All slot games have paylines and most players see them as something “mysterious”.

In general, everyone agrees that it is good to play with a “big” number, but almost no one has a clear idea of why.

Therefore, the question of how many lines should I play on a slot machine is quite common.

So, what’s the truth about pay lines? How many is best to have? Should you prefer slots with few lines or lots of lines?

Below, you can find answers to all these questions and more.

Best Online Casinos To Play The Best Slots (2020)

No matter how many lines you prefer, you need to take advantage of the bonus offers while playing slots. But not any bonus offer will do: You need to use the best ones. We searched the internet, analyzed all the online casinos, and found the best options for you. Below, you can see the best casino sites with the best bonuses to play all kinds of slot machines.

Divas Luck Casino
1 or 1024: No matter how many lines you are looking for, Divas Luck Casino website has something to offer you. From Starburst to classic slots, you can enjoy any type of game here. And you can use an amazing welcome bonus to play them: A 400% match bonus for your first deposit, up to 1.200 EUR.
KawBet Casino
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KawBet casino is the king of slot themes. Pirates, gems, space, Rome and Egypt slots: All kinds of themes are available. And you can use cryptocurrencies to pay for them: KawBet supports more than 25. Even its welcome bonus is in Bitcoin: Your first four deposits will be matched with different rates, up to 7 BTC in total. You can complete the wagering requirement in the sports betting section too.
Spin Million Casino
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If you are looking for exotic games such as Reel Em In slots, Spin Million casino is the perfect option: Its slot collection is big enough to cover any type of game and any payline preferences, such as 20 line slots. You will also get a big welcome bonus for your first five deposits. Spin Million casino offers up to 3.000 EUR bonus for these deposits with a wagering rate of 35x. No code is needed: Make your deposits and get your bonus.

What Is A Payline And How Does It Work?

Before answering how many lines should you play on a slot machine question, let’s explain what they are. Pay lines are actual lines that connect both sides of the reels. You don’t see them during the normal gameplay but they become visible after scoring a win. They can be straight, cross, and even in a zig-zag shape. They exist because that’s how slot machines pay. In order to qualify for a payout, you need to land the same symbols next to each other on one of these pay lines. For example, Cleopatra slots have 20 lines and you need to land at least three same symbols on any of them to score a win. In this context, the number of lines varies depending on the type of slot. In general, it is possible to say that it is between
1-10 in classic slots and 10-20 in video slots. However, as we will explain in more detail below, there are games with lines of 1,000 or even more.

  • Cleopara Slots

    We've mentioned Cleopatra Slots above. Why not come check it out?

    Cleopatra Slots

Types Of Slot Paylines: What You Need To Know

Pay lines are not just a condition to qualify for a payout. They also determine what the actual stake will be. Contrary to popular belief, slot machine wagers are based on per line, not per spin. For example, let’s assume that we are playing Zeus slots. The minimum bet amount is 0.10 coins and there are 20 lines in the game. This bet amount shows the cost per line. So it is necessary to multiply it by 20 to find the real minimum bet amount per spin. In this example, the minimum coin you need to spend per spin is 2 (0.10 x 20).

There are different types of pay lines. We list the most important of them below.

Straight Lines
The most common type of pay lines. They are “normal” lines that connect both sides of the reels, as explained above. Rise Of Ra slot is a good example.
Both Ways Wins
These are also normal pay lines but the winning combination is calculated not only from left to right, but both ways. We will explain this in detail below.
Cluster Pays
These are not actual lines. Such games use a “cluster” system and calculate the winning combinations like a match-3 game.

So, How Many Lines Should I Play On A Slot Machine?

The answer to how many lines to play on slot machines question depends on your taste and budget. As can be guessed, it is better to play with more lines because there will be more possibilities for generating winning combinations. However, since the number of lines affects the bet amount, the more lines you have, the more money will be needed per spin. In short, in games with more lines, you are more likely to win, but you need to spend more. In games with fewer lines, you can make more spins with the same amount of budget. In the long run, you will be able to get almost the same chance of winning. As we mentioned above, you need to decide according to your budget and personal tastes.

Creating A Winning Combination On Paylines


You will qualify for a payout after landing the same symbols next to each other but which direction will be taken into account in the payout calculation? If there is no rule on this issue, players can say that “I have created two separate combinations both from left to right and from right to left, and I want the payment to be calculated accordingly”. To avoid this, a large portion of slot games explicitly states that they will only calculate from left to right. Some games, however, include both ways in the calculation. These types of games are called “both ways” and they pay more in the long run.

Learn How Many Lines To Play On Slot Machines, Spin The Reels!

Now you know the answer to how many lines should I play on a slot machine question: In short, bigger is better but only if you can afford it. Otherwise, slot games with fewer lines are still a good option, especially because you can spin the reels much more with the same bankroll. No matter which one you prefer, stick with one of our recommended online casino sites to play with the best bonuses. May the reels always spin in your favor!