These days, making a deposit at one of your favorite casinos has become an easy way for players around the world. They have a variety of safe and reliable payment options to choose from, available in several currencies.

In this article, we want to show by comparison which of these two currently popular payment methods are more suitable for players to use at online casinos.

We discuss everything in depth which concerns Bitcoin vs PayPal casino and it might be of help to the punters.

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How it all begun - a Bitcoin vs PayPal short story

Bitcoin: This cryptocurrency was developed in 2008 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto and it began being used in 2009 when it was launched as open-source software. Bitcoins are created as a reward for mining. Initially made as to money with philosophy, which instead of a central bank, had Nakamoto’s whitepaper and programming. With a transparent set of rules and a decentralized network, Bitcoin rose to popularity soon. 

PayPal: PayPal began in 1998 when it was established by Levchin and Theil. It was launched in 1999 as a platform for transferring and receiving money. PayPal gained popularity when it was bought by eBay, and many people started showing interest in the platform. Under eBay, PayPal acquired an EU banking license along with many currencies on the platform and began emerging as a major company. Its partnership with MasterCard enabled it to reach more people and now, the revenue produced by the company is billions of dollars.

How to create a Bitcoin vs PayPal casino account

It is very easy to create a Bitcoin or a PayPal account. One may start by researching a bit on the concerned platform and signing up for the account. In the case of bitcoin casinos, there are numerous free Bitcoin Wallets that one might want to register under. After registering, you can buy bitcoins using cash or receive them in return for your goods or services, or you might also receive coins from your acquaintances. 

For setting up PayPal, one needs to visit PayPal’s official website or app and sign up for free. After signing up, the platform needs the consumer to link their debit or credit cards with the account to be able to start transferring or receiving funds. Both of the two platforms are available at high roller casinos and even at a minimum deposit casino; and fortunately, casinos also provide casino registration bonuses when registered through these wallets. 

Best things to consider before playing on a Bitcoin vs PayPal casino


Punters should visit the ‘payments’ page of the casino before deciding on a casino to look if the options provided by the casino matches with your expectations and if they have a healthy affiliates base to determine if they are genuine. Moreover, the players must look at the bonus offered by them; trustly casino usually don’t use unbelievable rewards as bait, which illegitimate casinos might do.

Look out for credible licenses the casino should hold from authorities such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Great Britain, Government of Gibraltar, Costa Rica gaming License, Antigua and Barbuda gaming license. The punters also need to see if the wallets they are using are compatible with the online casino of their choice, the transaction of money might be difficult otherwise. 

Apart from that, it is advised that players look at the pros and cons of dealing with PayPal casino and Bitcoin casino for their deposits and withdrawals and the fee that is being charged by platforms. 

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Best Bitcoin vs PayPal casino bonuses

Bonuses attract players the most in the gambling industry, so, we shall dissect the bitcoin vs PayPal casino bonus which the punters enjoy. From bonuses like welcome packages and weekly bonuses or daily free spins, these casinos really keep the players interested. Using these bonuses, the punters can win and then withdraw to their respective wallets. 

  • Welcome bonus: welcome bonus casino is the bonus that the players get in online gambling casinos when they register at the casino; this can also go up to 500% of the deposited money or more depending on the offer.
  • Deposit bonus: this is the kind of bonus punters get when they deposit consequent amounts to their account. The first deposit bonus is a favorite among players.  
  • Weekly bonus: punters receive these bonuses weekly depending on their spending and winnings. 
  • Free spins: these bonuses are included as parts of packages or individually for popular slots using which the punters can get a chance to spin and win more at them.

Casinos nowadays offer a lot more different bonuses like 200 casino bonus, 400 casino bonus, and 500 first deposit bonus. The punters might be thus interested in knowing how to make money from online casino bonuses.

How to deposit and withdraw at a casino with Bitcoin vs PayPal

We shall be discussing bitcoin and paypal payment method in this section. For bitcoin vs PayPal casino deposit, the punters may first want to get registered at a Bitcoin Wallet or PayPal Wallet according to their need, and deposit money to their respective wallets. This can be done by linking the debit or the credit cards with the wallets or linking them directly to the bank account. Once they have deposited money to their wallets, they should go to the payments tab and find the Bitcoins or the PayPal option. 

It is very easy to do transactions with the Bitcoin and PayPal wallets as they make them instant withdrawal casinos and effective. After winning at a casino, if the punter wants to initiate bitcoin vs PayPal casino withdrawal from their account, all they need to do is process a withdrawal from the concerned best payout casino. There are withdrawal options at the personal accounts tab on the website, which when initiated, process the debits. 

Fees for deposits/withdrawals with Bitcoin vs PayPal casino

Bitcoins and PayPal both use a minimum fee to keep their services going. Some wallets allow their bitcoin users to decide the amount of the fee, but most wallets have a fee fixed for transactions of all amounts, which they take from the users.

PayPal on the other hand doesn’t really charge any fees when the exchange of funds is domestic, but if a punter is playing at a website casino where they need to convert currencies, a fee may be applied and the punters will be asked to pay for it. The existence of Bitcoin vs PayPal casino has made transactions easier and gave rise to fast payout casinos.

Alternative payment methods for Bitcoin vs PayPal casino

Sometimes, punters choose online casino payment options other than Bitcoins or PayPal and the safe online casino makes it available to the punters for their convenience. Because of the cutthroat competition, it is necessary for the casinos to provide as many options as possible. Some of the payment methods that can be used as alternatives:

Credit/Debit cards: this is a popular method of transaction among gamblers since it’s fast and secure. Eg, MasterCard casino

Bank Transfers:  This is one of the most traditional banking methods of transferring money from a bank account but is still used by many people due to the security it provides and its reputation. 

E-wallets: E-wallets have been gaining popularity recently since they make jobs easier for the punters and enable them to manage their accounts through their phones only. 

Punters might also want to check out the following for alternatives: Payeer casino, Skrill casino, Neteller casino, PayOp casino sites, Paysafe casino, Visa casino.

Mobile platform for Bitcoin Vs PayPal online gambling

Most mobile casinos have apps for their casinos or have optimized their websites for mobile use for an easy experience of playing online casino games. Bitcoin vs PayPal mobile gambling have also made their platforms available on mobiles, which has made it easier for players to play and manage their accounts singly on the phone. The Bitcoin and E-wallets have certainly changed the way transactions and pay by mobile casino work.

Restricted countries for BTC vs PayPal online casino

Some countries have in fact disallowed cryptocurrencies to be used in daily transactions due to their volatile nature, the decentralized network they work on, and the possible threat they pose to the current monetary system.

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are thus discouraged in these countries’ casinos and the online gambling scene. The names include China, Russia, Vietnam, and more. Apart from this PayPal itself chooses not to make its platform available in some countries like Afghanistan, Cuba, North Korea, and others.

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin vs PayPal casino

Even though it is hard to determine bitcoin vs PayPal casino which is better, let us look at the pros and cons of Bitcoins and PayPal:


  • It’s a safe form of money used by millions around the world.
  • It is fast and trustable ensuring effective transactions
  • Bitcoin runs on a transparent network, unlike the traditional paper money we know.
  • The rate of Bitcoin keeps changing which doesn’t ensure stability.
  • Learning how Bitcoin works takes time and effort.


  • PayPal only works with trusted casinos which ensures safety.
  • It is accessible to everyone and people can create an account for free.
  • Deposits clear instantly.
  • It cannot be used at offshore sites.
  • It charges indirect or direct fees from the users.

FAQ about Bitcoin vs PayPal casino

For those who understand the working of Bitcoin, it is a good choice to have transactions done in that way. And for those who want fast transactions from their accounts to casinos, they may want to stick to PayPal.
Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that can be accessed through wallets to pay or receive, while PayPal is an E-wallet that keeps one’s monetary funds for online use.
PayPal and other E-wallets allow the purchase and sale of Bitcoins or cryptocurrency on their platforms, but it doesn’t let the users own it. The bitcoins can only move in the PayPal network which reduces mobility.
Yes, users can buy Bitcoin using PayPal; but the cryptocurrency cannot be moved outside the PayPal wallet.
Bitcoins cannot be moved outside the wallet, so if users want to withdraw, they will have to liquefy the crypto assets and then withdraw the sum in cash from the platform.
The fees charged by PayPal on the sale of cryptocurrency depend on the sell amount which starts from half a dollar and increases according to the amount of crypto sold.

The Culmination of the Thoughts:

This article explored the basic but important topics punters need to know while checking out casinos that make transactions with bitcoin vs paypal casino wallets. While this article has tried answering most of the queries, it has also left some space for the punters to discover through their own experiences. It is hoped that the article has been of much help to the punters reading.