We know that you are used to online casino bonuses that require wagering, but this is not written on stone. A casino registration bonus (or any other bonus) can be offered without any wagering – this is decided by the casino operator. And day by day, new no wagering casino bonuses appear: Nowadays, you can even get a 500% first deposit bonus without any requirements. So, how does an online casino bonus work? Why do casino sites offer them – is there a trick? And, more importantly, where to find online casinos without wagering requirements? Don’t worry, we prepared this guide to answer all of these questions and more. Below, you can find everything you need to know about no wagering requirements bonuses.

Best Casino Sites No Wagering Requirements: Our Top Pick

But first, let’s give you a list of the best casino sites no wagering requirements. There are dozens of casinos that offer low wagering bonuses, but the ones that don’t require any are rare. To save you the trouble, we checked all of them in detail and picked the best ones: Below, you can see the best no wagering casino sites to play in 2021.

Video Slots Casino
VideoSlots logo small
  • More than 3.000 games to play, fairness guaranteed by eCOGRA
  • The reliability of four different licenses
  • No maximum withdrawal limit

Video Slots casino offers many bonuses but the “Weekend Booster” is the best. This is a simple bonus and like all the simple things, it is very useful. Once you opt-in, 5% off all your winnings will be transferred to a vault automatically. This vault is like a piggy bank – it will hold your savings. Every weekend, Video Slots casino will use these savings to boost your winnings. As can be guessed, there are no wagering requirements for this boost. But wait, that’s not all: New players can get 11 free spins when they deposit 10 GPB, and any winnings you score with these spins will be wager-free. Video Slots is one of the best no wagering casino sites you can find and we highly recommend it. Don’t forget to check its standard welcome bonus too, which gives you a 200% match rate for your first deposit. Yes, this promotion requires wagering but you can win up to 200 GBP, which means Video Slots casino is also one of the best 200% bonus casinos you can find.

What Is Wagering And Why No Wagering Bonus Offers Are Important

Online casino bonuses that give you cash or free spins are good, but there is a problem: What happens if the players just grab it and run? Let’s think that you are offering a 400% casino bonus. This means if a player deposits 10 EUR, he/she can win 40 EUR. If this player can simply withdraw this bonus, you are practically distributing money for free, so the question remains: “How to make money from online casino bonuses?“.

The solution is the wagering requirement: This condition states that the player needs to wager a certain amount of money first, in order to withdraw the bonus. (For your information, “wagering” means depositing money to your casino account and spending it on games.) So, how much money must be wagered? This is determined by the wagering rate and the bonus amount. If the rate is 5x and the bonus is 10 EUR, for example, you simply need to wager 50 EUR (5 x 10).

In any case, wagering will take time and during this time, there will be lots of account restrictions. You can’t place a bet higher than 5 EUR, for example, or play any game you want. This is because almost always only the slot game wagers contribute 100% towards the requirement, which means you are practically forced to play them, even if you are a poker player.

Casino no wagering requirements bonuses do not have any of these problems. Yes, there are first deposit bonus casino sites that don’t want you to wager anything: You make your deposit and claim the bonus, that’s all. If you want, you can withdraw it immediately or use it to play games. No wagering casino bonuses give you the freedom of choice: If you don’t like the casino, you can simply move to another one. There is no need to wait for your wagering to complete. And that’s why casino no wagering requirements bonuses are important: As a player, you stay in full control.

No Deposit Bonuses Vs Casino No Wagering Bonuses: Which One Is Better?

To tell the truth, this comparison is unnecessary: These are very different promotions. We can summarize these differences like this:

  • No deposit bonuses activate automatically upon registration. As the name implies, they don’t require a deposit. But they have a wagering requirement: It can be a no deposit casino bonus low wagering rate, but you still need to wager a certain amount of money. For example, if the bonus is 10 free spins and you have won 10 EUR with those spins, a wagering requirement must be completed in order to withdraw 10 EUR.
  • No wagering casino bonuses require a deposit. For example, a 300% casino bonus will triple your initial budget but in order to trigger it, you must deposit a minimum amount. Completing the registration will not trigger them automatically. However, there is no need to complete a wagering requirement: You can withdraw or use the bonus immediately.

Both bonuses are advantageous in their own ways, you don’t need to pick one and stick with it. Use both of them but prefer an online casino with no wagering requirements at the end: In the long run, it will be more advantageous.

  • No Deposit Casino Bonus
  • No Deposit Casino Bonus

    Just fill out the registration form, become a member, and get a reward for doing so. Or, the casino decided to give you an award, just because you are a loyal member. In any case, you get one of the goodies listed above entirely for free: That’s what a no deposit casino bonus is.

    No Deposit Casino Bonus

What Kind Of No Wagering Requirements Bonus Offers Are Available?

As a general rule, all online casino promotions can be acquired without any wagering requirements. For example:

  • Welcome Bonus casino
  • Welcome Bonus

    This no wagering casino bonus is for new members. The promotion of Viggo Slots is a good example: Your deposits will be matched by the casino and there will be no wagering, you can simply withdraw the matched amounts.

    Casino Welcome Bonus
  • casino reload bonus
  • Casino Reload Bonus

    Every time you make a deposit, the casino will match it by a certain percentage, i.e. 25%. This no wagering casino bonus is for existing members and it can be used infinitely.

    Casino Reload Bonus

Claiming A Casino No Wagering Requirements Bonus: Step By Step

In order to claim a no wagering bonus, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1
Pick a casino site from the list above and become a member.
Step 2
The next step is making the first deposit and activating the welcome bonus. However, before doing that, check the current promotions page and see the minimum deposit amount & if you need to use a bonus code or not.
Step 3
Make your first deposit and make sure it meets the minimum limit stated in terms & conditions.
Step 4
Most of the time, that’s it: The bonus will be activated automatically. Contact customer support for manual activation if this is not the case. Your bonus is ready to use – you can withdraw it or use it to play games. Good luck!

No Wagering Casino UK: Is It Possible?

Oh yes – there are lots of no wagering casino UK bonuses available. Like all the other players in the world, UK players can benefit from casino no wagering requirements bonuses too. However, when we compare them with the “regular” casino promotions, their numbers are still too few: You really must know where to look. Well, this is the part we step up: All of our content is geo-targeted, which means we find no wagering casino bonuses for every country separately, UK included. Our advanced system determines which country you are from and shows you the relevant content. So, if you are from the United Kingdom, you can easily see all of the no wagering requirements UK casinos and bonuses. We update our content on a regular basis, so you can see new names on our lists every time you visit. We offer you the latest and the best no wagering requirements UK bonuses: Don’t forget to visit us often.

Regular Bonus Vs No Wagering Casino Bonus: Which One Should You Pick?

To tell the truth, no wagering casino bonus is the clear winner. As we explained in detail above, it gives you the freedom of choice – you are not forced to wait and continue to play games just because you have made an investment. This is the main problem with casino bonuses that require wagering: Even if you don’t like the casino, you cannot walk away. No wagering casino bonuses, on the other hand, put you back in control. Take another look at our best casino sites no wagering requirements list and pick an online casino to gain this advantage right now: With bonuses without wagering, you make the decisions once again!

What Is The Secret Of No Wagering Casino Bonuses?


There are an unlimited number of online casinos but a limited number of customers. In other words, competitive is harsh and casino operators need new things to attract customers. Every casino site out there has a bonus with wagering, and offering another one won’t create any difference. But if you offer a no wagering requirements bonus, then it is a different story: That promotion will attract a lot of people. This is also why this promotion can be seen as a new casino no wagering requirements bonus most of the time: New casino sites need members urgently, and no wagering casino bonuses will give the fastest results. Sure, some of the members will just grab the bonus and “run”, but most of the members will stick and continue to play. In the long run, the casino operator will be able to make a profit.

FAQ About Online Casinos Without Wagering Requirements

If there is a wagering requirement, no, there is no way to avoid it. Casino operators have pretty strong terms and conditions: Any “funny” business will cancel the bonus automatically and immediately. For this reason, you should prefer a no wagering requirement casino bonus: If there is no requirement, there is nothing to avoid.
A wagering rate is always a number and it is used to calculate how much money you need to wager in order to unlıck your bonus. As mentioned in this article, the majority of online casino bonuses have a wagering requirement and a rate, as a result. This rate can be any number, i.e. 20x, 35x, 45x… No matter what it is, the formula is simple: wagering rate x bonus funds. The result will show how much money you need to wager. For example, if the rate is 35x and the bonus is 100 EUR, you need to wager 3.500 EUR (35 x 100).
Yes, there is no limitation in this regard. Casino welcome bonus, reload bonus, cashback bonus, free spins bonus… Any promotion you can think of can be offered as a no wagering bonus. Some casinos take a mixed approach and offer some of their bonuses with wagering and some without wagering.