Let’s start with the good news: Yes, playing in the online casino in Lithuania is legal. In fact, this small Baltic country offers excellent opportunities in regards to mobile casinos: The LTE network covers nearly 97% of the country and there are 5 million SIM cards in use, despite the fact that Lithuania has a population of nearly 3 million citizens. Thanks to a special project called RAIN (Rural Areas Broadband Network) you can get access to high-speed internet even in remote areas. Lithuania is among the top 20 countries in the world that offers the highest broadband internet speeds, and online gambling benefits from this the most: Playing casino Lithuania online games against real dealers, for example, is an amazing experience due to zero lags. Therefore, Lithuania offers everything that is needed to get a good gambling experience: High internet speeds, ios casinos, and android casinos, legalized gambling, and plenty of sites to roll the dice. But, which of these websites offer the best overall experience? More importantly, why the players from Lithuania cannot see many local casino sites? We will answer both of these questions and provide you an updated list of best online casinos in Lithuania. Let’s start by talking about the status of online gambling in Lithuania and answer the second question first.

The Status Of Online Gambling Industry In Lithuania

gambling lawOnline gambling in Lithuania is legal since 2001. In this respect, it is one of the first European countries that legalized gambling, just like Poland and Greece. Here is the short version of the Lithuania Gambling Act:

  • The legal online gambling age Lithuania is 21. (So gambling is legal in Lithuania for those aged 21 and older.)
  • Online gambling law in Lithuania is called “Gaming Law of the Republic”. (*)
  • The gambling authority in Lithuania is GCA (Gaming Control Authority), which is a part of the Ministry of Finance.

So, yes, the answer to is online casino legal in Lithuania question is yes, all forms of gambling (including sports betting) are completely legal. So, why don’t we see many licensed internet casinos in Lithuania? This is due to the conditions of getting a gambling license. Once again, here is the short version of licensing regulations of Lithuania:

  • Operators cannot get this license until they have a physical office in the country. So you cannot get a license in Lithuania without having the brick-and-mortar representations – you need to launch a “physical” casino first. (Or, you need to become a partner of existing brick-and-mortar casinos.)
  • Operators cannot offer gifts, bonuses, and other promotions about games. So, casinos online in Lithuania cannot offer free spins for specific slot machines, for example. This limits the bonuses in Lithuania, as can be guessed.
  • Operators cannot advertise their services anywhere other than their own websites. You can forget about TV and radio adverts, for example.

In short, while it is perfectly legal, playing at local Lithuania casino sites won’t be a good experience: You won’t be able to get many good bonuses, for example. However, do not worry: You can still play at our Lithuania friendly online casinos without a problem and get the best games & bonus offers out there. Now, let’s see these casinos and start playing some games, shall we?

Find The Best Internet Casinos In Lithuania Easily

Preparing the casino online Lithuania list below was not an easy task: We became members and tested every feature of these casinos in detail. That’s why we are confident of them – we know that these websites are among the best online casinos worldwide and they are able to offer the best gambling experience to players in Lithuania. They offer the best of everything: Reputable licenses (such as Netherlands Antilles and Malta Gaming Authority), good providers (such as Bally, WMS, iSoftBet, Scientific Games, Playtech), and high-quality customer service. They accept members from Lithuania and offer all of their bonus campaigns without a restriction. Play casino Lithuania online poker games in them or try your luck in real money slots online games – the choice is yours. No matter which one you choose, you will be getting a safe, secure, fun, and profitable experience. So, without further due, pick the online casino Lithuania from the list and start gambling!

Best Online Casinos in Lithuania


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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Lithuania Casinos

The online casinos in Lithuania have advantages and disadvantages, like any other European country. To be honest, “pros” are more than “cons” and the only problem you will experience is finding a customer support agent that speaks Lithuanian. Other than that, it will be a flawless gambling experience, especially if you pick one of our top online casinos Lithuania sites. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of casinos in Lithuania as a list:

  • There will be lots of Bitcoin gambling opportunities. Laws in Lithuania do not recognize BTC (and other cryptocurrencies) as a legal currency. This creates a legal loophole: If an online casino accepts Bitcoin only, it is not a “business” in the eyes of law and therefore, it does not need to get a license. That’s why crypto-gambling is on the rise in Lithuania and until this legal loophole is fixed, you can enjoy the benefits of Bitcoin casino games.
  • Mobile gambling will be excellent. As explained above, mobile networks cover nearly all of the country and the internet speeds are truly great. Lithuanian industry of communication is very advanced – in fact, Lithuania has the highest FTTH (Fiber to the home) rate in Europe. You won’t experience even a single lag while playing slots Lithuania and other casino games. It is time to put those mobile phones to use!
  • It will be hard to find Lithuanian speaking customer agents. Just like other Baltic countries, finding customer support agents who speak Lithuanian will be quite hard. If you are using the live chat (or telephone) option to reach the support service, you will mostly be finding English speaking representatives. If you truly want to communicate in Lithuanian, we recommend using email option to contact the customer support – the answer won’t be instant but there is a good chance that it will be in Lithuanian.

The Pros And Cons Of Lithuania Casinos

  • Online casino bonuses dedicated for Lithuanian players
  • Bitcoin casinos allowed
  • Taxation rate quite high

Online Casino Lithuania FAQ

This law about gambling taxes in Lithuania is called “Lottery and Gambling Tax” (*). This law says that all gambling operators are subject to different tax rates according to the games they offer. Here is the short list of these rates: • Slot machine taxes: Between 87 EUR and 232 EUR per month • Bingo taxes: 15% (flat) • Lottery taxes: 5% (flat) • Poker, roulette, and other table game taxes: Up to 1.738 EUR per month Note that these rates are for single tables only. So, for example, if an operator has 20 poker tables, the tax rate will be 1.738 EUR for each (34.760 EUR in total). As for players, there are no taxes. Even if you have won a fortune from gambling, you don’t pay any taxes.
Yes, there are many brick-and-mortar casinos in this country. The most famous one is the Olympic Casinos, which was the first company to get a gambling license back in 2001. At the moment, there are 18 brick-and-mortar casinos in Lithuania. If you like statistics, we should mention that there are 3.885 slot machines and 132 gambling tables too. Most of these casinos are located in Vilnius, the capital, but you can find them in other counties too, such as Kaunas and Palanga. The average tax revenue from these establishments is 28 million EUR per year.
If you pick a random Lithuania casino site, no. By law, online casinos in Lithuania are banned from offering bonuses and other promotions to their members. This is a responsible gaming practice and there is nothing you can do. However, if you pick one of our recommended Lithuania online casino sites, you will get full access to all kinds of promotions, free spins included. So, if bonus campaigns are important for you, and they should be, make sure to pick one of our online casinos mentioned in this article. And before starting to play, read our game guides too: We have lots of detailed guides for baccarat, for example.

Find The Best Online Casino In Lithuania And Start Playing

You don’t need to waste time by searching for the best online casinos in Lithuania: We already have them. Moreover, we personally tested each and every one of them and make sure that they are able to offer the best gambling experience possible to Lithuanian players. In order to get the best bonus offers and high-quality games, just pick one of our recommended online casino sites and start rolling the dice: It is that easy and simple. Don’t forget to visit us often as we regularly update our content. We wish you good luck!