Americans love two things: playing poker and personal success stories. And when it comes to personal success in poker, Daniel Negreanu is truly a living legend. Known as “kid poker”, Mr. Negreanu has won many tournaments, created lots of poker strategies, and became as famous as a movie star in a short time. And like all success stories, people are interested in how much is Daniel Negreanu worth.

Well, we are going to answer this question in this article and let you learn Negreanu net worth, but we will also inform you about the personal story, poker tactics, and career winnings of this legendary player. Let’s start: Mr. Negreanu has led an exciting life and we have a lot to tell.

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The Story Of Daniel Negreanu Poker Player: A Hall Of Fame Legend

Daniel Negreanu is a Canada citizen, born on July 26, 1974, in Toronto. His family is actually from Romania but they have migrated to Canada before he is born. According to a Daniel Negreanu interview, he was terrible at school and came close to expelling many times. He learned how to play poker at the age of 15, and once he understood school life is not for him, Mr. Negreanu has dropped out of high school. Yes, he never finished his education and never went to college.

Like any 15-year-old, he was full of hopes and dreams. But unlike other 15-year-olds, Negreanu was dreaming about casinos, poker tables, and gambling. He started to work in brick-and-mortar casinos as a rounder and sometimes a dealer. He was also active in the “underground gambling” world of Canada. In fact, he made a name first in shady gambling rooms that are located in basements of old houses.

At the age of 22, he decided to visit Las Vegas and play poker as a professional player. The year was 1996. And in 1998, he won his first WSOP (World Series Of Poker) title. This was a pretty impressive achievement, as he became the youngest poker player in WSOP history to get this title. He started to known as “the kid” after this achievement, due to his young age. Today, Mr. Negreanu is not a young player anymore but he is still known as the “kid”. As a final note, we can add that Daniel is an American citizen now. However, after 9/11, he decided to go back to Canada. He comes and goes to Las Vegas on a constant basis.

Daniel Negreanu Career Earnings And Achievements

Negreanu started to play at Bellagio Casino when he first came to Las Vegas. Due to his limited budget, he participated in tables where the limits are 400 USD maximum. He was a skilled player of course, and a natural at poker games, but his fame is also due to his activities on social media. Negreanu regularly posted at the Full Contact Poker forums and became a well-known player in a short time. And like all promising poker players, he managed to find sponsors which allowed him to join high-roller tables and tournaments.

In this regard, his first professional tournament was Foxwoods’ World Poker Final in 1997, and while he did not manage to win the tournament, he was selected as “Best All Around Player”. His first professional winning was the 1998 WSOP tournament, as mentioned above. After that, he just continued to win. He had managed to protect “youngest poker player to win WSOP” title until 2004 too. (The current title holder is Scott Fischmann.)

He won the WSOP tournament in 2003, 2004, and 2008 too. Note that he continued to join tournaments every year, these are only the ones he came the first. In other tournaments, he was in the top 3. For example, he finished the 2009 WSOPE Main Event in second place. In 2013, he finally won the WSOPE Main Event and earned the “Player Of The Year” title. When he won the 2014 Event too, Mr. Negreanu has become a true legend and returned home with more than 8 million dollars in cash. In total, he joined WSOP tournaments 36 times and even when he was “bad”, he still managed to finish in top 5. Note that this table does not show all of his achievements, only the ones he has managed to win big. Otherwise, it would be too long. To save you the trouble to keep up, we prepared a list that shows all Daniel Negreanu winnings below.

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Daniel Negreanu Significant Wins [1998-2019]




1998 WSOP
169.000 USD
2003 WSOP
100.000 USD
2004 WSOP
169.000 USD
WPT Borgata 2004
1.117.000 USD
WPT WPC 2004
1.770.000 USD
WPT WPO 2005
384.000 USD
WSOP 2008
204.000 USD
WSOPE 2008
395.000 USD
WSOP 2009
138.000 USD
PCA 2011
1.000.000 USD
WSOP 2013
1.087.000 USD
PokerStars EPT 2013
420.000 USD
Aussie Millions 2014
1.119.000 USD
WSOP 2014
8.288.000 USD
WSOP 2015
562.000 USD
PokerStars WCOOP 2016
61.000 USD

Daniel Negreanu Net Worth 2019


39.830.000 USD

39.830.000 USD
8.288.000 USD
39.830.000 USD
39.830.000 USD
WSOP Bracelet Winner Poker Hall Of Fame WPT Main Event Winner Poker’s Best Ambassador Poker Moment Of The Year WSOP Player Of The Year

So, after all of these winnings, what is Daniel Negreanu worth? To be honest, only his accountant knows Daniel Negreanu net worth. There are different values on the internet and for example, Daniel Negreanu net worth Forbes and Daniel Negreanu net worth Wiki gives different numbers. However, the overall estimate of poker player Daniel Negreanu net worth is around 50.000.000 USD. We already know he has won nearly 40 million dollars from big-time tournaments only, and he has additional incomes from marketing activities and sponsorship deals (such as Pokerstars), so 50 million dollars is a pretty good prediction about poker Daniel Negreanu net worth.

Interesting Facts About Daniel Negreanu

  • Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas has special importance for Negreanu, as he started his professional career in here, as mentioned above. You can still see him in this casino time to time playing casual poker games.
  • Daniel Negreanu is a philanthropist. He organized events for the public good and helping others. For example, he organized the “Big Swing” golf charity event.
  • Wynn Casino in Las Vegas paid him a fortune to be their “poker ambassador”. The only thing he was expected to was playing high-stakes poker with VIP guests. However, Negreanu canceled the deal in a short time because this prevented him from joining poker tournaments.
  • He has a special blog page at Full Contact Poker website. He still writes from time to time but never about poker. Due to his agreement with Poker Stars, he can only write about poker at the company’s blog pages.
  • He is a vegan and surprisingly fit for a person who sits for long times.
  • He is a big fan of the NHL league. If you are wondering, he supports the Toronto Maple Leafs. He is also trying to move the NHL league to Las Vegas.
  • He starred in X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie. Take a closer look at the poker game scene, the player who plays against Gambit is Negreanu. He has also starred in The Grand, Lucky You, and for some reason, Katy Perry’s music videos.
  • Believe it or not, he is also a professional in Blizzard’s Hearthstone card game too. In fact, he joins Hearthstone World Championship. While he is good at this game, he did not win the tournament yet.
  • He has a personal Twitch channel where he broadcasts poker and Hearthstone game. You can also see him playing poker slots
  • He wrote three books so far, all about Hold’em Poker.

Daniel Negreanu Poker Tactics And Tips For Beginners


In his books and blog, Negreanu suggests the following tips for beginners:

  • Don’t bluff. Never bluff. Stop bluffing.
  • Learn to read people. This is my secret – learn to pick up small things. Cover your face with your hands if you don’t know how to hide your emotions. I use that move all the time and cover my face with my hands if I need to.
  • Don’t show and don’t overplay. Tricky hands are hard to play and usually not good for pushing.
  • Don’t loosen up until you see a flop. Set yourself a goal and follow it. This goal should not be “playing poker” only. For example, target a specific tournament and works toward winning it.
  • You will lose. I lost many times too. I walked back to my hotel with empty pockets more than I can count. Accept that losing is part of the game and don’t let it discourages you.
  • Don’t show your hand after a game is done. Keep your cards always to yourself. If other players see your hands even after you win, they will learn something about your game style.

If we analyze the gameplay of Negreanu, we will see a controversial style, to put it simply. These are the common features of Negreanu’s game style:

  • He plays almost 90% of his hands. In other words, he has a very aggressive game style, even when he starts with bad hands.
  • He keeps increasing the pot even with tricky hands. This results in his rivals questioning their hands. Negreanu rarely bluffs, but he uses “brute force”, forcing people to second guess their decisions.
  • He is an excellent “reader”. He knows and understands body language. All professional poker players are able to do this to an extent, but Negreanu is truly a master.
  • His personal strategy is called “small ball poker”. This requires aggressive gameplay but small increases in the pot. Basically, you keep raising the pot even with bad hands but with minimum bets. You can learn more about this strategy by reading his books.

The Poker Stars And Daniel Negreanu Relationship

The online poker adventure of Negreanu started in 2005. He became the spokesperson of a website called “Poker Mountain”. He terminated this relationship 6 month later, due to software problems within the site – players were accusing the site of “cheating”. Whether these accusations were right or wrong, he left Poker Mountain and the site shıt down pretty soon.

In 2007, he signed another deal with Poker Stars. This contract included two things: Writing reviews for Poker Star website (such as guides and game analyzing) and joining the “Team Poker Stars”, to play online poker with other professional players. (For example, Chris Moneymaker is also a member of this team.) According to this deal, Negreanu will play for Poker Stars and he is sponsored by them for online poker. “Land-based” poker, on the other hand, is not part of the deal – Negreanu can still join those under his own name. (But he wears a Poker Stars logo for marketing purposes.)

FAQ About Daniel Negreanu

Nobody knows for sure, but probably something between 4 and 5 million dollars annually. So yes, dropping off school and becoming a poker player sometimes really works.
He wrote 4 books so far: “Power Hold’em Strategy”, “Hold’em Wisdom For All Players”, “More Hold’em Wisdom For All Players” and "Superstar Poker Strategy". His personal tactic, called “small ball poker” is explained in these books. The latest book published in 2017. He also writes guides for Poker Stars.
Because he was the youngest person to win WSOP 1998 tournament. He also has a “baby face”, which shows him younger than he is. Negreanu is older than 40 years old now, but he is still known as the “kid”.
No. He bluffs and bluffed many times during international tournaments. However, he does not recommend bluffing to new players. “If you don’t know how and when to bluff, it won’t end well for you”, he says.

A Living Poker Legend Among Us

Daniel Negreanu is truly a living poker legend and one of the players who won more than 40 million dollars by playing this game. And he is nowhere close to retiring: Negreanu keeps playing online poker for Poker Stars and joining tournaments under his own name. His personal goal is “winning 12 million dollars in a single tournament” and thinking of he managed to win 8 million dollars already, this is not an unrealistic target. Mr. Negreanu will keep playing poker for a long time and continue to be a “poker hero” for all of us.