India is the second-most populous country in the world and home to the oldest civilizations in written history: This country offers lots of things to discover. Did you know that India is the third country in the world in purchasing power parity? This country has an active and very big economy, and İndian players are ready to spend some of their money on gambling.

However, India casino sites is a complex matter – the country consists of 26 different states and they all have a different opinion about online gambling in India. If you live in this country and want to gamble online, you will need help – you can be sure of it. Luckily, we are here to help you as always and ready to list the best online casinos in India. Now sit back, relax, and start reading: We will tell you everything you need to know about India online casino sites and help you to find the best India online casino bonus offers.

Are Internet Casinos In India Legal?

Believe it or not, India is one of the oldest countries that has a regulation about gambling. Online gambling laws in India are the Gaming Scheme Act and the Lottery Act, and they go back as far as 1867. The law is prepared by the United Kingdom government, while India was under British rule. This is a very old and outdated law – it clearly forbids gambling for the players from India.  According to this law, every form of gambling is illegal and a crime, which can be punished by 3 months’ prison sentence. However, there is a catch: The law says that it is effective only for “games that do not require a skill”. So, casino games that require a skill are legal – at least this was the ruling of the Supreme Court of India in 1996. In short, these gambling games (and casinos/online casinos that offer them) are legal in all India:

  • Poker, blackjack, baccarat, and any other game that requires a skill. The legal online gambling age India is 18 for this type of games. And yes, playing in the online casino in India is legal if you play only these games.
  • However, games that require luck instead of skill (such as real money slots online or online casino roulette India) are illegal and cannot be offered by casino online India. You are free to play casino India online poker and other card games, but slot machines are still prohibited.

However, we have some good news: India is a country that consists of states, just like the United States of America, Spain, and Italy. And all states are free to organize different gambling laws. Some of these states are pretty conservative and completely ban all kinds of gambling, skill games included. But some of them, such as Goa and Sikkim, already legalized all kinds of gambling, slot machines included (come read our online slots guide to find out more). Simply put:

  • The answer to is online casino legal in India question is yes, but it is limited on a federal level. Online gambling in İndia is only completely free in some states.
  • On a federal level, gambling is legal in India for those aged 18 and older and only for games of skill.
  • Operators can open an online casino in India without having the brick-and-mortar representations.
  • Gambling authority in India is different for every state. Individual state governments can issue licenses. Legal online casino India sites can only be established at states that legalized gambling.

The Future Of Online Gambling Industry In India

To tell the truth, states will determine the future of online gambling in India. At the moment, there are no online casinos in India, despite being they are legal in some states. We will start to see licensed internet casinos in India once other states decide to legalize gambling, but nobody knows when this will happen. This is a conservative country and it may be years before we see more casino online in India. However, we have some good news too: The Indian government does not censor nor limit offshore online casinos – players from this country can pick any India casino to play. The majority of online casino sites accept Indian players and there are no problems in regards to financial transfers: Your options may be limited to play online casino in India, but the internet is full of other alternatives. Speaking of which, we already picked the best international online casinos for you – they are the best online casinos worldwide and they are ready to accept players from India too.

Top Online Casino In India: What Are Your Options?

Below, you can see the best online casino India sites that accept members from this country. These casino online India sites are selected by the professional team of Analyze Casino, so you can be sure that they offer the best. All of our recommended India online casino sites are licensed by prestigious agencies (such as United Kingdom Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority), and work with the top providers in the iGaming industry, such as Netent, Microgaming, IGT, Novomatic, and Playtech. The offer the best bonuses too: You can get a starting capital for free at any of these casinos. To learn more about them, you can visit our casino review section: We “analyzed” each and every feature of these websites. Now without wasting any more time, pick the online casino India from the list and start playing!

Best Online Casinos India [2021]


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How Do We Pick The Top Online Casino India Sites

There are lots of India friendly online casinos, so it is a challenge to find the best ones. But we are more than ready for this task: Thanks to our combined experience of decades, we know what to look. Moreover, we are aware of the needs of Indian players, so we can pick the best online casino India sites accordingly. In this regard, we use the following criteria to pick casino online India sites for you:

  1. Native content for Indian players. We believe that every player has the right to play casino games in his own language. Also, they should be able to use customer support in their native language too. Therefore, localized content is the most important thing for us: Our recommended India online casino sites will be able to offer this to you: You will feel right at home. Plus, you will get the chance to play lots of local games, such as Indian roulette casino game online.
  2. Best India online casino bonus offers. You will be getting the best bonus offers and by saying “best”, we don’t mean only the match rates. Wagering rates and limits are important too, and we always check them first. If we suggest a bonus to you, this means that it is really advantageous – we select our recommended casino sites according to this principle.
  3. Enhanced security in compliance with Indian standards. NITI Aayog sets the standards of online security in India, and we make sure that our carefully selected casino sites comply with them. In addition, we check for their SSL certificates and the overall integrity of websites. You will be always safe and secure.
  4. Multi-platform support for the players from India. You should be able to play with your mobile devices too, so we also look for mobile casino India options: All of our internet casinos either have a native mobile app or a seamlessly working mobile website. In any case, you will be able to play with your mobile device at iOS casinos and Android casinos Mobile casinos are the future of gambling and we make sure that you can use them.
  5. Payment methods that are available in India. We will explain this in detail below, but for now, let’s state that we are aware of the payment method problem in India. Therefore, we make sure that our casino online India sites support local payment methods, such as NEFT, RTGS, eCheck, PayTM, POCKETS, and Pay U Money.

Online Casino India Pros And Cons

As can be expected, online gambling in India has some advantages and disadvantages, like any other country. Below, you can see a short list of them.

  • You will be able to use cryptocurrencies. India is the home to many cryptocurrency startups, and lots of them are already used for online purchases. In fact, India is more advanced than Europe when it comes to cryptocurrency usage: There are lots of stores and merchants that support them. Therefore, you will get lots of opportunities to use more than one cryptocurrency. Don’t worry, our online casino India sites support them too, if you would like come give our Bitcoin Casino India article a read.
  • You can enjoy unrestricted international gambling. As mentioned above, the government does not restrict access to offshore casino sites. You can safely play at lots of international casino sites and get the chance to use lots of bonus offers. As always, start with our recommended ones.
  • Some payment methods won’t be available to you. Due to strict terms of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, you won’t be able to use VISA and MasterCard at online casinos. This Act is not about gambling, it is just a law that tries to protect Rupee, and forbids the usage of other currencies. No worries though: It affects only credit cards; you can still use e-wallet services.

FAQ About Casino India Online

The law in India only regulates the tax rates on horse racing bets. There are no laws nor regulations about casino winnings. Even the states that declared online gambling legal do not have one. The horse racing tax is a flat 30% and it is taken from the prize amount automatically. At the moment, there is no law about online casino India winnings.
Yes, but only in some states. As mentioned above, some of these states are very conservative and forbids gambling on all levels, land-based casinos included. Goa, Daman, and Sikkim are the only states that allow brick-and-mortar casinos. At the moment, there are six land-based casinos in these states and four “floating” casinos, which are cruise ships that roam on the Mandovi River. All of these are owned by two groups only, and there is no global operator that entered the Indian gambling market – yet.
Surprisingly, yes. In fact, it may be the only form of gambling that is legal without any limitations in India. The country has a special interest on horse racing bets, due to their British past. There is a betting parlor at almost every street of India, but for some reason, it is not regulated at all. In other words, the government does not give licenses for it. At the moment, it is like Wild West: Anybody can set up a betting parlor and start to offer its services. Some states (the ones mentioned above) are about to issue a licensing agency for sports bets too, which may encourage other states to do the same thing due to the income of the licensing process.

Play The Best casino India Online Games Today

You are ready to play the best online casino games India now: Just select one of our recommended casino online India sites, complete the registration, and start playing. Oh, don’t forget to take a look at our game guides too, such as the one we prepared for baccarat – we are giving you lots of tips and tricks that will increase your winning chances. No matter where you live in the world, Analyze Casino can find a casino site for you, and this applies to online casino India sites too. Visit us often as we regularly update our lists: Every time you visit, you can find a new casino online India site waiting for you. Good luck!