If gambling in front of your PC is not immersive enough, you should try virtual online casino games. These are played with VR googles and offer you an amazing experience: You can literally walk in a virtual environment and use your hands & body gestures to spin the reels, deal the cards, and throw the dice.

Virtual casino online gambling is the future of the iGaming industry and you can try it right now: Everything you need to know is listed below.

The Best Virtual Reality Online Casino Sites (2021)

We picked the best virtual online casino sites for you and listed them below: You can pick any of them and start playing right now. Don’t forget to use a bonus too!

Divas Luck Casino
New members who register at Divas Luck casino will get a 400% match rate for their first deposit and win up to 1200 EUR. There is also a Crypto bonus of 500% up to 500€/£/$, which can be claimed once per day.
Surf Casino
SurfCasino logo small
Say hello to your high roller casino bonus: With your first four deposits, you can win up to 1.000 EUR. The wagering rate changes between 20x and 30x. There is also a 50% reload bonus every week, which awards up to 200 EUR.
Melbet Casino
Melbet logo small
Melbet is one of the Neosurf casinos so you can use this method for your first five deposits. And with them, you can win a welcome bonus of up to 1.750 EUR and 20 wager-free spins in total. Use the daily free spin offers too!
Bettilt Casino
BetTilt logo small
The welcome bonus of Bettilt has a very low online casino wagering rate and you can claim it by making three deposits in total. The bonus gives up to 1.500 EUR and there is a weekly 10% cashback bonus too.

What Are Virtual Online Casino Sites?

A virtual online casino offers all of the regular casino games to its members, but they can be played only with virtual reality (VR) googles. In other words, you need to have one of these devices to access the games collection and play them: You cannot play with your keyboard, mouse, gamepad, or mobile device. These glasses are manufactured by different companies and Oculus & HTC are the most popular ones. However, they are not your only options: Virtual casino online gambling can be tried on any kind of VR googles, even the ones you can make from cardboard.

Other than that, virtual online casino gambling is no different than regular gambling: You can try some of the games for free and make a deposit to play with real money. (Contrary to popular belief, there is no online casino virtual money: You still make a deposit with Fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies.) You can make your deposit with all the traditional banking methods (such as virtual MasterCard online casino deposits) and play the games with the same rules. There are even no account casino sites that offer VR games: Check our list of 100 best online casinos to see more options.

From Websites to Virtual Online Casino Gambling

Virtual casino online gambling represents the future of the iGaming industry. When you wear these googles, you literally “transfer” to a virtual world. You can walk in it, use your hands to play games, and see other players in this virtual environment. Moreover, you can “fill” the VR casino with your favorite games: For example, you can “create” a virtual baccarat online casino filled with different variants of baccarat. You can also add, for example, bingo virtual online gratis casino games too and personalize your gambling experience. Virtual reality technology is used in PC & console gaming too and it becomes more popular day by day: In the near future, we will see lots of more virtual online casino sites. (You can check our online casino reviews page right now to see the best options for VR gambling: Compare online casinos according to their features and find the best options in your region, such as online slots Canada.)

Virtual Casino Online Games

When it comes to virtual online casino games, there are three things you need to know: First, all of the regular casino games are available on the VR platform. So you can play HD slots, card games, table games, and other instant play casino games. Second, the rules of these games do not change: You don’t need to re-learn anything. Third, the games themselves must be developed for the virtual reality platform: regular casino games cannot be played with VR googles. In this regard, these are the most common games you can find at virtual casino online sites:

VR slot machines
Spin the reels, land the same symbols next to each other, and win a prize: The rules are the same. However, this time you literally pull a (virtual) lever to spin the reels. From roller coaster slots to Piggy Riches slots, your options are endless.
VR blackjack
Reach 21 points in total or beat the dealer’s hand. As can be guessed, you sit on a virtual table and deal the cards with your hands – other than that, nothing else is changed.
VR roulette
You can find all variants of roulette on the VR platform and spin the wheel (literally) with your hands. Guess where the ball will stop and get a payout based on your pick

How Do Virtual Online Casino Sites Work?

Virtual online casino sites actually offer applications that can work on VR googles in real time. So in order to play them, you need to have a VR google of some kind – any brand will do. The game (application) will be downloaded to your device in mere seconds and launch: Your point of view will be covered with the game area. This area can be a virtual building or a game table, depends on the game. When you move your hands, you will move them in this virtual environment too and be able to spin the wheel, deal the cards, or pull the lever, for example.

Regular Casino Games Vs Virtual Casino Online Games

We can list the differences between regular and virtual casino online games as follows:

VR Casino Games

Regular Casino Games

VR casino games offer an immersive experience. It stimulates all your senses, both visual and auditory.
Regular Casino Games
They are not as immersive as VR games: They just stimulate your visual senses.
Almost all of the VR games are multiplayer: You can play them with other players at the same time. In fact, you can talk to other players too.
Regular Casino Games
With the exception of live casino games, none of them have multiplayer features.
Speaking of interaction, you can use your voice to communicate with them. Your avatars move and interact in real time, so virtual casino online gambling is also a social experience.
Regular Casino Games
You cannot interact with other players. In live casino games this is possible, but in a very limited way when compared to VR gambling.

How Can You Play at Virtual Online Casino Sites?

Step 1
You need to purchase VR googles first. Any brand will do but Oculus & HTC are the most popular brands and they are supported by almost every virtual online casino.
Step 2
Connect the googles to your PC. (some googles work with your mobile phone too.)
Step 3
Pick a virtual casino online and download its application to your VR googles.
Step 4
Launch the app on your VR googles.
Step 5
Pick a game & start playing: Use your hands! We recommend sitting but you can play them on your feet too.

What to Really Expect from Virtual Online Casino Gambling

  • An immersive experience like no other
  • Real time multiplayer games
  • Unmatched player interaction
  • Use your hand and body gestures to play games
  • VR googles can be expensive
  • A limited number of games

FAQ About Virtual Casino Online Gambling

You need virtual reality googles of any kind and an account at a virtual online casino site. We already listed the safe online casino sites that offer the best games: Pick one.
This depends on your googles: These are devices with their own marketplace and the virtual online casino may ask you to download a small setup file first.
No. Oculus googles are only an option: There are other virtual reality glasses too and you can pick any of them. Check the online casino software: It should support as many devices as possible.
It is just like making any other gambling deposit: Open your profile, click the “deposit” button, and pick a payment casino option. From Kluwp casino payments to RoyalPay casino deposits, our recommended casinos offer you lots of options.

Hundreds of Virtual Online Casino Instant Play Games Are Waiting

And you can start playing right now: We shoed you what you need to play virtual online casino games and which ones are the best virtual city casino online sites. Grab a google, pick a casino, and start gambling with your hands: Just like in a real casino. And remember: If you lose money, we have a guide for how to recover lost money in casino guide too. Good luck on your virtual casino online adventure!