Russian is legal”. On the contrary, online gambling in Russia is not legal and there is no casino online in Russia, even in those four regions. Only brick-and-mortar casinos are allowed. Gambling authority in Russia is the government itself and it only gives licenses to land-based casinos in the regions listed above.

What Is The Future Of Internet Casinos In Russia?

Due to these strict laws, there are no licensed internet casinos in Russia. In other words, the answer to is online casino legal in Russia question is a big no. Just like Norway and Germany, they prohibited online gambling in all forms, thus it will be nearly impossible to find an Online Casino Norway or an Online Casino Germany. In a way, this situation similar to that of Online Casino Ukraine, where casinos are only allowed in certain regions of the country. Vladimir Putin is known to be against gambling of all sorts, so nobody expects to see this situation changes in the near future. If you want to gamble, you need to go Altai, Krasnodar, Kaliningrad or Primorsky, it is as simple as that. And if you want to gamble online, you won’t be finding an online casino in Russia.

But there is still good news: If you know how to find them, there are still lots of Russian friendly online casinos that will accept players from Russia. Moreover, you can still send and receive money to and from them if you pick the right payment methods. In short, you can still play real money slots online and lots of other games at Russian casino sites: Below, we will tell you how to do this.

Our Best Online Casino Russia List: Create An Account Today

As promised, we will start by listing the best casino Russia online sites. Note that none of these are actually located in Russia: Due to local laws, this is simply impossible. All of our selections are international online casinos that accept Russian players. However, this is not the only aspect of them: The websites below are among the best online casinos worldwide that offer a safe, secure, fair, and legal gambling service. In other words, you can be sure that they will offer you the best bonuses, best games, and best customer support. Our selected casino sites are licensed from prestigious agencies such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and work with highly respected providers, such as iSoftbet,NextGenGamingAmaya Gaming, Cryptologic, WMS, Bally, SG Games, and SoftSwiss. This month we recommend the Best Isoftbet Online Casino Sites to check out.

Best Online Russian Casino Sites List


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As always, you can check out casino reviews section to learn more about these casino sites and the bonuses they offer. Any of them will be a good choice for Russian players: Just pick the online casino Russia from the list and start playing, it is as simple as that.

How Do We Rate Top Online Casino Russia Sites

You are probably wondering how did we select these Russian casino sites.  Finding the best online casinos is not an easy job, and we do something harder: At Analyze Casino, we prepare geo-targeted reviews. This means we review casino online Russia sites not just according to their games but their Russia-specific features too. So, these are not just ordinary websites that accept members from Russia: They are literally the best online casinos for Russian players. This is because:

  1. We check for Russia-specific content. In other words, we look for whether you can view the website in Russian, play games in this language, and reach Russian customer support. The number of casino Russia online games you will be getting is important too, of course, but we also look for how localized the services are. For example, are you able to play Russian roulette casino game online? Can you find a live chat customer representative who speaks Russian? We check for all of these and make sure you will be getting a familiar experience.
  2. Best bonuses for Russian players. We make sure that you get high match rates and advantageous cashback/reload bonuses. But big numbers are not enough to satisfy us: We also check for how fair these bonuses really are. In other words, we check their wagering rates too and make sure that they are doable in a reasonable time period. While playing, you will always be able to get to use the best promotions.
  3. Compliance with Russian online security standards. The Russian government sets pretty high standards when it comes to online security. While reviewing Russian online casino sites, we check for how secure they are according to these standards too. And of course, we always pick SSL-secured casino sites, so your financial information can always stay safe.
  4. The option to play at mobile casino Russia sites. Mobile casinos are on the rise and Russian players should be able to take advantage of this too. In addition to desktop services, we check each casino site and confirm that they support multiple platforms, such as iOS casinos and Android casinos. We make sure that you will be able to play from any device you like and without any problems.
  5. Support for specific payment methods in Russia. Due to the prohibition of accepting gambling related payments, some casino payment methods (such as credit cards and bank transfers) are simply not available for Russian players. So we check the support alternative banking options they can use, such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Plus, we always check whether the support for local payment methods is available or not, such as Yandex Money, QIWI, Svyaznoy, and Web Money.

Online Casinos In Russia: The Pros And Cons List

You may think that there are not many pros about casino Russia online sites, but you will be wrong: Yes, there are a couple of legal restrictions against gambling but online gambling in Russia still has lots of advantages, such as:

  • The ability to use lots of e-wallets. You won’t be able to use VISA (come learn how to use VISA casino in our Best Visa Online Casino article) , MasterCard, and bank transfers to make online casino Russia deposits and withdrawals, true. However, e-wallet services are still available and supported by hundreds of online casinos. Moreover, these services are based in Russia, so you can always get the best customer support. Yandex Money, QIWI, and Web Money are some of the local services available to Russian players and you can be sure that they are supported by the majority of Russian online casino The government does not control them, so you can easily your deposits and withdrawals with these methods.
  • Lots of cryptocurrency support. Did you know that Ethereum, one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies is based in Russia? It is also invented by a Russian citizen. Cryptocurrencies are very popular in this country and believe it or not, most of them are supported by the government. Switching to a cryptocurrency for casino Russia online payments will be quite easy. Plus, doing so will offer you unmatched levels of privacy and security.
  • You must use a VPN service. We put this to the “cons” table. As mentioned above, the Russian government has a blacklist of offshore casino sites and the local ISPs are censoring them. So you must use a VPN service in order to access Russia online casino sites. The good news is, they are very easy to use and free, if you pick the right service provider.

Casino Online Russia FAQ

No. Sports betting is also illegal in Russia. It is possible to play sports bets in four designated zones, which we listed above, but there is a problem: Since online gambling/betting is considered illegal, you need to be physically in those zones to place a bet. And they are very far away from everything: These zones are at the China border and a bettor who lives in Moscow, for example, must travel thousands of kilometers just to place a single bet. Since this is not an option, sports betting is just a tourist attraction in Russia. (However, we must also mention that despite the laws, there are lots of underground betting parlors and even casinos in Russia.)
You may be surprised to hear this, but there are more than 4.000 brick-and-mortar casinos in Russia. Basically, 1.000 casino building can be found in each of the four zones. When it comes to numbers, Russia is as big as (maybe bigger) than Las Vegas. People of Russia love gambling and frequently visit these zones. They are also a popular tourist attraction which brings lots of taxing revenue.
Yes, there is. Remember that brick-and-mortar casinos still exist in the four regions listed above, and your winnings in these casinos are taxed by the government. According to the Russian Federation’s Tax Code, this tax changes between 1.500 to 125.000 Rubles, according to the amount of the winning. However, you don’t go to the Tax Office to pay this: It is cut directly from the prize amount. Online casino Russia winnings have no taxes because legally, they do not exist.

Get The Best Russia Online Casino Bonus Offers Today!

Use the bonus offers of our recommended online casino Russia sites and easily double your starting capital. Or, get an advantageous reload/cashback bonus and continue playing! No matter which option you choose, you can be sure that this will be a fun and profitable experience, as long as you pick one of our recommended casino Russia online sites. We believe that every gambler should have access to the best online casinos and best games, no matter which country they live in. And this is what we do at Analyze Casino: We pick the best casino online sites for Russia and the rest of the world, so you can play with a smile. Good luck!